A Little of This and A Little of That

  • I’m moments from smashing my blackberry to pieces.  Seconds really.  UGH!!!
  • Evil side eye of death to the price of gas.  Oh wait.  It fell a few cents.  O_o    WHATEVS!!!  The media can miss me with that bullshat until it drops under $3 a gallon.   **still kicking rocks at the gas companies**
  • I have so many things to tell ya’ll about, but my memory is getting so bad!   The thoughts are swirling in my head and by the time I get to the keyboard?  Poof!  They’re gone!
  • Mea culpa to the lovely ladies that won the contest.  I had the best intentions on making it to the post office last Saturday.  ***side eyeing myself**  I didn’t make it.   LittleTDJ begs that ya’ll don’t send me any nastygrams.  We’ll surely make it their this Saturday morning.  
  • After I drop the little guy off, I’ve started listening to books on CD during my commute.  I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed this!!!  And, I think the looks on the faces of the folks that I’m next to in traffic is hilarious!!!  I’m currently finishing Pearl Cleage’s, “Just Wanna Testify” and the plot involves vampires.
  • There are 10 episodes of “The Good Wife” on my DVR.  Every time I enter the DVR menu to find something for LittleTDJ, there they are.  Teasing, giggling and snickering at me.  Taunting me because I see no time in the next few weeks when I’ll be able to watch them.  ***insert sad face here***
  • I absolutely refuse to download the Angry Birds app.  No sir, no way, no how!  I need another online distraction like I need a damn hole in my head.   I’m already burning up my iPod touch with that darn Words With Friends.  So, erra, with that being said – if we’re not already playing, hit me up.  My username is MrsTDJ.   And as a friendly reminder – if we are already playing and our game concludes, I need for you to send me a re-match.   I can’t initiate any new games because I have a gajillion open games and WWF doesn’t like that.  #addictedtoWWF
  • The air conditioning in my whip is on the fritz.  Oh the horror!!  Last Tuesday and Wednesday I thought my skin was going to melt off of my body.  The temps in DC were about 100 and I thought we had traveled to the surface of the sun!!!!
  • In the midst of that heat wave, I was off from work last Tuesday.  I spent most of my day home relaxing in the icy abyss of my home air conditioning until it was time for me to brave the hellish temps to go see the amazing Ms. Tayari Jones, one of my favorite authors.   Honestly?  Anyone else or any other plans?  Ya girl would have canceled.  I’ll be writing more about Tayari, her lovely new novel and I’ll give one away to a lucky reader later this week.   I’ll save all my gushing and such for that post.  

What’s up in ya’lls neck of the woods?


41 thoughts on “A Little of This and A Little of That

  1. I’m with you on those gas prices. I fill up my car twice a month, on a bad month. Why oh why, must I pay over $40 to fill the tank of an Acura Coupe?

    I hate my branch post office so much, I go to the main one. Thankfully, they moved the main branch to my neighborhood. The one assigned to my zip code, they are for the birds. They READ my magazines & catalogs before they are delivered to me. I get sale information on or a day before it begins, sometimes after it’s over. If I have too much mail on Saturday, the postman isn’t going to deliver it.

    I know no such thing of Angry Birds or WWF. I’ve only read about both games. I, like you, have a BB. I’m stuck with that contract until December.

  2. Audiobooks are a mama’s best friend. My favorite read/listen this year is The Help by Katheryn Stockett. I love Pearl Cleage but I don’t do vampires. I’m going to need a new read/listen by the end of this week so I’ll wait to see what you say about Tayari Jones.

    • Aren’t they?? I have “The Help” on my Kindle, but no time to read it. Now that I’ve seen the trailer for the movie, I may wait to read it AFTER seeing the movie.

      The vampires in the Cleage book were NOT scary. Think more campy and quirky. It was definitely not horror. They were the antagonists in the story, but it really wasn’t about them. Does that make sense? If you enjoy her writing, you should check it out. One can never get enough of Blue Hamilton. =)

      Will definitely write about Tayari next week.

