A Little of This and A Little of That

  • I wish folks would evacuate the uterus of Mrs. Beyonce Knowles Carter.  Congrats to Bey and Jay on the addition to the family!  Whether they paid a surrogate, a Guatamalian immigrant, or Solange to carry the baby, does it matter?  Maybe they traveled to Kenya, Brazil or Compton to adopt.  Does it matter?  Was the little princess was born yesterday, last week or last month, does it matter?  Is her name  Ivy Blue, Aunt Jemina or Sophia Patrillo, does it matter?  Seriously????  This happy MARRIED couple wanted a child and they have one.  Congrats to them and the newest future millionairess for Patty Stanger’s club!  
  • Easiest crockpot recipe ever – pick your protein (chicken, pork, turkey), throw it in the crockpot (frozen or thawed) with chopped up onion, green peppers and mushrooms, a packet of Hidd.en Val.ley Ranch dressing powder, a can of cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup and VOILA!  MrTDJ actually hates ranch dressing, but loves this recipe.  I never share ingredients with him.  Y’all can thank me later!
  • Hmm, it seems that some didn’t like my post regarding my Blogland Secret Santa experience.  Cue those violins again, would ya?  Comments are ALWAYS welcome on my blog, even those that disagree with whatever my point of view may be.  To those that chose to email me about it “not being that serious”, I’m curious as to why you emailed me instead of commenting on the post?   Since this is MY BLOG, I decided that since Secret Santa had been talked about heavily here and on the blogs of other participants, it seemed reasonable and justified that I document my experience.  In the big picture of the world and my life, nope, it wasn’t that serious and I didn’t imply that it was.  MrTDJ and I are both gainfully employed and able to meet all our needs and most of our wants.  However, it was definitely blog worthy.  So, in the famous words of Rob Base, “You don’t like it, so what, I don’t care.”    
  • It seems that Grey’s Anatomy has regained some of it’s luster this season.  I’ve been enjoying it.  On the flipside, Private Practice is making me wish the DVR would fail.  Thinking I might go ahead and let that one go home to glory.  Anyone watching either or both?
  • Reading books using the Kindle app on my iPad is awesome!!!  I’ve purchased a couple, but mostly I scour Amazon for the free ones.  And in case you didn’t know, your local library probably has an ereader program.  Mine does and it’s pretty good.  The selections aren’t vast, but I expect that to improve over time.
  • Anyone planning to watch “House of Lies” premiering tonight at 10pm on Showtime?  I love Don Cheadle, so I’m going to check it out.  Showtime is on FIRE right now with good shows.

  • MrTDJ begged me to make banana bread, so in an effort to be a fantastic wife, I did. I noticed that there was another unopened container of egg nog in the back of the fridge with an expiration date of 1/19/12.  Don’t know how I missed that in last weeks dump session.  Hmm, the wheels turned and I added it to the banana bread.  DELICIOUS!!  I simply subbed the egg nog for milk, took out one egg from my recipe and added an extra 1/4 for good measure.  Now I’m seriously done with egg nog.  The rest went down the sink.
  • Pinterest seems kinda cool, but I haven’t the foggiest idea how to use it.  Hmm, do I really want to?  I think I spend quite enough time online.  I’m putting that in my “NOPE” column with twitter.
  • I’m not a big Tyrese fan, but his newish song, “Stay” is the bomb.com!  Who knew the Coca Cola boy had it in him?

  • Have you ever made a typo in a comment on my site, then submitted a second comment?  Did you ever notice that your 2nd comment never shows up?  Yup, I go in and fix your first comment.  *lol*  Can’t help it; it’s the English major in me.  

What’s up in y’alls neck of the woods?


65 thoughts on “A Little of This and A Little of That

  1. Amen on that beyonce thing! I’m so effin tired of people. I’m sure she is too! Just ugh!

    I think your secret santa post was just fine. People who didn’t like it didn’t have to comment at all.

    Private practice is getting on my nerves. At 1st it was Greys but they have gotten better. Actually I was turned off by private practice with the whole Addison/Sam thing.

