Hey 35, Glad to Meet Ya!

Today is my birthday ya’ll!  Happy happy born day to me!  And I share it with one of my blog buddies, the lovely 1969 Happy birthday big sis! 

I love blogging and the bonds that I’ve formed with so many of you.  Thanks for stopping by regularly or sporadically, whether you comment or read in silence.  I could wax poetic about everything I’ve learned in the last year, or about all the things that I hope this new year will bring, but it’s late and I’m too sleepy for all that.  *lol*  Instead, I’ll share 8 things I’ve yet to share with ya’ll.  Why 8 you ask?  Well, at first I thought 35 for my age, but again, it’s late and I’m sleepy.  So, 3 plus 5 is 8 and there you go.

  • Ya’ll know that I’m terrified of cats, but I don’t think that you know that kittens frighten me the most.  The smaller the cat, the bigger the fear.  Go figure.
  • My mother chose my first and middle name so that my initials would match my father.  I did the same for my son and husband.  It’s corny, yet oh so cute to me.
  • I’ve had 8 cars since I began driving at 16.  I’ve wrecked 3 of them. Ouch!
  • For the next couple of months, I’ll attend cookouts and kinda cringe to myself.  I don’t like food cooked on the grill or bbq sauce of any kind.  #pleasedonttakemyblackcard
  • I had such a huge crush on Teddy Pendergrass growing up that I had an imaginary husband named Todd Green.  He was Teddy’s younger brother.  Ya know, Teddy aka Todd.  Grass is Green.  Duh.  We divorced when I was 11 because he began to travel with Teddy too much.
  • I keep Lifesavers in my pocketbook because I have to end every meal with one.
  • I took piano for 14 years and hated every second of it.  Now?  I wish I owned a piano so that I could play every day.  The irony is not lost on my parents.
  • I haven’t had a regular Pepsi in over ten years, but every now and then when I see a bag of Lays potato chips, I crave one for hours.

Big big shoutout to Christina over at Visual Luxe for giving my blog a makeover! She was able to take my disjointed ideas and put them together into the fab graphic you see above. 

Enjoy the holiday weekend!!


70 thoughts on “Hey 35, Glad to Meet Ya!

  1. Happy Birthday to you!

    Glad I’m not the only one…both of my kids and my stepdaughter all have their father’s initials. I’m not sure how the ritual started but I think it’s kind of neat. A lot of good names got tossed aside because they didn’t match.

    Yay for the new look. Christina did a great job! Now if we could get a vlog.

    • Thanks sis! Hush up re the vlog! My eyebrows are good, so if I could just find my makeup bag for a swipe of lipstick, I got ya’ll! *lol* I heart Christina!

  2. Happy birthday and welcome to 35!!
    Ummm, you don’t like barbecue? No ribs? No brats? No burned hot dogs?? Guuuurl! I am here to take your black card…..
    Love your new look! Christina did my blog too!

  3. Happy Birthday!
    I’m scared of cats too. Not as bad as you, but I HATE them. Sneaky little things.
    LOVING the new layout.

    • Thanks sis! **hangs head** I know, I know!! I think my parents and the whole GCP crew did it TOO MUCH while we were growing up! *lol* Yes ma’am, I hope so too!!

  4. Happy Birthday TDJ!!!

    The smaller the cat, the more concentrated the evil. I totally get it.
    I too do not like BBQ sauce. I’ll eat grilled chicken breast but I dont like grilled bone-in chicken.

    Love the new look!

    • Thanks sis! And thank you for understanding the malice and evil that resides within all kittens!! And a partial high five on the bbq. We’re like half sisters or something! *lol*

  5. Happy Happy Happy Birthday (think of me singing it like I am a member of Rare Essence gogoband)
    I digs the new digs too….
    I hope you have a GREAT weekend…
    oh parents are NEVER lost on any irony….

    • Thanks sis!
      Don’t beat me too bad in public man! *lol* I want to like it, I really do! Folks seem to really, really enjoy it but I just don’t.
      Don’t you just love that creative Christina?

  6. Sorry i’m late, but Happy Happy Birthday! I’m not a huge fan of bbq sauce either. i have to be in the mood for it.

    Cats are evil creatures that should be destroyed. I’m not afraid of them, I just really, really don’t like them.

    I haven’t had a lifesaver in years…I’m not sure I knew they still made them.

