Memories of Young Love


On the eve of the love holiday, Valentine’s Day, I’ve been grinning and giggling with memories of my husband. We both enjoyed expressions of love and presents on random dates, and we really liked Valentine’s Day. Honestly, MrTDJ actually liked it more than I did, but just as I sought to make him LOVE his birthday, he set out to make me LOVE Valentine’s Day.

One early Valentine’s Day memory was in February 1994, a full 8 months before the slap heard round the world. I was away at school and this was my first foray into sneaking up the road to spend time with him. Hush, my parents found out years ago and since we got married, it’s a moot point. Two of my friends and I were traveling out of Charlottesville together, via an early, early morning train. Wouldn’t you know the night before our train, there was a snow and ice storm? ***sigh***

Panic didn’t really set in until the next morning when no local cab companies would answer our calls for a ride to the train station. My friends were pressed to get to NY and I was pressed to get to DC. Being ever resourceful, we started calling around trying to find someone willing to drive us the three miles to the train station. We were close to giving up when we hit pay dirt!

A buddy with a pickup truck was parked close by and willing to take us! Yes!!! Except, it was a two seater. Ugh!! We did a quick rock, paper, scissor and ya girl lost. So, on the longest three mile ride ever, one friend and I sat in the bed of that pickup truck. Y’all do remember me saying there had been an ice storm, right? Yeah, the bed of the pickup, atop a sheet of solid ice. Whew, young, dumb and in love. By the time we got to the train station, we barely had a minute to spare to catch our train. Climbing out proved difficult because my entire right thigh and leg were numb. I had barely any sensation during the 2.5 hour ride from Charlottesville to Alexandria.

MrTDJ and I had a fabulous weekend, and an unforgettable Valentine’s Day. Unforgettable because we spent most of it in the emergency room treating my frostbite. Yup, that truck ride got me. LOVE. When we finally got back to his house, he presented me with a few cute gifts and his piece de resistance below:


Umm, really dude? Bless his sweet, young heart. LOVE. I absolutely hated those damn balloons! LOL!!! They were so big and flashy and big!! And he fully expected me to take them back to Charlottesville on the Amtrak with me. So, I did what any other young, silly, hopelessly in love 17 year old would do – I took the dang balloons. Once I was back in my dorm, one of my girlfriends took the picture. And it surely still makes me smile!

I know many don’t like Valentine’s Day for one reason or another, but I do. And I’ve always wondered why anyone would argue about a day relating to love? Who amongst us doesn’t want or need love?

This song by Chrisette Michele was one of my husband’s favorites and I’ve had it on repeat for an hour or so. I’d love to have another Valentine’s Day with my husband. For the moment, I’m wrapped in warm and sweet memories. I am lucky enough to have years of priceless memories. I hope that everyone takes the opportunity to spread a little love to someone on Valentine’s Day.



16 thoughts on “Memories of Young Love

  1. Girrrrl, you know! I love this story so very much. I remember being young, crazy, and in love but I never got frostbite! LOL But I did get a beat down by mom. So, uh, yeah…. Glad you have the memories and the picture. xoxo to you

  2. Some things are unforgetable and remain for life. Continue to look up and keep on loving life and yourself . Love will find you.
    Happy Valentines Day.

  3. ❤ it. Frostbite? Thank you for my AM laugh and a reminder that love is really worth some strange things. Happy Valentine's Day. Muah.

  4. LMAO @ frostbite and the flashy balloons!! Surprise, surprise that Chrisette song is DB’s fav too 😉 I’m glad that VDay gave you such sweet memories.

  5. not the frostbite! lol
    Love the story. I’m glad you have so many memories.

    I’m not huge on valentine’s day but its the commercialization of it that bothers me, not the actual day. My granny was born on valentine’s day 84 years ago so thats what i associate most with the day.

  6. How on earth did I miss this!!! I LOVE your love stories! And yes, I still read them in my faux NY accent! LOL THank you for sharing this with us. Love is awesome

  7. Me too! How did I miss this??
    I love everything about Valentines day because it is associated with love and everyone needs love. I’ve had a few Valentines days that tested that statement but overall I am here for it. 🙂

    This story…Awww! You have the best memories and you are totally blessed to have found a love like this. ❤

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