    I’m passing on pintrest too. That and facebook are 2 things I don’t plan to join ever.

    Oh and I don’t care what y’all say! I love me some tyrese!

    • Agreed re: Addison/Sam. Some lines just shouldn’t be crossed and the ex-husband of your so called best friend??? Icky icky messy NOOO!!!
      **sigh** They MADE me join pintrest. Don’t ask me who “they” are! *LOL*

  2. Happy New Year and Happy Sunday!

    Yeah, so on the Carters. I thought she had the baby two weeks ago. *kan.ye shrug* And the name??? Eh. Folks were hilarious with the possibilities! But in between time, meantime CONGRATULATIONS Bonnie and Clyde! 🙂

    Imma hafta try that recipe. Like MrTDJ, I’m not a fan of “ranchy-stuff”, but it sounds good. AAAAND that banana bread!

    I’m hecka nosy. I just started reading yours and a few others’ blogs a couple of months ago. One thing I learned on these here blogging innanets is ‘if you don’t like someone’s blogging…gone get ya own!’. I thought the Secret Santa was really cute and fun, and it sucks monkey balls squared, so yeah…chick deserved to be put on blast! AAAAND, it’s not like you called out her name/blog. Hun, I was pissed for you. Hmph. I like gifts.

    I got a Kindle for Christmas and STILL trying to figure this bad boy out. My library doesn’t have a lot of great options, but I’m learning, I’m learning.

  3. Giiiiiirl. So much. Waymint. For WEEKS I’ve been sick of the Beyonce uterus straight NOSINESS. I eschew celeb news anyway. But for some reason that’s especially annoying to me. Wait. I know the reason. Because way too many people are all up in my own uterus. Lets all keep our uteri to ourselves. You THREW AWAY EGG NOG!?!? You are off Team Christmas and cannot celebrate next year!!! AT ALL!! Sorry Lil TDJ. Mommy’s on punishment.

    Pinterest was a drug for like a week for me. Maybe 2. If you break down on something, COME TO TWITTER! It’s so great! I gave up on Grey’s and PP years ago. I think I barely lasted one season on PP. I’ve been o’d’ing on library e-reads. I love it on my phone better than my computer oddly. Almost enough to make me give up my desire for an ipad. But not quite. I can’t believe you edit comments. I want it known that I did intend for that first word to have all 6 of those i’s and for that word to be uteri.

    • LOL @ being off Team Christmas. Don’t be so harsh J!
      I’m on Pinterest now, but it hasn’t quite pulled me in. I’ll give it another few weeks.
      I don’t edit ALL comments, just very obvious typos and such. Things that are said for emphasis and just straight foolishness I leave. LMAO!

  4. MrsTDJ, let me just say that although I don’t comment much on your blog, I read it just about e’ry day!!! Your humor amuses me to no end and your thoughts are so much like mine!! Love and agree with all that said, especially the *Rob Base* plug… 🙂

    • Hey Lady! Thanks for checking in and letting me know that you are reading and enjoying. Great to know that I’m not “on an island” with some of my thoughts. Happy you came out to play for a little bit! Hope to “see” you again soon!

  5. I watch both PP and Greys. Addison with Sam irks me because THAT Is her BEST friends husband! Doesn’t make sense. Plus she is trying to get pregnant and he doesn’t want kids!

    I am loving my crockpot and I will try your recipie!

    I saw Egg Nog in the grocery today and swooned! I resisted the urge to buy…but I think I hate you for throwing some away!

    • Exactly! I just said the same thing to Krissy above. That ish isn’t cool. Best friend man. Just icky nasty messy. I’m one episode behind, but if Addison and Jake get together, I’m officially DONE.
      Let me know what you think.
      Dang, you and Jameil are really harsh regarding me throwing away that blasted egg nog. *lol*

  6. I’m very happy for the Carter’s and I’ve been tired of the haters from the beginning! I will try out the crockpot recipe. It sounds yummy. Sorry about your secret Santa, that sucks. Anyone who has emailed you know they would be just as pissed if it happened to them, so they need to stop. I don’t watch Grey’s but viewers seem to be happy with it this season.

