Blog Confidential: Details of the $0.10 Shopping Trip

Hey ya’ll!  Since everyone asked for the skinny on the receipt I posted last week, so I figured I’d do a post with some details.  I guess I should start with some minor housekeeping type facts:

  • I shop about twice a month, unless there are specific deals that I need to catch.  If so, I may make small trips during lunch or something.
  • My preferred store doubles manufacturer coupons with a face value of $0.99 or less.
  • If an item costs more the face value, but less than the doubled amount, this particular store simply “doubles the coupon to make” the item free.  Example: Item cost $0.89.  Coupon is for $0.75.  Coupon scans once for $0.75, then “doubles” and scans again for $0.4, making the item free.  Got it?
  • If an item is “Buy One, Get One Free”, this store allows me to use one coupon for each.
  • I have tons of tips and strategies related to coupons, sales, etc.  I actually taught a class a few months ago and had about 30 ladies in attendance.  They were speechless.  *lol*  Folks have been begging me to start another blog.  Eh, not sure about that but I’ll try to drop little gems for ya’ll from time to time.

Ok, with all that said, here’s a pic of representing most of what I bought:

This trip was specifically for Cheer.ios, Pepper.idge Farm Goldfish Crackers, and jars of baby food.  My stagers, MrTDJ and LittleTDJ, abandoned me mid mission aka Little TDJ got hungry and they stopped handing me jars.  Imagine there are more jars.  *lol*  Here are the details:

Honey Nut Cheerios – 4 for $10, if 4 boxes are purchased, a register coupon for free milk (up to $4.50) will print for your next trip.  4 boxes at $2.50 each.  Coupon for $0.75 off each.  Net price per box $1.00.

PF Goldfish – Buy 1, Get 1 Free.  I bought 8.  Price per bag – $2.39.  Coupon for $0.75 off each.  So, $2.39 for 2 bags.  2 coupons will scan for a total for a total of $3.00.  Therefore, the store gave me $0.61 per each 2 bag transaction.  $0.61 x 4 “sets” of goldfish equals me up $2.44.

30 jars of baby food for $0.79 each.  Used 29 coupons for $0.75 each.  Doubled to make the items free.  I did not use the 30th coupon because this specific store does not like to give you money back at the end of a transaction.  So, net $0.79.

One gallon of milk at $3.99.  Used previous coupon earned value at full price of $3.99.  Milk was free.

Used 3 “personal thanks savings” coupons.  Coupons previously earned from Gerber.  $0.75 each.

So, final breakdown:

4 boxes of Cheerios $4.00
30 jars of Beechnut baby food $0.79
1 gallon of milk Free
8 bags of PF Goldfish -$2.44
3 coupons not associated with specific items -$2.25

I am very diligent about my couponing and my shopping.  I poo poo to folks that say there aren’t coupons for healthy things (actually there are, including produce and meat), they don’t have the time (only takes me about 2 hrs a week), or that it’s not worth it (clearly it is).  Ha!  Chat with me a few minutes and I’ll make you a believer.


26 thoughts on “Blog Confidential: Details of the $0.10 Shopping Trip

  1. I will gladly be the first member to the Coupon Church of Money Savers. Where’s the offering plate? Can I use a coupon there and double my tithes? Lol.


    So, where do you find your coupons at? How did you get 29 coupons for baby food??

    What? You didn’t think there were gonna be questions??? Lol. C’mon, spill it!

  2. We def need to connect! HNC & GF are favs in my household! I normally don’t shop at my local except 4 odds & ends cause I buy bulk feeding 6 but I maay need to reconsider!

  3. Please explain the produce & meat coupons!! These are definitely our biggest household expenses. We would have some good but not MrsTDJ-worthy shopping trips w/o them. Tell us some of your favorite couponing sites, too, please! I just started clipping about 2 months ago and haven’t gotten to the point where I’ve saved more than 50%. I like that… but MORE, MORE!! Merci, merci!

  4. Awesome work lady! I was just telling my husband last night that I need to get back into my couponing game. I have been so slack with back-to-school. It is on my to-do list because I do plan to make the time! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. I really need to get into this but fear I lack the organizational skills necessary to be successful. And like Jameil, produce and meat coupons are a must.

  6. I am all for couponing. I just don’t have the patience to wait and collect the coupons but I should try when you can get so much stuff basically free! You Go Lady!!

  7. You’ve inspired me! I was so pleased with my buying eight bottles of P.almolive dish soap for $.99 a bottle last week. They were on sale for 1.99 and the dye-free kind had $1 off coupons attached. I nearly lost my mind! I’d probably pass out if I ever had a total of .10!

    I’m definitely going to look into using coupons more frequently and not limiting myself to one store for grocery needs.

    Thanks for this!

  8. When I lived where double coupons were allowed, I could be great on shopping trips. Not only are there no double coupon stores in my area, they don’t allow you to use a store and a manufacturer coupon during the same transaction.

  9. I clip coupons but have never been able to put a dent into anything like that. I think the most we’ve ever saved in one trip is $15. Please school us on the fine art of couponing the right way Madam TDJ!

  10. You’re awesome! I appreciate you sharing and I plan to begin this strategy immediately Thanks!

    P.S. like errbody else meat! meat! meat! and produce. LOL!

  11. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I wish I could have been at your coupon class. 🙂 We spend so much money on groceries for our family it’s ridiculous. I would love to be able to save that much. I try to coupon but I think the most I’ve saved is like $10. I guess that’s better than nothing right. Lol

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