Seriously, Just Say Anything!

Seriously, that’s what two of you took the time to email me last week!  LMAO!!!  Ok, ok, OK!  Here I am.  I’ve not been away or anything, just not able to make the time to blog.  I’ve popped in on a few other blogs and left a couple of comments, but honestly, I took like a 2/3 week vacation from Blogland.  But, I’m back now.  Just like Labor Day signals the return to hellish traffic patterns in the DC Metro area (3 HOUR COMMUTE TODAY), so shall it signal my re-commitment to yapping over here.  Here are a few random thoughts that have been floating through my head:

  • My blackberry is still treating me like a wicked stepsister.  Sometimes I get calls, sometimes I don’t.  Sometimes my texts get delivered, sometimes they don’t.  I simply can’t swallow the idea of buying a new phone.  Go ahead, call me crazy.
  • I’ve said it to folks directly, but maybe they’d prefer to read it on the blog.  The golden hours to reach me by phone are 7-9 am and 5:30-7:30pm, during my morning and evening commutes.  You’ll have my undivided attention.  Other than that?  Absolute crap shoot.  Please don’t take offense if you call and I don’t have time to talk to you.
  • Ugh!  I need to keep a better hold on my calendar. I was excited about the idea of meeting some of you lovely ladies since the Blogalicious conference is coming to DC in October, but damn if I’m not double booked that Saturday.  I’m gonna have to find a way to make Friday work.
  • Cutting trees down is EXPENSIVE!!!  Less expensive I suppose than having them fall and damage your house.  Oh the joys of home ownership.  If anyone in the metro area needs firewood, let a sista know!
  • I must break my addiction to McDonald’s Sweet Iced Tea.  I simply must! 
  • I promise to respond to all the couponing emails this week.  And I’ll take pics of the receipt of the shopping trip that I have planned for this Thursday.Pinkie swear!
  • Sunday, 9/4, was our wedding anniversary.  MrTDJ and I had a great day, and as a kind of tradition, we like to look at our favorite photos from our wedding weekend.  LittleTDJ joined us this time.  A picture that I don’t think LittleTDJ has ever seen before flashed on the screen, he said, “Wow!!”, then leaned in to kiss the computer screen.  MrTDJ and I both laughed and got a little misty eyed.  Our son brings us such joy!!
  • Torchwood” is a pretty good show.  Is anyone else watching????   It’s on the Starz channel, so maybe not!  *lol*  I’ve been digging Mekhi Phifer so much in that series that I actually watched “Paid in Full” the other night On Demand.  I don’t know where I was in 2002 when that came out, but I enjoyed everything minus Cam-ron.  Ugh!

What’s up in your world????




13 thoughts on “Seriously, Just Say Anything!

  1. i too had a THREE hour commute this morning! granted i was coming from south NJ but heck half of it was AFTER i got through bmore and got on 295….booooo…i need to learn to coupon

  2. Happy anniversary!

    Girl, I’m addicted to that tea too. I hate their coffee but that tea? Oh yum!

    I had to get rid of my BlackBerry, as did the husband. I ended up getting the Droid 3 and the hubs got an iPhone. I big puffy heart my phone.

  3. HEEEEY!
    I remember those DC commutes and do NOT miss them! But damn if Atlanta isn’t much better.
    The blogalicious agenda has a party on Friday night! So Friday might work really well!
    Happy Anniversary!!!!
    McDonalds Sweet Tea is WONDERFUL!!and the reason why I avoidgoimg there at any cost!

  4. Congrats on seven years of bliss.

    I love McD’s sweet tea as well. It’s the only place to find a true Sweet Tea in NYC.

    Looking forward to more fall posts.

  5. happy anniversary and many more!
    all you couponers are really inspirational – so I’ve re-upped my coupon game. sometimes i’m a diehard other times i’m not – but i do love to save.
    i have no idea the difference between a droid and a blackberry – but i do know what an iphone is.
    i’m going to encourage you to stop drinking the sweet tea – you wont like the effects on your body long term.
    glad you said something!!!! 🙂

  6. Um…why is your commute 2 hours? Are you sitting in a car for those two hours or on public transportation?

    When I lived in Chicago, my commute was about an hour….but my job was 15 miles away. Yeah, you read that right.

    McDonald’s sweet tea is good….but I also drink it and feel like I’m gonna be in a diabetic coma soon after. They put the sweet in sweet tea.

    Don’t feel bad about not blogging, I posted FOUR blogs in one day and didn’t hear a peep! Lol.

    As for your Blackberry, switch to Droid. I was a die-hard BB user. The Droid OS is so much better. Got my phone for a penny.

  7. Droids rule

    I am still mad that you got me watching Torchwood. Its addictive.

    My commute has been cut in half.

    Hope to see ya soon

  8. Happy anniversary!
    I went straight from old-school phone to iPhone – love it! Never had a Droid, but I’m sure they’re awesome too. Time to make a move young lady!
    Don’t say that. We’ve got at least two trees that need to be cut down ASAP!
    You could always move to Mississippi – no traffic.
    I started to pull a Mama and Daddy TDJ and buy up a bunch of stuff for Lovegirl’s birthday and take it all back! I went back and reread that entry and just hollered!

  9. Paid in Full was a great movie, even better as it was based on a true story. The part they left out is shocking, though. As recounted in the book THE BROTHERHOODS (about Mafia cops Eppolito and Caracappa) the kidnapping of the little kid ended horribly. They cut off his finger, taped a ransom plea of him screaming and pleading, then killed the poor lad and chopped him in two. No one was ever prosecuted for this murder. The killer was a drug dealer named the Preacher who ratted out his henchmen and got immunity for it.

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