Wise Words for the Week

I have a neice who lives in the DC area and she is a high school senior.  One of her many extracurricular activities, is singing on her school’s concert choir.  As the choir prepares for several big events this holiday season, the director sends home a sheet of instructions per performance.  I peeped this sheet at her house this weekend and decided to share.

Most of the instructions seem pretty germane, ladies in pearls, guys in black shoes, what time to show up, etc.  But, smack dab in the center of the page I had to read this item twice:

Here’s the page in it’s entirety:

My first instinct was to laugh.  I can’t lie, I’m still laughing, but at the same time, I’m shaking my head.  Really??  A group of seniors between the ages of 16-19 need to be told to wash their collective azzes before coming out in public???????  Wow.  Just wow.  The choir director, who’s been there 14 years, has realized that there is a problem.  I guess we should be giving the teacher a pound for speaking up and trying to help the kids who aren’t getting these messages at home.

So, on that note, I hope everyone has a great holiday this week, and please, please, take WHOLE SHOWERS AND/OR BATHS for Thanksgiving day!!!!  


61 thoughts on “Wise Words for the Week

  1. I see you did NOT have a shining career in the performing arts. YES this needs to be said! You have people who will think they’re washing all of the crucial areas and forget a few, funking up the stage and all practicing areas!! Shout out to that teacher!!!

  2. Lol!! You always bring the laughs..but I’m not really surprised..you have to spell it out for kids nowadays!! And I will be sure to take a shower/bath this holiday!!

  3. Oh, so we not going to mention the fact that she mentioned wearing good SUPPORTIVE undergarments and control top pantyhose. LOL
    Yes, these things need to be stated. Sad shame though.

  4. Girl I died at the complete directness off the list. Not just a white T but a CLEAN white T.
    No hoe baths allowed a WHOLE one. The only thing missing was apply deodorant. Because even with all the washing…LOL! Thanks for the laugh.

    • I know, right? I kept thinking, dang, are they wolves raising themselves? Everybody’s home life is different, but surely this message isn’t directed to the majority??? **shudders at the thought**

  5. I’m stuck on “control top pantyhose would be a good idea.” Can we say muffin top patrol? Between that and a “whole bath/shower,” I’m too through. Does the half bath/shower count if you’re washing the right half? Lol.

  6. Wait wait! In addition to the bathing instructions, what about the reminder that ” control top pantyhose would not be a bad idea”?? ROFLMAO!!!!!

  7. Yep! Even as adults the Artistic Director will remind the cast of personal hygiene before a performance. Trust me, as a person who has been in many performances and continues to perform it needs to be said. I am just thankful that my current group of 10 ladies are very mindful of this,

    • Wow, I’m not sure why this is such a shock to me, but it is. This coming from a woman who must shower before going to the gym and again as soon as I get home. I refuse to go the gym directly after work. **shudders**

  8. You’d be surprised how many kids don’t wash. I went into my coworkers classroom the other day after the kids left and it smelled like pure stank azz stank doodoo balls. Literally. It smelled like somebody took a dump in the corner and then acted like nothing happened. And that was on TOP of the stank nasty underarms and feet smell they usually leave. Some of these bamas will rewear a stank uniform the next day, which has dried sweat all up in it, which is then reactivated by today’s sweat for a double dose of warmed over stanky azz stank nastiness. KIDS STANK!!! And the sad part is, it’s not even hot outside. Wait until spring…GOODGOOGLYMOOGLY, after recess is NOT a game.

    • Exactly! I was tickled to death, but I couldn’t stop thinking how sad that someone other than a parent has to say these things. Hope you’ve been feeling well.

  9. So I’m the only one disturbed by “it’s gets hot while performing?” Anyway, I’m glad that someone is making it a point to remind them of personal hygiene… as a past choir member myself.

  10. You would think some things would need to go unsaid..but.

    You know some parents are just damn trifling and send those kids out any kind of way and haven’t taught them much.

  11. There a people well beyond that age that still need to be told. I have a cousin who use to run the bath water and stand NEXT to the tub!! He was a grown ass man! SMH

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