It’s Friday and I’m Loving . . . .

  • All the video blogs (aka vlogs) that are floating around on the sites of my fellow bloggers.  My interest was piqued recently when I read about the “accent” challenge here.  After having watched 3 such vlogs, ya girl feels compelled to make her own.  AR Gal thinks that I’ll sound like MC Lyte.  *lol*  I’ll handle it that this weekend.   The pic below made me laugh because EVERYONE swears they don’t have an accent.

  • This site, Catalog Living, gives me the giggles on a consistent basis.  The writers are hilarious or maybe I’m just corny.
  • Pandora, specifically my Adele station.  That little British chick can sing!!  As a result of that station, I’ve been exposed to Sara Bareilles, Melanie Gardot, Colbie Caillat, and Holly Brook.  Mixed in with my existing favorites like Norah Jones, Corrine Bailey Rae and Amy Winehouse.
  • temps in the 90’s because 100 is just too damn hot.  I’m looking forward to filling our little pool and letting LittleTDJ splash himself exhausted tomorrow.

  • White nectarines.  Yum, yum, YUM!  I’ve you’ve never tried them, get yourself to your local grocery store ASAP!!  I’ve had white peaches and thought they were just ok.  Accidentally bought white nectarines last spring and almost lost my mind for the rest of the summer.  Delicious!
  • that today is FRIDAY!!!!

What are ya’ll loving today??


35 thoughts on “It’s Friday and I’m Loving . . . .

  1. i have an accent…i’ve been told i sound irish – that always cracks me up, because i’ve met very few irishmen that look like me; but i dont think i’ll do a vlog.
    i love flannel sheets on a saturday morning – they just feel so toasty!!!
    i’m glad its friday!!!

  2. Whaaaaa? TDJ who admited to not liking video blogs is doing a *gulp* VIDEO blog?! Well Well now. I can’t wait to see it though.

    Pandora breathed life into me daily. It’s firewalled on my work computer but I had the app on my phone. Hubs got me a new phone that doesn’t get Pandora. Now I die daily without it.

    Also, I have no need to do the accent challenge. I am country! and that’s all to it…

    • LOL! I should have known that YOU would remember my previous disdain for vlogs!! Didn’t get around to it yet, but I surely will. I’ll admit that I don’t want to watch them daily, but from time to time, they’re kinda cool.

      Dang @ Pandora! Have you tried lastfm or slacker? I was able to use lastfm when Pandora was blocked, but now it’s back.

    • Let the church say AMEN!! I hope you had a peaceful day! I haven’t been able to make it to everyone’s blog, but I’ll be sure to roll over and check on you.

  3. I’m half past excited that its Friday. I haven’t done the accent challenge but I’ve seen some pretty funny ones. I’m lovin Adele too. She has a great voice.

    • Isn’t her voice amazing? So soulful and smoky, yet delicate at time. And the notes she can hit??? Loving her and can’t believe that I just found her a few months ago. I have not idea how I missed hearing about her.

    • I totally heart Pandora! This is the first month that I’ve paid the $0.99 for going over the listening limit.
      Come on and do a vlog with us! We want to hear your accent too! =)

  4. Oh and white nectarines….I had my first a few days ago. I was so delicious and juicy. I’m mad we only bought a few…guess I’m making a trip back to the grocery store today. Lol

  5. I know I have an accent. I grew up in Italy, went to school with people from all over the world, moved to Mississippi, lived in Louisiana and currently live in Pennsylvania (not to mention living in D.C., Virginia, Colorado, Alabama, North Carolina and Korea). I’m all over the place. LOL Can’t wait to see your vlog.

    Love myself some Adele, Duffy, Sarah Bareilles and Corrine Bailey Rae. Pandora really is a fabulous thing.

    And, um, you changed your commenting format…

    • You’ve been all over the world, so we definitely want to hear your accent. I bet you sound like an interesting mix.

      Girl! I didn’t change a thing. That’s wordpress upgrading and getting fancy on folks! *lol* I didn’t even know anything had happened until you said it.

  6. The Adele Pandora station is the business!! I cosign with all you said about it!

    I’m tempted to do this accent challenge….

    I do enjoy a good nectarine more so than peaches. I think I had a white one before…*hmm thinks*

  7. I loved MC Lyte, when/if you do a vid, are you gonna drop 16 bars? =)

    That Catalog Living site is hysterical. It makes me laugh out loud.

    Never saw white nectarines.. but would like to try them.

    • Ha ha! I should drop something. I was kinda nice back in the day!! Hubby was actually impressed when we were playing around one night and now??? He refuses to challenge me in Def Jam Rap Star. #runningscared

      Whew! Glad to know I’m not the only one that find that ish hilarious!! Some of them give me fits of giggles that I can not suppress!

      Please! Stop reading and go get a white nectarine! *lol*

  8. I did the accent challenge too but ended up deleting it (because I couldn’t staaaaaaaand the sound of my own voice) LOL.

    Anyway…here’s what I’m lovin’:

    …That it’s Friday (so I’ll get to lay around and do absolutely nothing for the next 48+ hours.) WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!
    …That I came into some cash I wasn’t expecting but certainly needed. WOOOOO HOOOO!!!
    …Have I mentioned that it’s Friday?!?!?! ::in my best flava flav impression:: Yeeeeeeeea boooooooooooooooi!!! 🙂

    • Don’t we all kinda hate the sound of our own voices? I listen to my voicemail message at work and I’m always like, who dat woman? Please repost your vlog. Purty please with a cherry on top????

      I hope you enjoyed your weekend of leisure! Congrats on the surprise $$$! Ain’t that the best kind??

  9. Where you been, Girl? I love white nectarines. In fact, I make salsa with white nectarines because peaches make me itch. Adele…yep…I like it!!

    Thanks for the well wishes on the upcoming “I do’s”. I’m excited about it but also going out of my mind trying to get everything situated. Wish you lived close by. I’d be screaming for your help.

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