A Little of This and A Little of That

  • Damn, I haven’t blogged in like 2 weeks.  My bad!  It seems like a whole lotta everything has gotten in the way.  And, as someone else said, I think that most bloggers slack a little in the summer.  I’ll try to get my rhythm back.
  • The price of gas is STILL kicking my tail.  Don’t give me that bullshat that “prices went down”.  Um, yeah.  For about 2 months, they crept down a few pennies and then they went right back up.  **STILL kicking rocks at the gas companies**
  • I have the book, “The Help” on my Kindle, but I haven’t read it yet.  I’m going to see the movie first though because books that are made into movies don’t usually do the book justice.  So, I’d like to go ahead and (hopefully) enjoy the movie, then really, really enjoy the book.
  • STOP THE PRESSES!!  Mama TDJ just acquired a Samsung Galaxy tablet.  What the what???? The woman who can’t remember the last time she checked email – direct quote, “I think I checked it once or twice this year.” and is generally anti technology????  She told me that, “You’ve got it twisted.  Tablets are cool, so I’m ready to embrace all of it.”
  • Words with Friends is STILL the best game ever!!!    My username is MrsTDJ.  Hit me up if we’re not already playing.  If we are already playing, please note – I have too many open games.  So, if our game concludes, I need for you to send me a re-match.  I can’t initiate any new games.  #addictedtoWWF
  • I have a nemesis and arch rival in a certain blogger!!  You’re going down woman!  I’m still thinking of an evil and sinister nickname for her, because all villains need nicknames.  *lol*  If I didn’t like her so much, I’d think she was cheating! Ya’ll, this chick has WHOOPED MY TAIL for the last few weeks.  I’ve only been able to beat her in ONE game out of like 57.
  • Is anyone watching “Torchwood” on Starz?   I’d seen a few commercials, but finally checked out the premier episode ON DEMAND last night.  Mekhi Phifer isn’t on my list but I went for it anyway.  Me likey!!  I have no idea where they are going with things, but I think that hubs and I might stick around to find out.
  • Little TDJ loves the pool and so far, we’ve been 3 times in the last 3 weeks.  Even with sunscreen, we’re both browning up pretty nicely.  Funky, raised eyebrow and skany sideye at MrTDJ.  A few days ago he said, “You’re normally the color of a Twinkie body, but right now, you’re more the like the bottom.”

What’s up in ya’lls neck of the woods?


19 thoughts on “A Little of This and A Little of That

  1. Sent you a WWF game request. I’ve gotten beaten in every game I’ve played so far except one.

    Gas prices can go play in traffic blindfolded. I was just telling Mister the same thing. Obama got into office and the prices dipped to two-something. Now, I just have to accept that gas will never be less than $3.50. *sigh*

    I’m dying over here at MrTDJ comparing your skin color to Hostess snacks. LMAO!!!

  2. I don’t have WWF on my cell I have wordfued. Is the same game tho. I’ve won a good amount of the games I’ve played. I’m getting pretty good at it!

    Gas prices can kiss my ass! They really can. I should not be paying 50 bucks to fill up my small car! Not never!

    Jasmine like swimming, in kiddie pools lol. The big ones are still iffy for her.

    My mom never checked her email until she got her iphone lol. Now she’s got an ipad2 as well. She’s all on top of everything lol

  3. I’m so mad about gas! It’s like they teased us!
    I want to take Pookah to the pool, but it’s too damn hot!
    The Help was a great book! Read it a while ago before the hype.
    I’ve got so many games of Words with Friends going that I’m ashamed! Lol!

  4. Looks like thing are going well your way despite the gas prices. I drove my hubby’s car for 2 weeks. It takes premium fuel only and it costs almost $100 to fill up. I gave that b*tch back on “E”!! It has been super busy on my end. Back to school in 2 weeks for the kiddos so I am getting things prepared for them. Teenagers cost A LOT. Two at one time is insane!!

  5. Summer is a bad time for blogging. I just want to want to have fun, but this blogging thing keeps calling me:)

    I agree. Gas is still TOO DAMN HIGH…LOL!