    • Folks seem to make hating a full time job. I’m super happy for them too! Even before I heard Jay’s song and knew they’d suffered a miscarriage. I’m happy for any couple, especially a married couple, that wants a child and has one.

  7. I have to admit that I am interested to hear all about Blue Ivy since she is already more famous than many a-list celebs out there. What a life this child will have!

    This year will include using my crockpot more often since I know the food tastes great and it’s a time saver. This recipe sounds delicious!

    So creative with the banana bread- sounds delicious!

    • I’m very interested in hearing more about Blue Ivy too, but I hate the conspiracy theorists and the naysayers. I’m genuinely happy for the Carters and the power family they have created.
      I am in love with my crockpot and without it my family would surely starve.

  8. Yes, yes, yes! re: the Carters, crockpot recipe, your SS post (esp. the Rob Base reference, ha!), House of Lies and editing comments.
    Not a fan of banana bread but I ended up using my expired Nog for eggnog cupcakes…OMD!!! I’ve had several requests since 😉
    No to Pinterest huh? I’m contemplating it but only because my name has already been taken on Tumblr. First World problems, eh?

  9. People always want to tell others how to act or react. I love everything you write! You always have me laughing and I share your fun stories with others! I don’t even try with Pinterest and who cares how B and J ‘s baby was concieved, carried etc! That crockpot meal sounds good and if I start cooking again imma through it together! 🙂

  10. You have a lot going on in this post so I will start with the important things I LOVE Tyrese but have not been wow-ed by this new stuff yet. I will give “Stay” a listen to. My next big love … DON CHEADLE, (yes I have a thing for the dark chocolate brothers!) I think he is a very under-rated actor. UNFORTUNATELY due to my ongoing fight with ATT I have cut all premium channels so until I dump att uverse I will not be seeing Don on TV. I know that sometimes movie stars do not transition well into TV series so I wish him well!
    I have never been a big fan of ereaders but I just really started using the kindle app on my tablet, it’s not too bad! I prefer real books but it is convenient. I look around for the free or cheap stuff too! About the secret santa I agree with you TOTALLY! You, don’t like it? So what, I don’t care! (words to live by!)
    Not a fan of Bey or Jay so moving on. I feel the same about pinterest as I do about bey and jay. I stopped watching Private Practice when Addison and Sam became a couple (that is some corner store trashy novel garbage and a waste of my time, smh) I stopped watching Greys about the same time. My daughter tells me that Greys is good again but once I move on I don’t look back! And lastly for the crock pot I have 2 words “God’s gift!
    Smooches hun!

    • Yes ma’am, random city!
      Oh no re your battle with ATT! Dang, I hope you win!
      I still am in love with actual hardcover books, but I am certainly loving my Kindle app on the iPad.
      We are all in agreement on the Addison/Sam icky messiness. I’m with your daughter – Grey’s is definitely good again. HA HA on you not looking back.

  11. You can tell Bey is in love. I enjoyed the reveal on the award show! Because of Pa’s heavy features I hope she favors mom since she’s a girl. Of all the names thrown around I liked Brooklyn and thought that woulda been dope! * Well dang! LOL! Tell em how you really feel!! It’s your blog you can say whatcha want to. * I had lost interest in Grey’s for awhile, but it is very exciting this season and I feel the need to catch up on past seasons. I lost interest in PP. * Don Cheadle is EVERYTHING! I watched the sneak peek and his show is going to be DOPE! * As a member of team eggnog that banana bread sounds deelish. I don’t think I had enough nog this season. *I had that Tyrese commercial on tape and I used to play it over and over partly for him partly for Coke! sings *always coca cola yeaaaaaaah* *I personally appreciate the corrections lol. * I’m pinning, tweeting tumblr-ing and blogging SMH!

    • Yes yes yes, totally in love. That little diddy, “Love on Top” is just too cute of a song! I play it LOUD while I sing along.
      Thank you for appreciating my efforts regarding the comments. *lol* In general I’m not an anal person, but this is something that I just HAVE to do. It’s only when I KNOW that the person meant something else, or if they send a second comment to correct the first.

