There’s Always Next Year

Hey y’all!  I know folks like to wax poetic and “leave all the negativity” in the old year, so I debated about whether to post this or not.  For those that know me in real life (and hopefully those who read have also kinda figured out), I’m a vent about it, write about it, it’s done kinda girl.  Ya know?  I don’t cry over spilled milk for long cause really, the ish is still spilt, ya know?  And yeah, I know “spilt” isn’t a word, but it worked in that context, m’kay?  However, this morning, I received yet another email asking me why I hadn’t yet posted about my Blogland Secret Santa gift.  ***sigh***

Well, the million dollar answer to that question is – I haven’t blogged about it cause I didn’t receive SHAT!  Nothing, nada, zilchNo Secret Santa gift for Mrs. TDJ! 

Insert the gasps NOW! Cue the shocked and horrified faces!  Where are my violins, dammit?  Gather your strength blogland so that your collective side eye’s of disgust might make their way across the miles to my Secret Santa “giver”. 

That is a mean azz side eye that Uncle L is giving Jigga, ain’t it?

I’m not really the whining type, but this situation here has me pissing a little vinegar!  I was as excited about the exchange as everyone else.  I loved checking in on everyone’s blog to see their gifts, all the while waiting to receive my own.   As Xmas drew close, I checked in with the organizer and she was kind enough to check on the status with giver.  In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll say this – the “giver” claimed the package was mailed, yet did not offer a mailing date, nor did they send the package with any type of tracking option.  Da hell????  It’s the holiday season!  An uninsured, untrackable package is foolishness. I ain’t knocking the US Postal Service, but they are NOT serious about their package game, especially around the holidays.

And because I know I can keep it 100% honest with y’all, I’ll share this.  A big part of my frustration lies in the fact that I’m a little hurt because when I participated in last year’s Blogland Secret Santa, I was assigned to THIS PERSON.  So, last year, I HOOKED YOUR AZZ UP, and this year YOU STIFFED ME????  Really???  That’s what’s popping in the streets, huh?   I would have left a comment on the giver’s blog, but it’s been deleted by the owner.  0_o  [NEW NOTE FROM MRS. TDJ – SINCE POSTING, I’VE BEEN INFORMED THAT THE GIVER DOES INDEED STILL HAVE A BLOG BUT THERE WAS AN ERROR IN THE ADDRESS THAT WAS POSTED IN THE SECRET SANTA EXCHANGE.  MY OPINION ON THE SITUATION HAS NOT CHANGED]

***deep sigh*** Whew!!!  Ok, now that I got that out, I feel much better.  This experience has NOT soured me to these here internets, nor has it made me any less willing to participate in next year’s Secret Santa drawing.  But, um, erra, if I get paired up with the same person, I’m gonna spit hot fire!