A Little of This and A Little of That

  • Hoping everyone had a fantastic Christmas.  I had a great day with my guys – Daddy TDJ, MrTDJ and Little TDJ.  They are STILL talking about that egg nog french toast that I made.  #poppingmyapron
  • I must be one of the 3 ppl who are actually working in my agency this week.  Seriously!  At about 10:45, I entered the ladies room and the motion activated lights came on.  Really????  Again, around 4 o’clock same thing.  My car is in the parking lot solo.  And today feels like it’s 81 hours long.  Gotta remember to bring some magazines tomorrow. 
  • I had to turn the news off Sunday night after hearing of 3 different Christmas Day murders.  I know it happens, but my spirit wasn’t equipped to deal.  
  • Hello and angels kisses to my newest little cousin/nephew DLE!!!  We can’t wait to meet you cutie!  Oh, yeah, congrats to his parents.  *lol*   There is no more surefire way to feel like chopped liver than to birth a baby.  Man, the months while I was pregnant were great, then seconds after Little TDJ came, I got pushed to the side.  **pouting gently**
  • My new iPad fascination? Word Welder.  OMG!  I’ve kinda cheap frugal and don’t ever pay for apps.  However, MamaTDJ turned me on to this one and I was instantly SOLD.  It’s a mix of crossword puzzle and logic.  Best $3.99 I ever spent.  And for shame – it’s making me want to play Words with Friends less and less.
  • SPOILER ALERT!!!  STOP READING IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE SEASON FINALE FOR DEXTER!!!      Oh my goodness Dexter!!!  Really???  Y’all producers/writers are just gonna end the season like that and make us wait until September for more????  Wow.  Just wow.  I’ve got so many scenarios playing through my head, but none of them has Deb “unseeing” her brother kill a man in cold blood.  Just wow.
  • Played Christmas songs until 11:59pm Christmas night, so now I’m done until Thanksgiving afternoon 2012.  Yep, I’ve got rules.  As much as I love Xmas tunes, they’ve got a very specific date of birth and death in my world. 
  • And just in case there is ever any doubt, I’M TELLING!  Yup, I’m telling.  If we’re friends and I see your significant other or your children doing dirt and/or foolish shat, I’M TELLING.  Be clear on that.  And if you see mine, TELL ME.
  • ‘Tis also time to bid adieu to the Turk.ey Hill egg nog that is in our fridge.  My rules regarding that aren’t so hard and fast.  I’ll drink my last sip tonight and then it’s curtains until next December too.

What’s up in y’alls neck of the woods?


40 thoughts on “A Little of This and A Little of That

  1. NO RULES FOR CHRISTMAS!!! I listen and sip from November until January (sometimes late January). AND SO WHAT?! I loved the end of Dexter, too! Mmhm we see you leaving WWF as I’m beatin the brakes off of you. *struts* The most irritating thing about the news even yesterday, Dec 26th was how long it was. There’s not a chance we need a full-length THREE HOUR newscast on a day when 90% of your viewers didn’t go to work. And there wasn’t enough news I wanted to hear, either. Just ridiculous.

    • Rules keep the world in order! *lol*
      Oh really?? Two games under your belt and you’re “beatin the brakes off of me”?? *LMAO* Lace ’em up girl! I’m still playing WWF.

  2. I like that…I’m telling! yes, and Tell me also.
    I’m not an eggnog person…
    i wish i could hear christmas much longer; it just seems so abrupt the way it ends.

    Anyhow…have a wonderful new year when it comes!!!!

    • High five ma’am! I’m rolling with good peeps!
      There is alot of buildup and then it does disappear rather quickly, but I still can’t co-sign the music for too long.
      Blessings for 2012 to you and yours!

    • Speechless man! Hubs and I looked at each other for like 5 minutes, just speechless.
      I just don’t know where they are going from here.
      It has been coming for years, but I just didn’t REALLY think they would let her find out.

  3. Seems like everywhere I turn on the internet, someone is talking about Dexter. I feel like I’m messing out.

    Not really a fan of Christmas music.

    I worked 4 days last week & working 3 days this week. Man, it’s been boring but I love the fact I don’t really have to do anything because 80% of the office are out on vacation. I don’t mind because I’ll just take my week vacation a few weeks after the new year when there will be plenty of work to do.

    • We were missing out for awhile and then the blizzard of 2010 hit the DC area. It was something with multiple seasons that we could stream though our Xbox. Give it a chance when you can.
      I agree @ using my vacation when I want and while everyone else is slaving away.

  4. *Furiously shaking MrsTDJ*. I don’t have Showtime and I only discovered I liked Dexter a while ago. I just finished watching the Season 4 finale this morning and I have the Season 5 discs ready. OMG I did not want to know this! Use some spoiler text next time. 🙂 Although to be fair, I knew the big Season 4 finale surprise in advance and that did not lessen my enjoyment one bit.

    • I’m sooooooooooo sorry!!! I’m usually much more conscientious than that. I went back and edited it, but that doesn’t help you “unread” it.
      ***hanging head in shame***

  5. I just may have to download that Word Welder app… thanks for the heads up! I have the week off and I’ve been straight up lazy. Sleeping late (’til 8:00, for shame!), not cooking any meals (and I’m a food blogger), not even doing any laundry (yet). And you know what? I’m loving it! The laundry can wait (until I run out of yoga pants to lounge in) and I’ll cook dinner tonight… maybe… ha ha!

