Insomnia Ramblings

  • I chose not to watch the BET Awards tonight, nor did I sign on to FB because I figured a good number of my friends would be live updating about it.  Just checked – I was right.  I didn’t miss much.  Check out Creole in DC if you want a hilarious, blow-by-blow account of what happened.  #betterthantheshow
  • Love Idris Elba, but Legacy was a wack azz movie.  Ugh.
  • I’ll never try to be productive in the middle of the night again.  I had walked past overripe bananas one too many times, so I decided to whip up a quick pan of banana bread.  Um…yeah.  That was a fail.  At 3am with the lights dim and while tip toeing so as not to wake the others, ground cinnamon and ground red pepper looked quite similar.  They are not.
  • Why do I receive so many random magazines that I never heard of and surely didn’t subscribe too?  This stack next to desk is huge.  Vegetarian Times???  Ick.  Please someone take it away.  We are carnivores in this camp.
  • Small wooden blocks owned by one LittleTDJ are destined to take me out.  Benefit?  He’s learning his letters and numbers.  Cost?  Tonight a stubbed toe and bruised sole, but inevitably I feel a twisted ankle in my future.
  • I love my friends.  They are THE BEST!
  • My accent challenge vlog has not happened yet.  MrTDJ asked me why and I didn’t answer.  He laughed and said, “Bet you don’t know how to use the camera on your laptop, do you?”   **crickets**  In my defense, it’s only a year old ya’ll.  I haven’t had time to play with it.  Hush!  I’ll learn this weekend.
  • For real?  Toya’s show on BET is kinda decent.  I think she’s a sweet girl who’s working hard to push her life in the right direction.  I won’t DVR it or faint if it gets canceled, but at 3:30a, it makes for entertaining background noise.
  • 211 blogs in my google reader is just too too many.  I must purge in the near future.
  • Wait, what?  4:28 and LittleTDJ is laughing and calling my name?  Da hell????  He’s not supposed to wake up until 6:45am.
  • It’s gonna be a seriously long Monday.




38 thoughts on “Insomnia Ramblings

  1. I watched with my mom because of the Patti tribute. The jokes my mom had were priceless!

    3hrs lost but I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time 🙂

  2. Man, BET truly brought the ridiculousness last night! I can’t believe I watched it. Cee Lo was hilarious though.

    Hmm, I’m thinking banana bread with a kick sounds kinda good. No?

    I used my iPod for the vlog. Laptops have cameras???

    I wish I were still on vacation. Today is going to be a cold, hard dose of reality. Boo.

    • Yay, a teeny kick might have been alright, but I tend to make banana bread with no recipe. So, I was shaking aka dumping a liberal amount of cinnamon in when my nose caught the error. No beuno!

  3. LOL, I told T you wouldn’t watch BUT you missed your favorite……the Five Heartbeats! Uhmm, Michael Wright was still acting his role of Eddie King, Jr., he looked a mess!
    There were so many performances it was more of a concert than an award show. I give it a B , because Kevin Hart told the truth, still lmao at Beige GREYHOUND aka Trey Songz with no shirt.

  4. I was forced into watching it b/c of Rashan. He was all in b/c of twitter. -_- A year is long enough. Go do your challenge! That’s what you could’ve been doing while you were up making red pepper banana bread!! LOLOL

  5. DId you seriously put red pepper flakes in your babana bread?

    I had my laptop for about a year before I figure out the webcam thingy too. Dont feel bad.

    You need to quit this mess and go to sleep!

    • I did! I’m just happy that I noticed before I baked it. If I had gotten my mouth all ready for the yummy, sweet goodness to bite into some spicy banana mess, I’d have been MAD! *lol*

  6. I die laughing at that insomnia pic at the beginning of your posts. She looks a little crazy. Well, a lot crazy.

    I live tweeted the BET Awards and got locked out of Twitter. First time that’s ever happened.

    I didn’t do a video for my accent challenge cuz I didn’t feel like learning the stuff for the video. I just posted audio.

    I don’t get the million FB posts for the BET Awards. Those folks should have been on Twitter.

