Everybody’s Gotta Work

Cynthia, is that you girl????  Well, alright now.

I’d never heard of Woman Within, but apparently they sell plus size clothing and somehow I ended up on their mailing list.  They must be like a second step cousin to Lane Bryant or Ashley Stewart.  Never one to ignore the stacks of mail that pile up in our mailbox, I did a “drive by” on all the catalogs last night.  One pet peeve that I’ve always had is slim, almost SKINNY women modeling plus size clothing.  I realize that ship has sailed and the mainstream will never change.  I digress.

Cynthia???  Is that you girl???  Modeling clothes in a plus size catalog???  How’s Peter???  How are y’alls finances???  I read here that y’all are opening ANOTHER restaurant???  I know that restaurants are a tricky business endeavor.  Good luck with the new one.  Cynthia, I thought you were opening a school for modeling?  I guess you’re back to modeling, huh? Leading by example.  Yeah, that’s it.  Showing folks that everybody has gotta work.  I can understand that, but please stop modeling for plus size catalogs.  Please and thank you!


42 thoughts on “Everybody’s Gotta Work

  1. Ummm….wow. Yeah, I got nuttin :-/ But can we talk about the “hokieness”(yep, I made it up!) of these clothes? Ugh….none of the fab plus ladies I know wear these clothes. Listen here Woman Within – step ya game up! Geez. *Hands mic back over to MrsTDJ*

  2. I didn’t even know of the epidemic that was skinny girls modeling plus sized clothes. That gray coat looks huge on her. It’s not really a good way to sell clothes if you ask me. And Cynt still gotta make that money honey! Peter’s pipe dreams aint gonna do it for too long.

  3. Seriously??? I’m gonna need her to sit that skinny tail down.
    And where was she going to get the money to open a modeling school anyway? You know her husband’s restaurant WILL fail. I’ve heard nothing about it around own here in the ATL. Nothing.

    • She’s SO not a plus size model. Lane Bryant has been trying to do a little better lately, at least picking size 12 and 14 women. But Cynthia ain’t even a dang size 8.

  4. Funny that you should blog about plus size clothes when I’ve spent the last two days trying to convince my best friend to shop online. I’m not sure which sites are the best but here are a few sites we were looking at. What do you think about these?






    • Yes ma’am, I love Asos and Igigi. My wallet doesn’t, but I do. Torrid is hit or miss for me, but I know folks that love it. Never done One Stop Plus, and Nordstroms is out my range for regular, everyday clothing. If she is looking to piece together things, I’d keep an eye on the staples from Lane Bryant and The Avenue. They are always having great sales.

  5. Snort.

    Maybe they thought the coat would poof her out and make her look more plus size-ish?

    (And I will also thumb through every catalog we get in the mail. What if I miss something fabulous?!)

  6. Cynthia is nothing close to plus size. What a marketing contradiction. That is crazy. I see many beautiful plus size women everywhere with killer style & gorgeous looks. I think merchants could actually sell more by using “real” plus size women. I am puzzled.

    • Exactly! I just don’t get it! If I saw a fab chic KILLING an outfit, I’d be more likely to buy it. Seeing someone in a single digit gives me no indication at all of how something will fit my body. Foolish industry!

    • Isn’t it irritating as heck? I seriously don’t get the reasoning. They are turning off, instead of appealing to the population they want to buy the clothing.

  7. I absolutely despise skinny women modeling plus size clothing. Absolutely retarded. and narrow-minded. But I’ve seen her in that catalog before. My mom gets a zillion catalogs and I flipped through it and saw her.

    I was SO happy when Lane Bryant started using plus-sized mannequins in their display windows. Although their mannequins are probably only a size 14, it’s a start.

  8. LOL.. Wait I had to stop laughing before I could comment. I had no idea Cynthia was modeling plus size clothing.. Why? I think real woman rather see the clothes on real woman. But then again, they did try to classify her into the plus size category last season when she came out with a little more jiggle. To me that wasn’t plus size. But nice shots though

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