It’s Friday and I’m Loving . . . .

  • My Wrecks-N-Effect station on Pandora!  In another minute and a half, I’m gonna have to bust a Wop, Running Man or Snake.  Seriously!  Fingers flying across the keyboard while my head and shoulders are WORKIN IT OUT!

  • Dried Chile Spiced Mango from Trader Joe’s.  Whoa!!  A co-worker turned me on to these last week and I’ll be hitting up TJ’s this weekend.  Fantastic.  Slightly spicy, a little salty, mixed with chewy sweetness.

  • My blog family!  Thank you for all the comments and emails of support after my post last week concerning my family and our personal connection to autism.  Thanks to those that wore blue, changed their light bulbs and posted pics on  I appreciate each and everyone one of you.  There were many questions in the post, so I’ll be sure to respond in another post next week.
  • The weather! This “winter” in the DC area has been amazing!  April is a little cooler  than March, but still beautiful enough to not need a coat most days.  Love these days and I’m looking forward to full blown spring!!
  • TITANIC in 3D!  Yep, I’m on that bus and smoking that ish!  Titanic is one of my favorite movies.  It’s such a layered drama, surrounding a tragedy, with a damn love story in the middle.  Is there any way I could not love this film?  And a re-release on the 15th anniversary with 3D enhancements???  I’m swooning and I can’t wait to see it this weekend!

  • that today is FRIDAY!!!!

What are ya’ll loving today??