A Little of This and A Little of That

  • Hoping everyone had a fantastic Christmas.  I had a great day with my guys – Daddy TDJ, MrTDJ and Little TDJ.  They are STILL talking about that egg nog french toast that I made.  #poppingmyapron
  • I must be one of the 3 ppl who are actually working in my agency this week.  Seriously!  At about 10:45, I entered the ladies room and the motion activated lights came on.  Really????  Again, around 4 o’clock same thing.  My car is in the parking lot solo.  And today feels like it’s 81 hours long.  Gotta remember to bring some magazines tomorrow. 
  • I had to turn the news off Sunday night after hearing of 3 different Christmas Day murders.  I know it happens, but my spirit wasn’t equipped to deal.  
  • Hello and angels kisses to my newest little cousin/nephew DLE!!!  We can’t wait to meet you cutie!  Oh, yeah, congrats to his parents.  *lol*   There is no more surefire way to feel like chopped liver than to birth a baby.  Man, the months while I was pregnant were great, then seconds after Little TDJ came, I got pushed to the side.  **pouting gently**
  • My new iPad fascination? Word Welder.  OMG!  I’ve kinda cheap frugal and don’t ever pay for apps.  However, MamaTDJ turned me on to this one and I was instantly SOLD.  It’s a mix of crossword puzzle and logic.  Best $3.99 I ever spent.  And for shame – it’s making me want to play Words with Friends less and less.
  • SPOILER ALERT!!!  STOP READING IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE SEASON FINALE FOR DEXTER!!!      Oh my goodness Dexter!!!  Really???  Y’all producers/writers are just gonna end the season like that and make us wait until September for more????  Wow.  Just wow.  I’ve got so many scenarios playing through my head, but none of them has Deb “unseeing” her brother kill a man in cold blood.  Just wow.
  • Played Christmas songs until 11:59pm Christmas night, so now I’m done until Thanksgiving afternoon 2012.  Yep, I’ve got rules.  As much as I love Xmas tunes, they’ve got a very specific date of birth and death in my world. 
  • And just in case there is ever any doubt, I’M TELLING!  Yup, I’m telling.  If we’re friends and I see your significant other or your children doing dirt and/or foolish shat, I’M TELLING.  Be clear on that.  And if you see mine, TELL ME.
  • ‘Tis also time to bid adieu to the Turk.ey Hill egg nog that is in our fridge.  My rules regarding that aren’t so hard and fast.  I’ll drink my last sip tonight and then it’s curtains until next December too.

What’s up in y’alls neck of the woods?