Hmmm, Naughty or Nice?

Dear Secret Santa,

I wanted to take a minute to provide you with an honest assessment of my behavior this year so that you could make a fully informed decision regarding my suitability to receive gifts.  I decided that since I blogged fairly consistently in 2011, I’d use a few posts to illustrate my behavior.

The year started off on a kinda scary note being as though I kinda sorta almost killed MrTDJ here.  My bad!!! I did apologize though and I’m pretty sure he forgave me.  I think.   Just in case:

A few days later at work, I showed considerable patience, poise and restraint in responding to an idiot from the planet Stupid.  I’ve gotta get some points for that.

Oh oh!!  And then a few weeks later, I made the day of two old frisky dudes in the credit union.  I definitely want points for that.  I bet those dudes are STILL talking about ya girl!

Ooh!  But in May, I surely lost a few points.  I ran a giveaway and forgot to ever send the prizes.  ***gulp***  Dang!  Um, congrats again to the winners!  I’mma go on ahead and get those in the mail Monday.

Aww heck!  Over the summer, I laughed at the silly college interns at my job and didn’t help them when I had the opportunity.  Ergh!  This ain’t looking good Santa.

Hmm, this one is mixed.  I told y’all about one of my great shopping trips and coupon usage.  But, I said I’d post some coupon tips and I forgot.  Ok, if I promise to handle that in 2012, can we call that one even?

Ahhhh, here we go.  Just a few short weeks ago, some lunatic almost took me and LittleTDJ out and killed my iPod touch in the process.  That’s the kind of unfortunate incident that should tip the scales in my favor, no?

So Secret Santa, when count it all up, and give me credit for providing blogland a few good laughs throughout the year, I think that I’m totally deserving of a little something something.  I’m thankful for whatever you choose, but if you need a little help, I went ahead and made you a short list:

  • I love most chefs from the Food Network especially Guy Fieri, Anne Burrell, Rachel Ray, Paula Dean, Ina Garten or Alton Brown would be splendid.  Please Santa, don’t send me no foolishness from those dang Neely’s.  And yup, my bad grammar is intentional.
  • I live for Vanilla tea.  My favorite brands are Republic of Tea and Bigelow.
  • I love anything personalized including bookmarks, bottle openers, journals, Xmas ornaments, tote bags, etc.  I think I might love my name more than my mama loved it!
  • I’m not so into makeup, so erra, don’t get me any.  =)
  • I was born in July, so I’m a Cancer crab and I love all things crab related.  I even collect little crystal crabs.
  • Since MamaTDJ takes about 1000 pictures of LittleTDJ per week, I will never have enough picture frames.

I hope that helps Santa!  But really, I’ll be happy with anything you get me.  Pserendipity asked us to give some clues, so I did.  I have to kinda issue a challenge though. 

My secret santa last year ROCKED IT!  She scoured through posts and figured out something quite perfect, different from anything that I asked for.  So, feel free to vacate the list above, peruse old posts and figure out something totally different from the list above.  I’m game for ANYTHING!  LMAO!!!  Thanks Santa!




19 thoughts on “Hmmm, Naughty or Nice?

  1. Your recap was amazing as always!

    You’re making me blush! My Secret Santa rocked too! She bought something that I had mentioned in a post, because I put my list up too late. 🙂

    Girl! I hollered! I forgot to send my giveaway prizes out too! LOLOLOL! I hope to get them out for Christmas *hangs head in shame* I have the packaging and everything. It’s literally just putting it in the box and mailing. Shame, Shame on me!

    Nice list! I enjoy a good vanilla tea too!

    • Truly, you helped make my SS experience great!
      LMAO! I know you had good intentions too! Wait – I think I was one of YOUR winners???? BWAHAHAHAHA! Send my stuff!

  2. Oh how I ❤ thee! What a great post 🙂 CTFU @ you forgetting to send the giveaways, I sure have picked a great Blogger mentor 😛 lolol. As far as I'm concerned, making the day of those fellas in the credit union was more than enough to shoot your name up to the top of the 'NICE' list. Looking forward to MrsTDJ in 2012!

    • Believe it or not, Bobby is not one of my favs. He’s a little arrogant for me. He’s toned it down alot in the last couple of years and I do like him as the host of Next Food Network Star, but I used to actually hate watching his actual show. I tune into Recipe Showdown every now and then.

  3. Waymint. You ain’t sent giveaway stuff from MAY!?!? FOR SHAME. And you’re gonna have to do better than “If I post the coupon tips in 2012.” DO BETTER!! That said, I believe everyone deserves something from Santa.

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