    I haven’t read or seen The Help, but you must write a post when you have. I’ve heard so many varying views.

    I’m about to hate in 3, 2, 1…iPad!

    My friends are always kicking my butt in WWF.

    We bought the kids a small kiddie pool. It can hold only two feet of water. The kids feel slighted…but hey…I can’t swim so that’s the best I can do until I learn.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  6. LMAO!!! I swear to Jesiis I’m not cheating! And trust me – I feel sufficiently bad for beating you ALL THE DAMN TIME (LOL!!!) and have considered throwing you a bone on sooo many occasions, but I just know you don’t want me to do that!

  7. Saw a screening of The Help last week, it was really good. Several of my book club members who attended, said there were some changes, but they still enjoyed the movie. Take tissue.

  8. Ah – I was wondering who your WWF nemesis was but she outed herself! I’ve only beat her like once or twice too. Tazzee killed me 100x in a row and I finally beat her once – don’t play her either LOL.

    I accepted the fact that we will never see gas prices of $1.09 for premium like we had when I first moved to GA 13 years ago. I remember when it went up to $1.25 and that seemed extreme. They’ve conditioned us to feel $3 or so is cheap. It will never be the same again. In the next 10 years we will probably be paying European prices of $8/gallon.

  9. LOL! a “Twinkie body?” Can’t wait until the baby is 6 months so we can start mommy and me swim classes. I don’t have a car, so I can’t complain about gas prices, but I know it takes about $40 to fill hubby’s Honda. I have a Samsung Fascinate phone (which is basically the Galaxy for Verizon). the screen is fantabulous, so I know mama’s having a good time with her tablet…kind of reminds me of when my mom learned to text.

  10. Aww…man I loved The Help. I’m scared to see the movie because I’ve read the book and movies just don’t play out the way my mind does ;-). I had to give up on words with friends. I was addicted and housework was not getting done! How do u like the Samsung galaxy? I have an iPad and I love it but I’m a tech junkie thats always willing to try new gadgets!!

  11. I read The Help and totally enjoyed it. I’m so looking forward to the movie but only after I see Rise of the Planet of the Apes (yes!!!!).

    Girl, I’ve been in the South for a hot minute and I’m all strippy stripy looking like a zebra. LOL But I’m totally loving my new digs.

  12. I caught a few episodes of Torchwood a couple of weeks ago. It’s good stuff. I plan to catch up on it this weekend. #deadisdead

  13. I’ve missed stopping by so it seems like I’m just in time to say WWF was great while I had it on my android. It kept crashing. But WordFeud is the same great game on my android. If any of your readers want to play I’m at patsymorris24. (Ooops. Is it impolite to invite people to play WordFeud with me from your blog?)

    I’m in Cali and I just finished being happy because our prices have dropped to $3.75! I only buy $40 worth at a time no matter what. It’s my own form of protest *pumping fist in the air*

    I’m reading The Help and My Soul to Keep. Reviews and reports later.

  14. Ok…I’m so looking you up on words with friends. I’m addicted also and to a game someone told me about called word feud. So FUN!!!! Lol. Glad your baby is enjoying the pool. There’s almost nothing better than water babies. Seeing them splashing around in the water is the cutest thing. I’m dying at the twinkie commet. That’s hilarious. I’m jealous because I can just BARELY tan. So sad!!!

  15. I have no idea what you all are talking about with those games. Guess I’m just an old fashioned board game girl.

    I’ve been getting behind on posting as well… Actually, I’ve been getting behind on all kinds of work. Right now I’m blaming it on the fact that my office is in disarray. I’ve finally got the college student off to classes and taken back control of most of the house now I have to get the strays out of the office and find a home for them before they make it into the Goodwill box. I am not going to take any prisoners when it comes to organizing and minimizing!

  16. Have you read the Lincoln Lawyer? It’s a great book and the movie was a great adaption to screen!! I haven’t seen the Help yet, or read the book book. But, I’m looking forward to seeing to it, it looks like a good read.

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