Smiling Through the Tears

It’s back to school time and this morning LittleTDJ headed off for his first day.  He’s returning to the same school that he attended in the spring of this year but he has a new teacher.  It’s his first day of school without his dad there to kiss him and cheer him on.  It’s the first of many, but the sting of the first is definitely strong.  My heart aches and I wish I could make him appear to put an end to this awful, cruel joke.  **deep sigh**  I’m trying to take comfort in the idea that MrTDJ is smiling upon us and watching over our steps.  Have a great day sweetie!!!




27 thoughts on “Smiling Through the Tears

  1. Dear Taya Mae: Marcus’ bookbag is bigger than Marcus…you trying to overwhelm him with knowledge??? 🙂
    He’s such a cutie pie! I’m so proud!

  2. This is how I know I’m old school. Lil man has his name embroidered in his bookbag!!! I told mine they better get a Sharpie and get busy…..

    Wishing you and the fam the best…..

  3. I remember my kids being young and going off to their first day of school. It always came with a multitude of emotions. I’m sure this day brings a multitude of emotions for you as well. Breathe and take it one day at a time.
    Praying for you and Little man.

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