A Little of This and A Little of That

  • Hmm, accidentally forgetting your children at Chuck E. Cheese? Really?? And wait, it was YOUR child’s party??? Yeah, ok. I think that ish was deliberate, but I wasn’t there. That’s like taking your dog to the groomers, then accidentally leaving without the pooch. Really??? Your sole purpose as a grown ass person visiting CEC is for the benefit of a child. How exactly do you forget said child? And not just any child – YOUR child. **smh** Nah, I not buying it. Those folks wanted a BREAK. Foolish. Phone a friend or relative man. Don’t leave your kids at CEC. .

  • Told y’all this recipe was easy and adaptable. Ms. Beautifully Complex made it here and love it. Here’s a repost: Easiest crockpot recipe ever – pick your protein (chicken, pork, turkey), throw it in the crockpot (frozen or thawed) with chopped up onion, green peppers and mushrooms, a packet of Hidd.en Val.ley Ranch dressing powder, a can of cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup and VOILA! MrTDJ actually hates ranch dressing, but loves this recipe. I never share ingredients with him. Y’all can thank me later!
  • A few updates on recent posts that had unresolved issues:
    1. Nope, never did get that Secret Santa package, nor any type of email correspondence. Imagine that. ‘Nuff said.
    2. The reader with the pics and letters from old boyfriends? She appreciated the feedback y’all left. She decided to shred the letters and only keep a couple of pictures that showed her and the ex along with other friends; no hugged up couple shots. She’s going to incorporate them into her existing photo albums.
    3. So, good ole B’more claims there is an underground water leak and that’s it’s been that way for over a year. Um, so y’all knew there was a water leak BUT DIDN’T FIX IT?? Nope, it’s the homeowner’s responsibility. **taps the screen** Hey, Baltimore water authority – it’s beyond ridiculous and dare I say potentially criminal to allow an underground water leak on the property of a city resident to go unresolved to the tune of 20 grand! Aside from the astronomical bill, what about ALL THAT WATER??? Obviously they don’t give two sh*ts about water conservation or the environment. I have a feeling that my friend will be in the fight of her life trying to get this f*ckery resolved.
  • I’m liking Pinterest ALOT! Didn’t think I would, but I digs it. Found some cool ideas for LittleTDJ’s room as he transitions from “toddler” to “big boy”. Will be trying two new recipes this weekend. **nods head slowly** Me likes!
  • I’ve been asked to do a couple of guest posts around these here interwebs. I’ll be sure to tell y’all where once I find something to actually write about. Insert writers block in 3, 2, 1 – BOOM!

  • My Pandora station that I started with Ms. Vivian Green is just E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. I haven’t had to change it in almost a week. I think she is so tremendously talented, yet unrated and not nearly as well-known as she should be. I’m jamming! Try it out!

  • I’m a nerd and I love the English language. Seriously. There are times, when for emphasis, I’ll spell things wrong or give them a dramatic flair, times when I’ll use internet lingo and/or abbreviations, moments when I’ll use slang and popular vernacular, and even times when I’ll make a typo, but no matter my method, I believe that I always write in such a way that people can understand what I’m saying. Ya dig? Anyone disagree? =) I’m a member of several listservs, facebook groups, etc and I’ve reached my breaking point with trying to decipher FOOLISHNESS! A mixture of capitals and lower case in the same word? Misspelling simple words? Using the wrong tense repeatedly? Thoughts more scattered than a darn Rubik’s Cube. I’m done. As of today, the following 3 operations are in full effect – Scale Back Facebook Friends, Set More Gmail Filters, and Unsubscribe for Inane Groups. Whew. I can only imagine how much better I’ll feel after the fact!

Whatโ€™s up in y’alls neck of the woods?


18 thoughts on “A Little of This and A Little of That

  1. Didn’t hear this story about someone leaving their child at CEC, but uughh,,,,,,NO WORDS.

    Feel really bad for your friend and the whole water situation, I don’t really get how that’s her fault.

    I love Vivien Green, I have her cd. Every now and then they’ll play her on Heart & Soul on XM radio too!

    Glad you got into Pinterest. I am making a recipe I found off of there tonight, it’s a “healthy” BBQ chicken with sweet potatoes, peppers, onions & zuccini. I have to try your easy crockpot recipe sometime.

  2. YES, YES, and YES… why do people capitalize in the wrong manner???!!! I thought it was a secret code or something but I guess it’s just stupidity and laziness. Grinds my gears, Itellya. And another thing, I HATE when people spell “come”, “cum”.. it’s so perverted and gross. Pahleeze!

    Yummo and that recipe, my husband just confessed to me that he hates creaminess in food, after I just cooked all of these dang enchiladas. Jesus be a fence and a chef.

    I KNOW those parents left their kids on purpose. No doubt about it.

  3. 1. Girl, that CEC story sounded like a bunch of mess to me too. No one “accidentally” leaves a kid. If he’s that bad there are states that allow a hospital drop off, no questions asked.

    2. The words thing drives me insane too. I need people to spell correctly, use punctuation, etc. I mean, I can break a sentence but I can also put one together.

  4. Denene on My Brown Baby was explaining the CEC situation…I think each parent thought the child was with the other. Lame excuse? Maybe, but I just can’t believe someone would actually leave their baby on purpose.