  3. I think my head is spinning right now! Random much? Hehe, I will agree about the gas thing and I am ready to throw my hubby’s BB off the roof. He has the old-school one so he needs to get with the times. I always have loads of things to say and forget. I think it is the antique parts of my brain (I’m not old)

    • LOL! I am soooooo random sometimes. Thanks for trying to hang!

      Go ahead! Toss it and help that man get upgraded to modern times. I’m going to get a new phone this weekend. I simply must.

      Ah, antique. I like that and I’m stealing it!

  4. See this is why I love blogs…the commonality that’s there. I currently listen to audio books during my commute and have been for a while now! (Thats my favorite part of living 15-20 minutes drive away from work)
    I just heard about Tayari Jones on NPR radio when she was being interviewed about her book, Silver Sparrow. I made a note in the memo pad of my phone to get that book.

    • High five sis!! I can’t believe that I stopped listening to them for soooooo long. **what was I thinking????** Don’t you get to work/home sometimes and not want to get right out because you’re in the middle of a great scene??? Or is that just me?

      I missed the NPR interview, but it’s on a couple of blogs, so I’m going to make time to listen. Make sure you enter the giveaway. I’ll try to get it posted on Monday.

  5. Tried WWF, really didn’t like it. Hated the games being let open so long.
    I am addicted to Angry Birds, was up till 1 night playing. I even downloaded Angry Birds Rio for my son (he loves that movie).

    • Oh man, sorry you didn’t like WWF. I do have a few games that have been open for over a week and the folks haven’t played their move. **ERGH** But, most of my games are going great.

      I’m putting my blinders on so you can’t tell me how much fun Angry Birds is. *lol* LA LA LA LA LA! I can’t see or hear you!

    • I’ve heard a couple of people say that. I think I loved Leaving Atlanta so much because of the voices of the children. My BFF wanted to hear more about the actual murders, but I told her that would make it more crime drama and less “coming of age” novel. I definitely will say that I appreciated it more the 2nd time that I read it.

      YAY – we’re playing!!!

  6. I traded in my BlackBerry (expensive Etch~A~Sketch) for a Droid, which I love. Love, I tell ya!

    Angry Birds. A librarian friend of mine crocheted Angry Birds for me, which we bartered for a t~shirt from my librarian. I’m not sure why, but it’s a definite time suck. I had to take it off my phone.

    • Everyone keeps telling me that Droids are where it’s at!
      Hooray for you removing the Angry Birds from your life! *lol* I know that took strength.

  7. Just sent you a request to play! LOL I”m 3kids1036

    I just picked up just wanna testify from the library today. Hope to get to it soon.

    No air in the summer is horrid. What’s worse than it going out in the car?? WHEN IT GOES OUT IN THE HOUSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IN ALABAMA HEAT?!?!?! LAWD.

    Umm join us on twitter lol.

    • YAY- we’re playing on WWF.

      I won’t give anything away with Just Wanna Testify. I liked it. Cleage’s descriptive writing style can combat any plot flaws (for me). And who can ever really get enough of Blue Hamilton?

      Hush! *lol* I ain’t joining twitter. Jameil said that I’m too old!

  8. I love audiobooks to death and have a secret dream of being an audiobook reader. I think that would be so cool! I’m picky about my readers – some of them absolutely suck. Do you ever notice that you listen to (and enjoy) some real low-grade books that you would never read? My library has a good collection of Griot Audio (AKA the black books) and I listen to some real questionable material!

    I listened to “Leaving Atlanta” and I liked that one – in spite of one sucky narrator. I read “The Untelling” but didn’t dig that one so much. The plot of Silver Sparrow seems interesting so I’ll give it a shot.

    Angry Birds doesn’t suck me in for some reason. I play it in fits and bursts. I’m probably not even past level 10.

