Who is MrsTDJ?

Hey world!!  Thanks for stopping by!  Who am I?  That’s a great question.

Until recently, I was a wife and a mother of a toddler on the autism spectrum.  On June 9, 2012, I became a widow.  I have a wicked sense of humor, but I doubt that you’ll find too much humor in my posts for awhile.  If you don’t read anything else, you should read this post, Love of a Lifetime.

I hope you’ll read more, enjoy and come back often.  You can reach me on email at mrstdjinchoccity@gmail.com

“Just my thoughts man – right or wrong, Just what I was feeling at the time” Courtesy Jay-Z, The Ruler’s Back


9 thoughts on “Who is MrsTDJ?

  1. Hey Mrs. TDJ – sorry about that fence. Lucky you, however. Saw that you were linked to me so I linked to you on my links page as well.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Hi. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog!! If you decide to take swim classes, I promise to come out and practice with you! Scouts Honor!!!


  3. Hey Mrs. TDJ! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the great tip! I will definitely be emailing Bolthouse Farms AND trying their protein shakes! Anyway, it’s so nice to “meet” you and I’m looking forward to reading and following along with your blog!

  4. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Your blog is Hilarious. I am adding you to my Google Reader. Thanks for the laughs. 🙂

  5. I LOVE this blog, it’s got exactly the right amount of practicality and sass! One day I will tell you the full story of how my son with autism was being ridiculed while trying to swim laps at a public pool. An older woman was angered at having to share a lane with a child “so obviously slow and uncoordinated” and ordered me to remove him from the pool which I refused to do, it being a public pool and all. When she lamented, “public doesn’t mean these pools should be open to all the retards” I looked at her sympathetically and replied, “oh, but then where would you swim?” She gave me a curt little slap on the cheek which I returned with a much bolder one on hers…I won’t lie, it felt good. And for all those who remain silent in the face of bigotry remember that tolerance of intolerance is itself a form of intolerance. I think this woman will think twice before tossing out such slurs, and I have this nice, warm feeling she won’t be returning to that particular pool anytime soon….

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