Repost – Did I Miss Something?

This was originally posted on 11/29/06, however, I think it’s quite ironic and relevant today.  And yup, I’m a STAN!!!

I think I’m pretty well connected to the world around me. My cell is on during the ride to work. I have email accounts with yahoo, hotmail and gmail. Then of course I have email and a fax machine at work. I always check the text messages on my phone. Once I get home, I empty the mailbox and read all the contents. Once in the house, I check the phone for messages. I read the Washington Post and CNN daily. Most days I watch the local news and the national evening news. I keep a calendar with all the important events, meetings and community functions that I’m scheduled to attend.

So, with all those ways of getting my attention, how in the hell did I miss the memo? Where was I when the email came through saying that I’m not supposed to like Beyonce? How’d I miss the call to tell me that she really isn’t that pretty? Did my fax eat the memo declaring that she’s untalented? Did my Razr phone delete the text message must telling me to boycott Dreamgirls because she’s in it? Did my husband forget to tell me that we were invited to attend a Pop Culture Voting party to decide how we felt about B?

Everyone has the right to their opinion. And it seems that the popular opinion of the moment is to not like Beyonce. She overrated, she doesn’t sing that well, her performances are average, her acting is laughable, her body is odd shaped, why is she dating Jay-Z, House of Derion clothes are ugly, etc. I happen to like Miss Beyonce.

Argh! Don’t stone me! I can like her and I’m not afraid to say it. I don’t think she’s the next coming of Aretha Franklin or Whitney Houston, but who says she has to be? She’s more talented than the foolishness that is Cierra or Cassie. I like Beyonce’s youthful energy, her live performances are wonderful and her voice is becoming stronger. She’s shown a bit of business savvy (or surrounding herself with folks who make her look it) by starting her clothing line (I hear that a cosmetics line is on the way). I commend the marketing and public relations team who work for her and Sony, because they are doing one hell of job keeping her out there. From music to movies, from magazines to television appearances, from her current search for female dancers to simply being photographed while shopping, they keep that young lady in our faces. Ahha! Maybe that’s it. Ya’ll are seeing so much of her that you’ve had enough? I guess that would make the assumption that at one point you actually liked her, but oversaturation has dulled your ardor. Hmm, kinda like saying that I liked my husband alot, but once we moved in together, I was seeing him too much and now I’ve had enough. Crazy, but I guess it happens. *lol*

To hear folks tell it, Beyonce can’t sing, dance, act, walk, talk or chew gum. Wow! All those opinions over little ole B? I guess that means she has really made it. If the public can’t stop talking about ‘cha, baby, you’re a star!

(photo courtesy of Ms. YBF)


14 thoughts on “Repost – Did I Miss Something?

  1. She’s pretty. She has a lovely voice. But I hate listening to her talk. She always sounds like she’s reading a teleprompter. I generally don’t like listening to musicians and athletes talk, tho. And there’s no way you think Dereon clothes are cute. But I respect your right to like her. LOL

  2. Her music is catchy but I would never buy a ticket to her concert. Her marketing is excellent and I commend the people around her for their outstanding efforts. Talent alone can only take you so far before your marketing plan and marketing budget comes into play.

    Her acting….is sub-par and it is painful to watch her on the big screen. I’ll give her credit for being an entertainer but an actress she is not.

  3. She’s okay. I’m neither stan nor hater. I have two of her songs on my iPod – Get me Bodied (for my workouts) and Irreplacable (for Lovegirl).

    She can’t act, but she’s not alone in that – see exhibit A Halle Berry. Beyonce is a talented entertainer and I think at the end of the day that’s what matters in her world.

    Oh, I do think that she should be able to find better weaves/wigs with all the money she’s got.

  4. I don’t think there anything wrong with her shape or her voice. Of course you her on the radio more than you do other artist BUT we as the consumer should demand to hear more artist instead of complaining. There’s nothing I dislike worse than a complainer. As a female getting her money I see no problem with it. And why bash her, there are so many other artist doing the same and no hate mail is out. And if I hear one more person say her shape.. she’s curvy and so is 80% of American women… get over it. I had to go off for just a second girl LMAO

  5. You said Razr phone. Lol. That’s what got me most about the post. I know I’m in the minority with not being a fan of Beyonce but I don’t knock those that do. To each its own. It’s an opinion. We all have them.

  6. I like her too! Her music has always been just ok but I think she is a great performer. Now true she is not the best actor and she does seem like a media robot in interviews but I still like her for what she does right.

  7. I have one Beyonce song on my ipod(Me, myself & I.) A friend gave me a burned copy of that CD, and another former friend promptly borrowed it and never gave it back. Other than that, I don’t pay her much mind. She is entitled to her fans, it does seem as if she has a lot of stans.

    I had a Razr back then also.

  8. I like her. People who go through all that energy of disliking someone for various reasons, well , that’s what they do. I try not to knock anyone’s hustle. She does have a ghettoesque voice, but i prefer to see her sing and act. The fact that she doesn’t feed into all the bs people say about her is HUGE to me. Keep ya head up B!

  9. Bey’s music is on my mp3 and gets me thru my workout!!! Get me bodied, Freakum Dress, Single Ladies remix with Nikki Minaj and yep even Crazy in Love takes me in!! Whoo!!! People around me, I’m sure are like this chick is nuts!!! I don’t know much about the new music other than, Run the World but I loves me some Bey!!!!

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