Did I say Tuesday? I Meant Thursday!

First, let me take a moment to say that I’m breaking up with Kim and DiscoDiva.  Madams!!  That song was NOT KC and the Sunshine Band!  **LMAO** I kid, I kid.  I won’t break up with ya’ll!

Please click HERE to listen to a little “Give It Away” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Ya know, like a contest, free stuff, give stuff away???  I thought myself quite witty for coming up with that one, but apparently only 3 of you agreed.

In my mind, I had this whole game that LittleTDJ and I were going to play on Tuesday night with his numbered flashcards so that he could help me pick the winners.  Um, no.  He had other ideas.   And although he thinks his mom is cool like a lemon icebox cake, Special Agent Oso is just a wee bit cooler.

And yesterday, I just forgot.  So, this morning, I finally got on the ball.   I rolled with random.org, removed the folks who didn’t want to win certain cards, renumbered the list in the order by which they commented and the following folks had the luck:

Starbucks card:  Wendy Watkins come on down!!

Cold Stone card:  Beautifully Complex it is yours!!

Girly Smell Good Stuff:  1969 is the lucky lady!!

Send my your mailing info ladies!!  I’ll get everything out in Saturday’s mail.

See below for the evidence of my random draws.  My game with LittleTDJ would have been so much more fun and I was gonna post a video.  Maybe next time.  Thanks everyone for participating.  I appreciate all my readers, those that comment and those that typically remain silent!


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