  7. pepper instead of cinnamon…i’m guessing you had to toss that bread 🙂
    211 is a bit much..but i’m pretty close and unfortunately right now i cant read them at work…anyhow don’t purge mine!!!
    insomnia and hormones – no one told me this would happen but i guess as women we all deal with this.
    love your insomnia posts

    • No ma’am, you will most definitely not be purged. =) I’m thinking of just marking them all as read so that my count of “new” posts will reset to 0. I simply may not be able to catch up with everyone. That saddens me just a little.
      Insomnia is for the birds!!

  8. yes you need to take your tail to bed stat!

    I should probably fight you for posting that link and me sitting there reading the whole thing like o-O. The actual awards were better than that commentary, I promise you they were lol. I watched and I wasn’t too mad about it. I’m not into “hip hop” much these days but the rest of it wasn’t too bad. It was much better than previous years.

    Speaking of bananas I want some pudding! That sounds delightful right now.

    • Really? Better than previous years? Hmm….
      I wish re: going to bed. I fall asleep just fine, but staying sleep is the hard part. =(
      I actually had some delicious banana pudding yesterday. My mom makes it with homemade whipped cream. Yumm-o!!!

    • Wooo! I was walking around with a half smile trying not to snarl at anyone. I think I did a decent job! *lol* Yeah, Hubs said I was banned from the kitchen from 1-5a!

  9. Idris is FINE. Lets not go there though lol. And I;m with you, I didn’t watch the BET Awards either. At some point, each ceremony ends up being the same as the last sometimes, so I avoid them.

  10. Oh my gosh you are absolutely hilarious!!!!! I’ve read 5 of your previous post and I’m certainly entertained. I think I have more blogs in my reader but I only comment on a few. Shrugs. I like reading. I habent watched Toya’s show but once bit I L.O.V.E Basketball Wives and the Braxtons. You a fan?

    • Aww, thanks for commenting! Happy that you’ve been reading and enjoying.
      Man, with my insomnia (and the horrible fireworks), I started watching Basketball Wives last night. Um, yeah, I’m hooked!! *lol* Haven’t tried the Braxtons, but I’ve heard that they are pure comedy, so I might need to check them out too. Pop in and play whenever you get a chance! =)

  11. So I’m guessing the banana bread didn’t taste good. Lol. Hilarious!!! Did you realize the mistake or did someone take a huge bite first? LMAO.

    I hate stepping on little toys. I used to want to toss those little things right in the trash. Ah…the joys of kids growing up! Lol

    Oh yeah, and Idris *SWOON* LOVE HIM! I’ll watch anything with him, I don’t care how BAD it is. Lol

    • Thank goodness I didn’t bake it. I smelled it as I was stirring the dry ingredients together.
      LOL! You feel me! That’s little dude is lucky I didn’t toss them all! I was tempted!
      Oh, well then go ahead and watch this movie. It’s definitely bad, but he looks delicious. Crazy and delicious, but still sexy.

  12. Sorry, I just had to laugh at the pepper flakes and cinnamon. OMG, I hate the little killer toys that cause permanent injury. Uh… I hope you get some sleep soon. At least when I stay up I usually stay in my bed.

    • Yeah, I had to snicker once I really thought of it later in the day. I’m happy that I didn’t actually bake it. I’ve tried staying the in the bed, but I just get even more restless and eventually wake up MrTDJ.

  13. Toya isn’t that bad. It is now 3:30a and I just finished watching an episode! I am happy for her that her and Memphitz got married. I think it’s a great story of family overcoming the odds. Some would beg to differ but who cares!

  14. I have the BET AWARDS on DVR. it’s Saturday and I haven’t watched yet!
    I refuse to watch Toya’s show. I tried once and was depressed by the first commercial break.
    And I had to delete my google reader and just start again. It was BAD!

    • Really @ Toya’s show being depressing? I’m actually liking it and the efforts that she’s making to change her life and the lives of her family members.
      ARGH @ deleting the whole reader and starting again. I hope I don’t have to go there. **shivers**

  15. Toya – I love Toya! Us Louisiana girls have to stick together:)

    I didn’t watch the BET awards the night it aired, but never fear I watched it the thousandth time it aired – y’all know that’s how they roll. It wasn’t too bad this year.

    Girl, bye! Stop the 3AM baking:)

    Hugs and Mocha,

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