A Little of This and A Little of That

  • The fam and I have been sick for about a week.  We’ve been sustaining ourselves with the best things on earth – Diet Seagrams ginger ale and Saltine mini’s.  My food plan for the weekend?  Lasagna, fried chicken and smothered pork chops.  Hush!
  • LittleTDJ is involved in a Pre-K program that begins every morning at 8am.  Transportation is offered.  I’m going to ignore the fact that he’s been in the program 2 weeks and finally the school folks talked to the bus folks to get him added to route.  Without a phone call to say, bus service starts XYZ date or to let us know what time to expect his pickup, the bus shows up this morning.  At 6:09am.  School starts at 8:00am.  Let that sink in please.    Da hell????  The kids are 3 years old.  Why are you here so early?  Explanation, “Well, he’s near the beginning and we’ve got 10 more pick ups after him.  Don’t worry, he’ll fall asleep.  They all fall asleep.”  I guess that do smart azz.  So, you’re telling me to wake up my 3 year old at say 5:30 to get him dressed, fed and ready to sit on a school bus for 2 hours???  Negative!
  • Crock pot fail putting the noodles for your chicken noodle soup in too soon.  I thought the digital readout said 30 minutes left, however it actually said 1 hr and 30 minutes.  30 minutes? Perfect egg noodles to compliment your crockpot meal.  1 hr and 30 minutes?  Clumps and lumps of slimy, over cooked dough.  Reminded me of the little globs of fat that folks leave when they don’t clean chicken well.  Just ick.   Called MamaTDJ to see if she had any words of wisdom to save the day.  She laughed and then said, The only thing you can try to do is keep cooking it so that they completely disinegrate and the soup will get a thicker texture.   I tried.  I failed.  Tossed the entire pot of soup.

  • Our DVR is quite full these days.  One show we’ve been keeping up with is Alcatraz.  So far MrTDJ and I are liking it.  Nice to see little Neela from ER back on the screen.   Finally had enough of Private Practice last week and removed it from the DVR.  I wanted to see what happened with Anika Noni Rose as Sam’s sister, but I just c.a.n.t. with he and Addison anymore.
  • I’ve worked so hard to tone down my aggressive comments while driving.  I talked much shat before LittleTDJ was born.  But, realizing that kids are self programming recording devices, I changed things around instantly.  Welp, when LittleTDJ and I walked into our house yesterday evening after a grueling commute, MrTDJ surprised him with some kind of red, SVU toy.  LittleTDJ says, “Thanks Jerk!”  Oops!   I’ve tried to watch my tongue, but that damn that red Escalade that cut me off on the BW Parkway pissed me off!  Thank goodness he didn’t mimic my gesture.  My bad. I’ll do better.
  • Still not ready to talk in full about Whitney, but heard a song pop into my iPod this morning from Tarrayln Ramsey.  I sure hope that someone in charge of a potential future tribute to Ms. Houston taps her to sing.  MrTDJ and I somehow ended up watching VH1 Born to Diva back in 2003.  Tarrayln has a powerhouse voice that brought Whitney to mind instantly and she ended up winning the competition.  I just looked her up.  She’s been doing tons of background vocals, as well as some gospel, and it seems that she was on “The Voice” last year as well.  This is the song that she recorded after winning and for her first album.  I think I may have been the only person outside of her family/friends to buy her first album.  I love her voice!
  • I got an email from a distant cousin this morning asking if we had left her off of our Christmas card list because she just noticed that she hadn’t gotten one from us.  0_o  Ummm, yeah, way to call me out.  Nope, I told her, I didn’t send any this year.  Maybe next year. Her email response to that, “Oh ok.  Yeah, I told Mama that you hadn’t sent any but she said you were raised better than that, so there must have been a mistake.”  Huh???  That sentence was way too loaded for me to respond, so I simply hit delete.  Guess who really WON’T be getting one this year when I do send them out?

  • A buddy in Texas sent me a can of “Slap Ya Mama” seasoning.  Whew goodness!!!  Where has this been all my life???  I’ve never seen it in any grocery stores in the DC area.  Any of y’all ever try it?  I don’t love the name, but the product is great.  Flavorful with some nice heat.  Guess I’ll be hitting her up for more in the future or ordering online!
  • A big ole HOWDY to everyone reading this!!  Just wanted you to know that I appreciate all the regulars that stop by and all the newbies that pop in.  I love getting to know y’all through your comments, but I understand that many read and don’t comment.  ‘Tis ok.  I blog because it’s very theraputic for me to put pen to paper, or rather finger to keyboard.  I love to express myself and I’d keep blogging even if no one read.  However, I’m definitely happy that many read and enjoy! 

What’s up in y’alls neck of the woods?


22 thoughts on “A Little of This and A Little of That

  1. Why are cousins so slick at the mouth?! You know I have some of those, too. Diet ginger ale sounds… interesting… You could also take the chicken out of the soup, puree the noodle base, then add the chicken back in. (Twitter gives you these answers LOL) I can’t deal w/a full DVR. Tis bad.

  2. My sister cooked me some chicken a few years back using this stuff called “dale’s”, when I went back upNorth I couldn’t find it, so I begged & pleaded for her to send some to me. We ended up getting into an argument over something stupid and didn’t speak for months. One day, I received a bottle of Dales in the mail. Best. Apology. Ever.