    Pintrest is awesome. I have found so many recipes! I even have a board with ideas for the baby’s first birthday. Check out Thrifty Decor Chick’s boards/blog–she turned her little boy’s nursery into the coolest big kid room. I fully intend to copy her when it’s time.

    Vivian puts me on an emotional roller coaster. I miss her and need her to come out with another album. How do you feel about Heather Headley?

    I was an English major, so I understand your pain. I stopped reading a certain “article” because the author spelled America with 3 k’s. Yes, I understand the point he was trying to make, but it bothered me to much to continue.

  5. Leaving your kid at CEC? I can see leaving the spouse but the kid? J/K I love Pinterest too. Why they heck are we not following each other? Why aren’t we connected on Facebook? Add me as Shelly Ismail please.

    I have been working hard on unspoiling my baby child. It’s what happens when you have a later in life baby *sigh* I am also working on myself. Trying to treat myself more to nice little things here and there. I have a lot going on with the blog and you will be seeing me soon in major magazines for Cool Whip. If you go to their FB page you will see a familiar face ๐Ÿ™‚ More details coming very soon.

  6. LOL! Your posts always tickle me! But I so agree about the whole CEC issues. I posted about that as well. So disgusted, because at 5, after a night out I bathed, pajama-ed, talked about the best parts and worst parts of their day, and prepared my kids for bed, so how do you not know you FORGOT YOUR 5 YEAR OLD BIRTHDAY GIRL until the next morning??? BS! Lord, don’t get me started again on this mess! SMH…
    Smooches hun!

  7. Thanks for the updates!! I really wonder how they didn’t notice the water leak all his time?! I’ve never been to CEC but it seems extreme to forget your child!

  8. I am so tired of people posting blog posts, Facebook statuses and even work emails with simple spelling and grammatical errors! What is going on with people?!! The worst are things like “could of” instead of “could’ve” or using an apostrophe in a plural noun or writing in such crazy text message shorthand that I can’t understand anything you are saying. Some of the people doing this are TEACHERS!!! OMG and WTF.

  9. yea im not buying the CEC story either, neither of them! yea it’s happened more than once lmao stop it! you need more people!

    A.Lets not even talked about Secret Santa anymore. I kinds wanna send you a gift just because lol B. I’m glad she went that route with the memory box. C. The city is on that shit and they need to get off it. She needs to fight this one hard!

    I’m not doing Pintrest!Nope! Not me!

    My pandora radio rocks too! I have a shuffle of Anthony Hamilton, Anita Baker, Prince, Patti LaBelle, Jill Scott, Jasmine Sullivan, DeAngelo, R. Kelly, Floetry , India. Arie and Beyonce. I Jams all day long!

  10. the CEC story… just shaking my head. I get more annoyed everytime I hear about it. I don’t really care that there were 9 kids. When you have that many, keep a count wherever you go. You don’t just forget a kid and not remember until the next freaking day!

    The city of Baltimore should be ashamed of themselves. I feel for your friend. She’s in for some drama on that one for sure.

  11. Read about the CEC story on another blog. I don’t understand that at all!

    I like Pinterest too, but I’m pacing myself.

    I don’t understand how people can type something for the world to see, knowing they aren’t the best spellers and NOT spell check or Google the correct spelling of words. I slip up sometimes, but come on. Even if I know you weren’t the brightest person in school, show me you’ve made strides as an adult and make an attempt. I always feel sorry for the person’s kids. Who’s helping them do their homework?! SMH

  12. Bmore is triflin for that. Pinterest is a lot uglier than it used to be. People post “the plate” waaay too often. You know that picture where you’re like IN WHAT WORLD DOES THAT LOOK APPETIZING?!!? There’s still a ton of good stuff out there. It just takes longer to find. How are you gonna guest post when you post on your own blog twice a month???? You know we’re HERE on people and the English language!!

  13. Leaving your kid at CEC … suspect.

    I am ALWAYS looking for a good rnb station for pandora, I already have like 843 so I will add Vivian green to the list ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Speaking of CEC I just watched a story on Nightline about the number of adults that get into fights at kids parties. Evidently, with all of the blended/divorced families, baby mama’s etc, its fertile ground for family disputes to erupt into knuckle busting LOL ! Evidently there are lots of fight videos on You Tube at CEC (who knew ?) Also, on Saturdays when its birthday time & overcrowded folks get upset when they feel like their kids aren’t getting access to the games, etc. They have had to hire security guards nationwide ! WTH is this world coming to ?

  15. Yeah, those parents left that kid on purpose. Who FORGETS to take their kid home when you arrived with said kid AND it was the kid’s birthday party. Mmm hmmm.
    WOW! @ the Secret Santa situation. That’s foul!! {{O_O}}
    I love Pinterest, too! I didn’t think I was going to like it as much either.
    Girl, my head hurts sometimes trying to read stuff online sometimes. It’s just ridiculous! Grown people do this! I’ve unfriended quite a few friends and family members on FB because of that. I just can’t.

  16. I tried the Vivian Green station. Love it. I’m also loving Melanie Fiona’s station!

    As far as the grammar/spelling…people are human. I think we read/hear so many incorrect things that sometimes we absorb them without realizing. I’m an english teacher and a lover of the subject in general but sometimes I’ll read one of my old posts and think dang how did I make that simple mistake. I think its easier to make the mistakes when your writing informally (facebook, tweets, etc).

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