Excuse Me While I Dance!!

Coupons have been a part of my life for the last 3 years and sometimes, I even amaze myself.  With a little time and dilligence, my family and I are reaping the rewards.  I can’t do a damn thing about the price of gas, but I can and I do control my grocery bills.

Check out my receipt from Tuesday:


33 thoughts on “Excuse Me While I Dance!!

  1. Umm ma’am did that receipt show you paid a dime? A DIME!!! That’s amazing!! I’m still searching for a double coupon store in my area. I must do better…you got skills! LOL!

  2. You already know you can’t post a receipt showing you only paid 10 CENTS for groceries and not say how. Spill the beans! Now! Lol.

    • I’m surely trying for my family! I just put up the details and I’ll be sure to share more tips in the future. If you have any specific questions, hit me up! Thanks for stopping by!

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