  3. I wish you could’ve taped LittleTDJ saying that. That’s hilarious! Reminds me of the time my son dropped the f-bomb…at 2 years old. And, I LOVE Tarralyn’s voice. I have her gospel CD from years ago and it stays in rotation on my iPod. I love it and yes, she’d do Ms. Houston well in a tribute. I wonder how your seasoning compares to Tony Chachere’s (http://www.tonychachere.com/) because that stuff is awesome and can be found locally.

    Hope everyone feels better soon.

    • Tony Chachere’s is on POINT. I made some tilapia with it, and hubs kept asking, “what did you put in this? It’s good.”

  4. I like the random updates! Can’t believe how early they’d pick up your son; when people suggest stupid stuff like that I ask, “Does that make sense to you?” I especially do that w/customer service reps and they usually reply, “No” then I get what I want! Anyway, definitely bookmarking that seasoning. Thanks for sharing!

  5. LOL! You have a lot going on here so I’ll just address a few things…
    The cousin & no card… HILARIOUS!
    Slap Yo Mama…I have heard of it but never tried it, I may have to get me some…. or slap my real Mama, which would not turn out well for me!
    The school bus, well in their defense and having worked in preschool for years, the bus scheduling is extremely hard. You have to factor in the number of stops, the distance between stops, the 5-10 minute grace period each household gets to actually get their child on the bus, the recommended speed of travel, all to get the child to school on time. So I understand that part, however the not notifying you, nah, I do not get that one!
    I love Alcatraz, and as I stated before I was done with Private Practice a while ago. But I am also loving Merlin and Lost Girl and Once upon a time! We have some good show selection this season. My DVR stay in record mode!
    Smooches hun!

  6. hope you are well and able to eat soon…yea the Whitney situation has been difficult on this end…like losing a family member. your cousin is too funny! better don’t forget her next time!

  7. That’s way too early for a 3 year old. that was my schedule in high school and we all slept the entire way.

    I feel like I’ve seen that seasoning in the store up here, I’ll report back if I see it again.

  8. Ok, the bus deal is some bull! Why wake him up at the butt crack of dawn so he can go back to sleep on some bus?! In the words of J and Michael from My Wife and Kids, “ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, no!” LOL
    I’m dying at “Thanks Jerk!” LOL
    I really thought the slap ya mama picture was in reference to the post about your cousin, until continued to read! LOL

  9. Man sick is the word! I was so sick and I’m just starting to feel better. Some kinda ear, eye, throat thing.
    I had Tarralyn Ramsey’s gospel album and I agree.. her voice is amazing!
    My cousin brags and brags about the SYM seasonings, but has yet to send me any. Jerk! lol
    So far I like Alcatraz too. I’m getting caught up in onDemand watching back to back. I’ve never liked Addison and Sam together. It’s just so gross!

  10. So you know Imma slap those school folks right?
    Is it okay if I goad LittleTDJ into re-enacting your road rage the next time I see him? Lmao
    I’m enjoying Alcatraz too.
    I hope the TDJ household feels better soon sis {hugs}.

  11. Hope you all feel better ASAP. Try and get some vitamin C pills and echinachea, they usually knock everything out of your system and have you back to your old self.
    That school bus situation makes no sense. At all. Can you refuse the transportation altogether?
    See why I don’t have a crock pot yet?
    Haven’t watched Alcatraz, but I’ll admit to getting sucked into The River. It’s so crazy I can’t turn away.

  12. 6:09 am for a 3 year old?! What if they have to go to the bathroom? Poor babies!

    I’m going to Texas this weekend and I’m going to try to find a store to get that seasoning!

    Nothing new here. I’m pregnant (first time). I’m at the beginning of my second trimester and I’m still exhausted. I haven’t been cooking much. Of course, this is a problem since I have a food blog. Sigh.

  13. We’ve been chilling. Recently got approved for a new home so that will consume all of our time I’m sure for the next few months until we find a house.

    That very reason there is why my son doesn’t ride the bus. He would have to get on at 6:30 it doesn’t get to the school until 8. No. I’ll just take him.

  14. yes, I am also not Whitney ready. I have so many things I want to write, yet, i’m just not ready.

    People get real sensitive about xmas cards, I had a cuz call me out 4 days away from giving birth. iCant.

  15. Pookah and I ( not the hubby) have been sick for the last week. I’ve been sick on and off since Christmas. To say I’m tired of this shiggidy is an understatement.
    6:09 AM???? WTH??? That’s waaay too early. I see the bus stopping by here to pick up the babies at 630 or 7. No thanks. When the time comes, I will just take him.
    I love Alcatraz!!! Me and C-Dub are really into it! It’s actually really good!
    I’m debating whether or not I’ll watch the funeral online tomorrow. I don’t do funerals. Really. I never go. No matter who it is.
    Umm, the Christmas card thing…ummm….yeah……
    Yes, I have heard of the slap ya mama seasoning! A doctor I work with is from New Orleans and he had it just randomly in his bag, ready to put on something. It is da BOMB! Now, I’ve got to find out if it’s wheat free…..

  16. Thanks for the updates.
    Ummmm…that bus deal. I don’t play that, I would definitely pass.
    Regarding the Christmas cards, I think it is best if you just ignore that email all together….sounds suspect to me. lol
    Yes, I am one of those people who don’t comment much, but I am reading. 😉

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