  12. Hey Mrs TDJ, I certain agree that Beyonce and Jay are entitled to their privacy. It’s not my concern either. However, I don’t think its fair to shut down other parents access to the NICU just because it’s on the floor where she delivered. If it were my baby in the NICU I wouldn’t care if those London Royals were there delivering. I would want to see my baby.

    We have Tyrese’s album in the car. It’s okay but I prefer the new El DeBarge album or Adele.

    As for books, I’m in the middle of Secret Daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowda. I’m really loving it. After that, I’m considering Moloka’i or Honolulu by Alan Brennert. Do you have any suggestions?

    • I do feel a little bad for the parents that were inconvenienced, but I wonder if there isn’t more to the story. Like maybe they were compensated. I don’t know. It just seems that the hospital would not do something that stupid. Maybe I’m giving them too much credit.
      You know I love me some Adele. Listening to a Pandora station with her right now.
      Not familiar with any of those books, so I need to look them up. Just finished a great one, “Cemetery Road” by Gar Anythony Haywood. Loved it.

  13. Agreed about the Carters. Why do people have to turn everything into a scandal? Sheesh! Side Note: They say she had a surrogate and I don’t believe it for a second. But if she did, I say Bravo! I want another and I wish so hard that I could pay someone to have it for me. Been there once with pregnancy, don’t really want to do it again.

    I stopped watching Grey’s in Season 7 and swung over to the Private Practice camp. Over the holidays, I caught up on like 20 epis of Grey’s and am trying to remember why I stopped watching it. I still like Private Practice but this season a little lackluster (althought I enjoyed Amelia’s story arc) Why can’t these grown folks just get it together? Relationship-wise the people on Grey’s seem to have more realistic issues. I watch Private Practice and I’m like exactly why are Violet and her hubs on the skids? I don’t get it!

    I hate eggnog. Yuck.

    • I’m with you ma’am, totally loving Grey’s again. They drifted a little, back right around the time they killed George and Burke left. That next season was pretty lackluster. But, ever since the shootings, things have been looking up.

      Agreed – I liked Amelia’s story too! It was a good use of her since she had been a fringe character until them. LOL @ Violet. Yeah, I don’t get her and Pete being on the outs. WTH??

  14. I’m going to need folks to leave the Carters alone. Like you said, here is this black, happily married couple having a baby. Who gives a s*** about how she had it??? Folks need to find their own happiness and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing.
    I haven’t watched Greys’ since the fist season and never got into Private Practice. Sue me.
    I’ve got to try that recipe. I love my crock pot. Anything that helps me not to have to do hands on cooking…..

    • You hit it girl – find your own happiness and stop worrying about the intimate details of their lives.
      Let me know if you try it. I promise to try to buckle and down and post some crockpot recipes. Shh! Don’t tell anyone that I’m too lazy to type them out. *lol*

  15. Interesting what goes on in blogland. Seems the person should of at least left their two cents in the comments if they were bold enough to email you about their disapproval. I say it’s your blog and you should speak your mind! It’s just sad to me that people sign up for Secret Santa and either don’t follow through or don’t put any effort into it at all.
    I might have to check out that show with Don Cheadle, I think we have a free preview of Showtime right now. On the other hand, I recently rented a movie with him called The Guard from the redbox and regretted it. I couldn’t get into that one at all. Was glad I didn’t waste more than $1 on it.

    I think you should reconsider the whole Pinterest thing. It really is cool, but for some it is quite addicting.

    The thing about the comments cracks me up! I struggle with that too. I try really hard to refrain from correcting people on Facebook. I couldn’t resist recently though when someone I know posted, “Never take your family for granite.” LOL

    • Never heard of The Guard, but on your comments, I shall not search for it! *lol*
      I joined pinterest about a week ago. I’m trying to get into it, but it hasn’t “clicked” yet.
      D.E.A.D @ granite!!!!!! Whew girl, that’s a good one. See, sometimes you just HAVE TO FIX IT!