  6. Eggnog french toast huh? New Year’s brunch is when?
    So Mama done got you hooked? Awww man *goes to download Word Welder*
    Can’t wait for the next season of Dexter! I don’t care how they reconcile Deb walking in on Dex as long as they trash that whole she’s in love with him storyline….argh
    Yep, I have the same rules for Xmas songs and Egg Nog as much as I love them.
    Of course I’m telling and I would expect you to do the same…smh at how many folks don’t feel the same.

    • Sis, it’s the easiest thing! Sub egg nog for the milk that you would use in french toast, add a nice touch of vanilla and a pinch of almond, of course cinnamon and powdered sugar and VOILA!! Challah bread is my secret ingredient. Yum-mo!
      **shakes fist at Mama TDJ** Tell me what you think.
      I seriously want to pummel the writer for that twist/tangent. Unnecessary and creepy.
      High five @ telling. And THIS is another reason why we are FRIENDS!

  7. Let me say this: All of your co-workers that aren’t at work are probably at the library. Better yet, they sent their children there. Can you tell that I’m at work? These children are here when the doors open, until sundown, or their parents pick them up(summon them home.) They have a Family Pass program that offers free passes to museums and such in the city. Parents were lined up on Tuesday. They knew what passes were due to be returned that day and they were waiting.

  8. When I was a kid, I used to tear up some eggnog (sneaking it of course because my parents were always rationing it out.). Now, I haven’t had it in years.. it is soooo thick. UGH.

    • LOL @ the folks giving out little tiny nips. You’d sip that bad boy and be done before you could even taste it good. Good memories. For real though, looking at the prices, I totally understand part of their reasoning.
      You’re right – it is sooo thick and creamy. I love it, but I totally understand how folks can hate it. It’s a wonder that I love it, since I have food texture issues and won’t eat things like bananas, jello, etc.

  9. I hate coming to work after a holiday.
    I also hate the news which is why I only watch for the weather
    I have a new cousin born on christmas day. I can’t wait to meet him this summer
    I love dexter but this season was weird. I loved it but it was weird. Why is Deb all of the sudden in love with her brother? Tell me thats not not some weird ish? I hate when they try and do TOO MUCH.
    I tried not to listen to a lick of christmas music this year. I punished all christmas music because I could not find my Musiq soulchild christmas CD lol. I did however listen to “this christmas” everytime it was playing. Thats my all time fav christmas song.
    I’m tellin too!

    • The vibe this season on Dexter was definitely a little different. I absolutely loved Mos Def’s character though and what he did to help evolve Dexter’s character. Yep, like I Choose the Sun said, that storyline needs to be unwritten, but since that’s possible, I need for it to go away IMMEDIATELY!!
      Bwhahaha @ your self imposed ban. Babygirl, you need me to find that on ebay for you?
      High five @ telling! My kinda peeps!

      • YASSSSS!!! I love Mos Def on there. His character was awesome and I’m pretty sad they killed him off so soon. That dexter/Deb thing needs to be unwritten. It was reaching and I didn’t like that. That’s just too weird for me.

        I actually own that Musiq cd. I just have no idea where it is. I got it for christmas in 09′ and its been my fav ever since. And hells no I don’t want you to find me anything ma’am. I’ll probably never get it *side-eye* but I love ya! lol

  10. I’m not working this week, but Hubby is. He said the same thing about the parking lot at his job. He thinks the people in his department are the only people in the complex, and their numbers dwindle everyday!
    I really want to play that game. I like free apps too, but I might have to bite the bullet and buy it.

    • I really gave my own mama the side eye for about an hour while she was trying to convince me to buy it.
      Then she let me play a board with her. An hour later, I was in the app store. Trust me on this one.

  11. Aww, man! I just joined #teamiphone and started playing Words with Friends, and now you bail? For shame indeed! LOL I totally thought about you when I downloaded the app. The *free* one, of course! 🙂

  12. Never was much of an egg nog fan, however, I say sip sip till ya done 🙂 Don’t know much about Dexter, but I need to get started on it, cuz everyone is SO into it! #basiccableallday

  13. Glad you had a GREAT Christmas!! Mine was good too!! *As a true lover of egg nog respect for the french toast!! Sounds yummy! * Dexter’s Finale was everythang!! *Yeah Christmas music expires for me too…but I give it until Jan 1.* As a former snitch with a not so good turnout it all depends on what I’m telling because some folks don’t want to know or already know. Crime is different I’m telling unless it can get me killed then…umm…maybe WSEC lol

  14. eggnog french toast?????? please share recipe!!!!!

    christmas was awesome absolutely loved it. I loved working this week with nobody there…I finished 3 books on my kindle lol have a wonderful new year

    • Sis, it’s the easiest thing! Sub egg nog for the milk that you would use in french toast, add a nice touch of vanilla and a pinch of almond, of course cinnamon and powdered sugar and VOILA!! Challah bread is my secret ingredient. Yum-mo!

  15. Do you know I am just now reading this post. Why? Because I scrolled down in my reader and (thankfully) saw the spoiler alert you posted for Dexter. So I didn’t read it because I was behind. But I just finished. And yes! I have been waiting for Deb to find out about him! I just hate it’s going to just further eff her up though because she just realized she was in love with him. OMG. What will happen?!!!! I need to know now!

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