A Bargain or a Bust?

Yesterday, I hustled over to the mall with my coworker to check out some furniture.  She’s looking to redo an area in her home and we’d had great success last year with the clearance area of a Value City Furniture store very close to the job.  So, we’re browsing and not really seeing much.  Then, I stumble upon this gem and can’t stop laughing.  (per usual, excuse the oh so crappy pictures that my blackberry takes.  I’ve not yet upgraded to something better.)

Seriously ya’ll??  I know that “as is” means you take it along with whatever bumps, bruises, rips, tears, snags, chips and scratches it has.  But seriously????  This table is broken.  B – R – O – K – E – N!!!!!!  As in, the wood is SPLIT, the paint is CHIPPED and the table is wobbly and barely held together in one piece.  But, I guess since $98.88 is a price that’s more than 80% off the original, this might seem like a bargain to some.  Hell, maybe I’m the crazy one.  Some wood glue, sanding, priming, painting, etc and this puppy might be as good as new, huh????  What do ya’ll think??  Is this a bargain or a bust?


32 thoughts on “A Bargain or a Bust?

  1. I can see how it would be both. If you’re really handy and can glue, sand, prime and paint like the next HGTV Design Star, then this would be a steal.

    But if you’re like me and want it already done with the only thing to do is geographic placement, I’m gonna need that price to be reduced another $80. Then we can talk.

  2. Shoot my uncle would have that thing BRAND NEW in a few hours..so yep it would be bargain if you really wanted it.lol

  3. I would need them to reduce the price even more, so it’s a bust in my mind. $98 + glue+ sandpaper/sander + paint = more than I plan to pay for something that is in need of repair.

  4. I’m saying let it go. If it was a handyman or handywoman’s bargain prize, it would have been long gone. Too much work for such a major undertaking.

    One way I determine if it is a must have or a bargain or the best that will ever be — I walk away from it for 2 days. If I don’t think of it at least three days a day, let it go.

  5. Bust. I would still have to pay for materials and for a person to fix it. Too much effort, not to mention it isn’t a very attractive piece to begin with.

  6. If it wasn’t clearly BROKEN, then I would say it’s a bargain. If the wood just had scratches or nicks that just required some cosmetic work then I’d say yes. But anything more than that is probably not something I’d take on myself.

    I’d pass on it.

  7. Its a bargain when they drop the price some more. I need them to know that time, labor and materials are not free. Drop it to 9,99 and we have a deal.

  8. I really don’t think you can repair it with glue, sanding and stain. That would assume that this product is actually wood instead of wood veneer. It would need a little more than some DIY and definitely a couple coats of paint. I love HGTV but I’m unprepared to bring this “Bargain” back to it’s original value.
    Good luck on your project.

  9. I saw it’s a bust! That’s still a hundred dollars all day long and I’d rather take that money to someplace like Targay and get a little something just as nice but brand new that I can return with a receipt! LOL And I feel you on the Blackberry camera. #whack

  10. I say $50 would be a good deal for broken table. Given what you said, it will take more energy and time to fix it and make it usable.
    By the way, I really like your new layout. Only problem I have is I read blogs mainly from my work computer and I can’t comment using my on there for some reason, but I’m still reading. 🙂

  11. I am super not crafty. No can’t do besides I’m not a ohhh furniture kinda girl. If it lets me sleep & sit & eat, I’m good. Dont get me wrong. I like clean, matching & nicely decorated but I live in an apartment. I don’t want to paint the walls back white. Hopefully homeownership will change that.

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