A Little of This and A Little of That

  • The sound of my son’s voice is definitely the sweetest and most pleasant sound I’ve ever heard. 
  • Tropical Chewy Lemonheads are my drug of choice lately.  However, after buying a box, I must take a few minutes to remove the pink ones.  Ick.  #dontjudgeme
  • I’ve decided to only add one new television show to our fall lineup, Person of Interest.  I heart J.J. Abrams.  Episode one pulled us in, so it’s made the cut for now.  All others?  Not enough time and I had to draw the line somewhere.
  • Little TDJ and I “fight” over my iPad on a daily basis.  Really.  He always wins.  If you have apps that you like for the toddler crowd, please share.
  • I know I owe ya’ll a post on couponing.  Don’t kill me.  Work has been holding me hostage for a few weeks now.  I’m looking forward to some breathing room after tomorrow.
  • Words with Friends is still the best game ever!!!  Lately, I been getting the crappiest letters and losing pretty big, but I’m ok with it.  And, I’m learning some new words, so the nerd in me really loves that.  Did ya’ll know that “evite” was a word?  Yeah, aside from the electronic invitation service!  **LOL!!**  According to dictionary.com, it means to shun or avoid.  Well dang.
  • In case we’re not already playing, hit me up.  My username is MrsTDJ.  If we are already playing, please note – I have too many open games.  So, if our game concludes, I need for you to send me a re-match.  I can’t initiate any new games.  #addictedtoWWF
  • Doing Zumba on the Xbox Kinect is a very laughable experience.  Is there a better winning combo than a serious workout while you watch yourself do the moves?  Although I was heartbroken for a nanosecond when I realized that although I was blessed with much “back”, I’ll never be a Luke dancer.  #pouringoutalittleliquor

What’s up in ya’lls neck of the woods?


20 thoughts on “A Little of This and A Little of That

  1. You always put a smile on my face after I read your posts. I need to learn what a Luke dancer is. And the comment about your son makes me swoon:-) so sweet!

  2. I am so over Words with Friends. I still play a little but Hanging with Friends is my favorite game now. I have Zumba with my Wii so I don’t have to see myself. LOL

  3. Love, love, love you and LilTDJ xoxoxo
    Sigh at you drawing the line this Fall – I understand, but I’m still sighing. I guess if you MUST draw the line, POI is a good show to choose ;-p
    Yay @ FINALLY beating you in WWF….loving playing MamaTDJ too 🙂
    D’anjou pears, cheese and crackers have been a regular Fall snack (sometimes meal) for me 😀
    LOLOL @ not being a Luke dancer. Zumba for Wii is good times too.

  4. I haven’t had a lemon head in YEARS!!
    I really love pears, but havent had one this season…yet!
    I have way too many WWF games open. I just need to play!

  5. you got me cracking up over here. I feel like I’m the last person on earth not playing WWF and Angry Birds. I swear, I can’t have another addiction!

  6. Girl, I Zumba with my Wii and it ain’t nothing nice. I wait til the fam is gone so I can do my thang in private. I do not want these folks staring at me and laughing. LOL On the positive, I have lost a couple of pounds in the week since I’ve started. *fist bump*

  7. The one new fall show I wanted to check out was Person of Interest. And the one fall show I missed was Person of Interest. Hopefully, I can still pick it up without having seen the first episode. Sounds like it’s worth watching!

  8. “Pan Am” made my cut for the fall line up (it as SO good!) and that’s saying A LOT. I hardly watch any television these days, beyond the drama that a competition on the Food Network might offer. LOL

  9. Ummm I just found out about the Lemonheads (with friends)! DEEEEELISHOUS! so NOT good for my diet. But a small box is .25 cents at the little deli where my job is located and is only 60 calories. Think I need to stop by and get some NOW!!!!

  10. Aidan loves playing “Stack the States” on my iPad. He reads with MeeGenius and Bartleby. He also has PBS Kids and those Disney books. Toy Story is the one he likes. He plays with Smurfs game, with my help.

    I hate pears. Blech.

  11. Welcome back! Lol

    The babies voices are the sweetest( and can be the most annoying too!)

    I wish my phone had wwf. For some odd reason it doesn’t and I’m stuck playing wordfued.

  12. Finall caught the first ep of POI earlier this week and I watched the new one last night. Its good but I dont know how much of this “I am the cool guy in sunglasses who beats everybody up” I can take. Did you watch Terra Nova? And raise the roof that Dexter is starting this weekend!

    I want to get back into WWF but my app was so slow and was crashing all the time. I think it has been updated a few times since I quit so I am gonna try it again.

  13. oooh i love the new look of the site! I’ve got to do better with keeping up with the goings ons!!!

    MJ and I are the same way over my phone..he always wants to “color” and I’m texting…LOL I dled him a app to draw when I’m not using the phone and he thinks he’s supposed to have it all the time :-/

  14. Yesterday, I purchased Move, Sony’s version of Kinect, for the PS3, and Zumba! It really works you out. BTW I also realized being a Beyonce back-up dancer is out of the question!LOL

  15. Next time I’m eating a box I will have to eat the pink ones, first, so I can understand your distaste. Until then, they are ALL good. Lol.

    iPad, hoping I can get me one for the low low for my daughter this Christmas.

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