    • KEYALUS!!!!! Meee tooooooo!!! Griot or one of the other ones is in Frederick, MD (about an hr outside DC) and I keep saying I’m just gonna roll up and offer my services. *lol* I know what you mean about bad readers. I just finished, “Abide With Me” by E. Lynn Harris and I absolutely HATED the reader. His voice was marginal for the men and HORRIBLE for the women. It turned me off and made it hard to finish the book. High five at the questionable material! We are –>here<–

      I enjoyed The Untelling much more once I was able to discuss it with Tayari and then I had to re-read it.

  9. I can totally relate to forgetting post ideas. There are times when I have so many things to post about, then I just seem to forget them all.

    I have let WWF fall to the wayside. I will pick it up again later. Stuff is only addictive as you let it be so you can probably resit the angry birds urge.

    Lucky for us, the weather was really nice up there when we went. I actually needed a jacket but I forgot one so I spent most of the weekend being cold.

    • Exactly!! I think that I just try to keep way too many things in my head.
      You’re right – I have an addictive personality at times. WWF has me in it’s clutches!!

  10. Sunday I let a few tears squeeze from my eyes as I said to myself, “I am not going to make it throught this summer. We are living in hell and I can’t take it.” The drama of running errands and just breathing in this heat is horrible. And it is not summer yet. You will love Silver Sparrow. I probably won’t get to see Tayari Jones because no one comes to Montgomery anymore.

    • Whew goodness! It’s gonna be a long, hot summer. My son loves the pool, but unless we make friends with someone that has an indoor pool??? Umm, he may be swimming in the bath tub OFTEN!

      I was finally able to get some reading in this past weekend! I can’t wait to finish SS!

  11. I have an Evo Android phone and WWF has been acting up on those phones. So you can kill our game because I haven’t been back on WWF in over a month. Love me some Angry Birds, tho.

    I went one full summer without A/C in my car and I said never again. Never! I would be mad the whole time I’m driving.

    • Boo @ you abandoning WWF! *lol*
      **passes out and DIES at the thought of an entire summer with no AC**
      LOL @ you being mad while driving! I can sooooo imagine that! Just pissed that you even have to go ANYWHERE!

    • I refuse, I refuse, I refuse to bow to PEER PRESSURE!!! *lol*
      Ya’ll are some enablers man!Man, don’t do it sis!! You’ve been warned about those dang birds.
      I am so so random. I could probably do random every day, part of the reason that Jameil and the others are campaigning for me to join Twitter.

  12. Get. Twitter. You can post the thoughts as they swirl in your head. Win win situation! Lol.

    Giiiiirl, The Good Wife is my FAVORITE show right now!! This last season was gee double oh dee, good! No spoilers here. Just get to watching ’em!!! From the legal side of life, it is a very realistic show with a good plot!!

    • One epi down, 9 to go! Girl, things are heating up for sure! That show has the perfect balance of interpersonal stuff (friendships and loves), mixed with the politics, mixed with the actual cases!! I just love it! Good to hear from an actual lawyer that it’s a pretty good portrayal.

  13. Gas prices are evil.
    WWF: I keep meaning to start another game with you,but I have about 15 of them going at once. It’s getting really bad….
    I;m addicted to angry birds. It’s sad, I might need intervention….

  14. Do not go smashing your phone because as soon as you do you’re going to get mad that you did it lol. Unnecessary anger right there girl lol. And you watch ‘The Good Wife’ too? Oh this season was GREAT. Wait till you see the season finale…. JUICY

    • I have since calmed in my anger toward my blackberry. I hate all the options that Tmobile is offering me, so for the moment the evil device and I are still married.
      Yes! 2 episodes down and 7 to go. Such a great show!!

    • Great way to use the time! I get to listen to about 2-3 hrs a day, so I can knock out a novel in under a week.
      And I’ve recently learned the joys of my county’s library system. I can search for things and have them brought to the branch that I like, and held for me. Love it!

  15. Gas is finally coming down but I’m still annoyed most days.

    Hot???? girl it just stopped raining here last week. Hopefully its over. I don’t like extreme heat either but rain in the summer is just….

    The Good Wife is/was awesome this season. You are in for some surprises I can’t endorse it enough! LOL!

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