  16. LMAO join the ranks of twitter & pinterest.. I do pinterest but after my first 2 weeks of addiction I was able to curb that!! LOL

    and Umm yeah I’ll figure out that crockpot recipe WITHOUT the mushrooms.. I’m allergic LOL

    speaking of which lemme get my ingredients together so I can make my 3 bean turkey chili.. w/jalapeno cornbread..

    • It’s been a week so far on pinterest. I’m not hooked yet. *lol*
      That chili sounds good and the cornbread sounds even better!!
      I’m totally gonna try your short rib recipe.

  17. Man, I wish folks would just be happy that woman gave birth. She is a human after all. Congrats to them.

    Greys is still my favorite show but PP needs to do better. I used to love Addison (despite all her issues) but once she decided to get with Sam it’s been a slow slide down the mountain.

    • Geez, we are all in total agreement regarding the Sam/Addision storyline. Did the writers not run this by anyone outside of themselves???? I don’t know ANYONE who is/was in favor of that messiness!

  18. Hey there! I have been traveling lately. Been very busy and I have some exciting things coming in the next couple months with Momfiles. Let’s just say that you might see me in magazine ads for Cool Whip…just maybe 😉

    I am loving your crockpot recipe! Sounds simple and yummy. I need to give it a try!!

    I hope you have a wonderful week!

  19. I can’t with you… I just can’t. I’m cracking up over here. Where do I start. Private Practice going home to glory. The Rob Base throwback line or you going in and fixing typos in comments. Keep it coming, girl! You keep me laughing!

  20. I love Beyonce and Jay-Z and I’m so happy for them. Let the haters hate!

    I stopped watching Grey’s and Private Practice about 3 years ago. It stopped being fun and dramatic and started being all whiny and fake. I think I let them both go after Christina got impailed by an icicle on Grey’s. Remember that?

    Pinterest is addictive. I’ve been using it to create groups of ideas for cooking, home improvement projects and outfits. You can add a “Pin It” button to your browser so you can pin anything you find online. Use it a few times and see if you get hooked.

    • LOL @ Grey’s being all whiny and fake. Yeah, they definitely hit a rough patch a few seasons ago, but they have surely rebounded.
      I’m trying to give pinterest a chance to get good to me, but so far it hasn’t grabbed me. I’ll play around this weekend a little.

  21. It’s sad that as a celebrity you have no privacy. Even IF they used a surrogate, so what ? She had a miscarriage. Infertility is challenging. Where is the compassion ? Didn’t Angela Bassett & Courtney Vance use a surrogate ? Why does it matter ?

    I need to dust off my Crockpot. This sounds good.

    I can’t with folks trying to tell you what you blog on your own damn blog. Click the little X in the top right corner if you don’t like it. The internet is not for the faint at heart.

    I actually watched the episode of Don Cheadle’s new show online last week. It looks like it’s gonna be a pretty good show.

    I am on Pinterest but it’s just one more thing to keep me from all the things I really need to be doing, LOL

    • Exactly! WHY oh why does it matter??
      Lady, let the crockpot make things easier.
      I’m only watched the first episode of Don’s show, but I have the others 2 on DVR. Since it’s only 30 minutes, MrTDJ wants to watch it in blocks of two. 0_o

  22. I’m honestly tired of hearing about the Carter family on every channel. People have babies every day. I do think it was incredibly selfish of them to buy the entire floor of a hospital though. As the mother of a preemie, I’d have gone clean off if I couldn’t get to see him in the NICU.

    Alas, I have no pot to croc with.

    Your SS post was fine. Don’t do the crime if you don’t want to be blogged about.

    Pintrest is super addictive, but I just don’t understand twitter.

    • Ma’am, I’m gonna need you to procure a crockpot in the near future. It shall greatly improve the quality of your life. Trust me!!
      LOL @ don’t do the crime. Love it!!

  23. I LOVE the new Tyrese song. Have you heard the remix? Reminds me of the good music we used to have in the 90’s. I love it. I haven’t actually seen the Don Cheadle show, but I was wondering how good it was. I definitely have to try to see the episode soon. And my mother used to tell me all the time “You can’t let men know what you cook with, because they will say they don’t like it” LOL. That crockpot meal sounds delish!

