Insomnia Ramblings

  • Tolls between DC and NY are wack as hell.  For real.
  • Just watched 2 episodes of “Army Wives” on the DVR.  I love that show.  I’m totally unfamiliar with military life and I love that they give a glimpse into it.  I’m sure it’s smoothed out and prettied up for TV, but I still love it.
  • Craisins are a favorite of mine, so I thought tossing them into my oatmeal would be a great idea.  It wasn’t.
  • The Obama camp really needs to turn down the email volume.  I can’t be the only one that’s receiving daily emails.  I know I’ve got a great chance to have dinner with the Prez and George Clooney for just a $3 donation.  I’ve sent more than $3.  I don’t need separate emails from FLOTUS, the VP and Clooney himself encouraging me to give more.  They are make me demand my $$ back for email harassment.
  • Spent the weekend with Daddy TDJ.  Upside?  I’m a Daddy’s girl for sure, so getting some one on one time with Daddy TDJ was great.  Downside? My daddy is crazy and I’m so much more like him than I ever realized!!
  • I have more books downloaded to the Kindle app of my iPad than I will ever read.  Yet, I keep downloading.  Free is addictive.
  • Although I vowed not to pick up any new reality shows, I broke down and watched Niecy Nash.  **nods head**  I’ll watch again.
  • About a month ago, I purged my google reader from 211 to 178 blogs.  Somehow I’m back up to 224.  I give myself an “F” on Mission Blog Purge.
  • Sometime when I’m up late/early like this, I want to wake up everyone else just because.  Mean, I know.  Give me some credit for not doing it though.
  • It’s gonna be another loooooooong week.

22 thoughts on “Insomnia Ramblings

  1. This baby woke me up, and now I can’t get back to sleep, so thanks for the entertainment. No EZ pass? We just got ours, and it helps us speed through…even though you’re paying the same amount, it just feels better somehow.

    I kind of want to watch the Army Wives finale, but I’ve never watched the show.

    The week is almost over.

  2. Good morning sunshine! Your posts make me laugh! But I totally feel you on the Obama camp emails. I delete more emails from them then people I actually know! I’m looking for Sascha & Malia to start emailing me any day now!
    Smooches Hun!

  3. DC to NYC tolls do suck! What is it… like $30 these days? That’s why I love Amtrak, but they charge $90 for that regional rail trip. You could fly on an airplane for less.

    Yeah, the Obama emails are out of control. I’m mad because I wanted to order an Obama 2012 onesie for my baby, but they only have big sizes and he’ll be an infant at the time of the election. I guess I’ll have to make my own.

    I don’t like that I can’t purchase Kindle books directly from Kindle app on my iPad, therefore I still prefer to read on my Kindle. Plus it’s lighter, easier on the eyes, and I don’t worry about it getting stolen.

  4. i second the thought – free is addictive; i have so much books on my kindle, but I will read them all eventually.
    ? – do you exercise? I think if you do on a regular basis you will sleep better, and your insomnia may eventually go away.

  5. My nook app on my Ipad is now the same way. But I’m PAYING for these books. BIG sigh.
    I. Will. SCREAM if I get one more email from my president and his folks about that damn George Clooney dinner. And the next one and the next one….
    And I like the Mary Mary show. It’s one of the few that seems real. Well, as real as you can be on TV….

  6. I agree about the tolls, that’s why we bypass 95 and travel to NY through the mountains. Much cheaper. Though this last time my GPS got me. That chick found every bridge & tunnel with a toll she could find! Heffa!
    I get the Obama emails also! Yes, they are most definitely out of control!! However, I thank them for letting me know about the iPhone covers. I’m waiting for mine to arrive! LOL

  7. Craisins are all of that. I like them in my oatmeal and everything else. Even straight outta the bag.

    After I finished the Hunger Games trilogy, I have been having a hard time finding something else to read that keeps my attention. Even the free books.

    I feel you on the blog purge thing. I dump some just to pick up more. It’s a neverending cycle. I probablye have anywhere from 150-200 as well.

  8. Love, love, love Army Wives. I like Niecy Nash’s show too. And yes, the Obama camp emails are out of control. I don’t even read them…just delete

  9. I don’t read even open the Obama camp emails. Just delete them. I’m a sucka for a reality show. I love them! I didn’t know about Niecy Nash’s show until about 3 weeks ago. So glad the episodes are On Demand.

  10. I feel you on the emails. Probably because of the upcoming election and all. Thinking, the brainwashing must begin around this time.

    I’ve downloaded many books, as well. Now I have to get around to actually reading them. So hard to remain interested in an electronic book read over the course of a few days. Still love print, I guess.

  11. Good to know about Craisins in oatmeal. I’ve conisdered that too but will stick to eating them plain and putting them in granola and salades. I eat oatmeal pretty much every morning and have been enjoying shredded coconut and/or sliced almonds in mine. I love the crunch!

  12. I love craisins and I put them on every salad. I really like Niecy Nashs new show. Her family is fun. I know what you mean about picking up another reality show..I have a list of them that I watch. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  13. I thought niecy’s show was super cute. I’ve watched the Mary’s show twice and I like theirs too.

    I love actual books. I wanted an ereader but i love turning the pages and the smell of books. I guess im weird lol

    I don’t have a blog reader so there is nothing to collect. I just visit the same set of blogs daily and read. If i see an interesting name I’ll click around and read new blogs. Thats my routine.

  14. Those tolls are crazy!!! Did it for years up & down the east coast.
    I purged my reader weeks ago but still need to clean it up more. Good luck! lol

  15. Funny about Obama Mail…I used to get the same thing…daily email abuse…until I responded to one of the email letting them know that I was disillusioned with my President and outlined everything I feel he should be spending his time on…and POOF! No more emails from Obama. What the heck?

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