    I love the new blog design!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    • Thanks sis!!
      HIGH DOUBLE FIVES on your feelings regarding cats!!!
      Yes ma’am, they most certainly do still make them. I only eat the large, Wintergreen ones that come individually wrapped though.

    • Thanks sis!
      **sighing while thinking of Todd** I was SUCH a melodramatic only child!!
      Holla at Christina! She’s great at what she does and it’s such a teensy amount!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday!!! The graphic is awesome!! Extra cute! Okay can I tell you how hilarious it is to me that KITTENS, cute cuddly tiny baby KITTENS scare you the most??? LOLOL Were you scared by me capitalizing KITTENS???? LOLOLOL ROTFL @ your Todd Green divorce! Also.. I had no idea you were a Lifesavers addict. That’s deep, son. I’m stealing your person card for not liking grilled things. This is just an abomination. AN ABOMINATION I SAY!!!

    • Thanks little miss! Yeah man, kittens! Hush! And yes, even the large letters are spooky since it spells THAT word. Betcha don’t know any other 11 year old divorcee’s huh? BWAHAHA @ my person card. I guess I should clarify a little – in the case of top chef like food, yes, I will eat the grilled portion of the meal, but I don’t love it. In the case of the backyard cookout, I’ll pass.

    • Thanks lady! See??? Ya’ll didn’t want to admit your bbq thing cause folks try to look at you sideways, right??? We’ve gotta stick together!!

  8. Sorry I’m late!!! HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope your day was lovely fabulous and GREAT!!! lol

  9. Love the new blog look! I read a lot of times from my reader but these new digs you have are very nice. Does Christina work on a barter system? Lol. I could use some sprucing up too!

    Happy new year to you!

    I’m floored by your fear of kittens. Cats, I can kind of understand but kittens?

    My aunt worked for the Lifesavers company for YEARS. She retired from there. She had more so many of them that I literally got sick of eating them. So I can’t eat them anymore.

    Lays potato chips trigger a Pepsi craving? I think there’s a blog behind that one!

    • Thanks sis!
      Bwahaha @ the barter system! Honestly, maybe I just don’t know jack, but I think her prices are AMAZING! Hit her up for sure!
      It’s deep man. A deep, deep fear.
      Never met her, but I so envy your aunt right now. So, um, erra, does she still have a hookup??? I’m just sayin!

  10. Happy Birthday! I sent you a birthday text to one of your many numbers I have saved in my phone. Each number has a different area code. I hope I guessed the right one.

  11. Happy Belated Birthday! LOL! @ the BBQ, I only like charcoal cooked BBQ. No one has taken my black card and I don’t eat cornbread, greens or dressing…LOL!

  12. LOOOOOOOVE the New Look Lady… Happy Belated Birthday 🙂 By the way did you wreck one of those 3 cars with your eyes close pressing down on the gas in a certain alley in DC??? 🙂 Have a great Year Lady 🙂

    • Thanks sis!! See, see, why you gotta bring up old ish??? *lmao* Believe it or not, that car was repaired pretty cheapily. The building took all my $$$ in that incident. Nah, I’ll have to write about the other unfortunate incidents.

  13. Aww, sorry I missed your B-day so Happy belated B-day. I hope it was fabulous. Love the new look of your blog.

    Kittens….I think I understand the logic. Probably the friskiness and not really knowing what their next move is going to be.

    • Thanks lady! It’s NEVER too late for birthday wishes!! Thank you for understanding about the kittens! Their unpredictability is a HUGE part of it!! Christina is the bomb diggy of blog redesigns!!!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday!! I, also, know someone who chose her daughter’s first and middle name so that she would have her dad’s initials. I think it is a cool idea.

    • Thanks bro!
      LMAO!! See, why you gotta push it??? Kittens scare me so much more, but I’m getting outta the way of King Mufasa too, ok?? But deep down in my heart, I fear the kitty more!

  15. Happy belated Birthday to you!!!! My mom hates cats with a burning, bloody, passion! She can’t even watch a commercial on television without cringing!!! So I know your fear is real and I won’t judge, but um sis, u no likey BBQ!!!! iCan’t!!!!! LOL!!!!

  16. Happy Belated Birthday! Me the 3 siblings all have the same initials and my mom’s first 3 grandsons has the K first name going on (one of which is my son). Call it a tradition. Umm I do need your blackcard, lolol.

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