    • Didn’t know there was a remix. Thanks – off to search for it.
      Exactly @ men. MrTDJ doesn’t know what’s in half of what I serve him. As long as it tastes good, he doesn’t need to know. Your mother is a SMART woman!

  24. I had been a must watch Greys fan, until this past Fall Season. All episodes were in the DVR, unwatched. Finally, New Years Day, I watched the Fall Season opener. I’m still only three episodes in. Since SOA is done for the season, I guess that I’ll watch the rest of the episodes. I don’t watch Private Practice.

  25. So, I just read this and guess what???? I went grocery shopping yesterday to get bananas to make banana bread. Great minds!!!! I am waiting for those suckers to ripen up.

    And that crockpot recipe sounds A-Maze. I think I have everything in house except the Ranch packet. Womp womp waaahhhhhh

    • Banana bread is some kinda yummy! Reminds of baking as a little girl with my mother. And you can virtually mix anything in, change the proportions and it’s always good! I never kept the Ranch packets around until I tried this recipe, so now I buy like 10 packets whenever I pop into Wally World just so I’ll have some.

  26. I actually have been really loving greys this season the ep before last floored me to tears!!

    I’m not in pininterest but so many people are! I haven’t tried it for fear of addiction and getting sucked even more into online life. Life as a blogger keeps you connected enough so I agree with you…I’m going to leave it alone…unless there is nothing left on my dvr one day 🙂

    I detest ranch dressing so I will take your word for it.

    Banana bread however sounds delish!

    • Grey’s has certainly tugging on my emotional strings. And somehow they pick the most amazing music to pair with the right scenes.
      Try it and let me know what you think. I’m curious.

  27. Same here, It really doesn’t matter how Beyonce and Jay Z’s newborn baby and bundle of joy entered into the world. The point is: They are proud parents of a daughter and couldn’t be happier. I believe the Beyonce “hate” is sick and must come to an end. I just don’t understand the manner in which some people think. I really don’t.

    I too am confused when i receive an email that criticizes a post of mines, which if often. Lol. I mean, it’s not the criticism which bothers me. It’s the fact that whomever chose to email me instead of commenting on the post.

    • Me either. Like seriously, the disgust and anger I was seeing on FB? Just wow. I had to log off.
      I thought I was the only one shaking my head. I’m like, you’ve got something to say in response to something I posted publicly, but you’re not woman/man enough to say it in public??? Pure foolishness.

  28. I used to get the emails ALOT when I blogged before on blog-city.com and what I used to do was copy and paste the content of the email in the comment section of the blog they had an issue with. Then I would reply, in my blog comment area and send them a link to the comment. LOL My thing is if you have a comment about something I wrote publically, comment publically. That is so cowardly to email. It was often the same few folks and after realizing that I would just post the email, they started commenting in the comment section or they kept the ish to theirselves. LOL

  29. if the smell of the Chicken @ 2:00 am is any indication of how it will taste tonight, I am hooked.
    My 8 year old who only likes chicken nuggets and fries say’s dinner is going to be good tonight,
    Thanks for the easy recipe.

  30. I’m a Beyonce stan, and to be honest I’m tired of hearing about this baby. I wish they would let this baby be great.

    I’m going to have to try that recipe. I love some crock pot. If I can just dump all of that stuff in and keep it moving sounds like a winner to me.

    Now on to Tyrese. I’m not here for him. EVER…but I do like that song. All of this pontificating and misspelling that he does on Twitter is just ugh. I think I will always see him as Jody so all other efforts on his part are futile. I just wish he would have a seat and a Coke. Take it back to his roots.

    Folks kill me talking about what they don’t like on other people’s blog. Sir/Ma’am take that ish to your blog or use the red x in the upper right hand corner. Problem fixed.

  31. I’m loving the Kindle App on my iPad too! I only have the freebies though, I’ve resolved not to buy since I already own a Nook and purchase from BN.

    Stay by Tyrese has not grown on me, I strongly dislike it and I normally like his music lol

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