Insomnia Ramblings

  • The Ovation Channel???  When did we get that???  Fame is on!!! Yes, yes, YES!!  I used to love Fame!  I often wished that I had gone to the High School for the Perfomring Arts.  Their days and nights were always filled with so much damn creativity and artistic expression.  “Well right here is where you start paying.  In sweat!”  Even as a kid, I guess I was a germaphobe because that line used to make me cringe.  *lol*
  • Still love Words with Friends, even when I’m getting my tail kicked.  Don’t take me for a sucka though – I kicks tail on a semi-regular basis too.
  • Damn!  A woman survived in the snow for 7 weeks eating snow and a bag of trail mix.  She rationed herself to a teaspoon of trail mix, one fish oil pill and one Joll.y Ran.cher per day.  That seems like a serious will to survive and God.  Just wow!
  • LOL @ the Carmax commercial about customer service.  When the team comes out to wash the windows, clean the car etc and the poor dude thinks he’s being car jacked?  Classic!  Have ya’ll seen it?  No?  Here ya go!  Dag, looks like it’s from the Super Bowl.  Guess I’m the late one!  *lol*
  • I don’t understand colored hair.  Not normal colors like brown, reddish, and blondish hair. I’m talking about Rainbow Brite aka Kool Aid colors.  Seriously.  Somebody explain them to me.
  • Just put the ingredients for chicken noodle soup in the crockpot.  So what it’s May and it’s going to be close to 80 this week.  And no, I’m not sick either.
  • I hate Exx.on, BP, Crown, and every other gas company.  They are all greedy sons of b$tches who are full of sh#t.  Period.
  • If the grass in my front yard gets any taller, I might lose my son.  Our law guy is MIA.  And yes, he’s already been paid.  #Ihatethieves!

22 thoughts on “Insomnia Ramblings

  1. I’m with you on those Kool-Aid colors. They rock that mess like they are the flysest! You would think it would be kids, but it’s grown a women! As my friend San says “its a shame before God!”

  2. Seriously?!??! 7 Weeks??!?! WOW!! Im glad she survived but for real??? Snow and “A”……1….. bag of Trailmix?!?!? I suppose when it all comes down to it you gotta survive… But I tell you what when we get outta church on Sundays my family of four(Mum, Dad and my bro) tried once to share a bag of chips…. yea NO….

    • Bwahaha @ ya’ll destroying the bag of chips within seconds! And ya’ll KNEW where your next meal was coming from! *LOL* Yup, 7 weeks!!!! I was shocked and amazed at the power of God.

  3. Hmm, yeah, so I don’t understand koolaid colored hair either. I just stare now. I know my mama taught me staring was bad manners, but if I only she could see what I see on a regular basis on the green line smh.

    • Who gracious! And you know I’m in Baltimore everyday. I feel as if my corneas have been burned and scarred for life. Some of these chicks???? Out of control!

  4. Gas companies are full of complete and utter bullshit. It really pisses me off that they can raise prices quicker than you can dig a booger out of your nose but when they lower them, they take their sweet precious time. Then they have the nerve to act like we are supposed to get all excited about a measly twenty cent decrease BY SUMMER. Really? Kiss my ass. If I could walk to work, I certainly would.

    TDJ, where’s y’alls crackhead lawn dude? LMAO!

    • Man, I have not seen “Crack” in about a year! I keep sending hubby back over to our old neighborhood to look for him. =( No luck. I’m actually kinda worried that something might have happened to the poor guy. #I’mableedingheart

      Preach sister!! In my best Bernie Mac, “Greedy some-a-ma-b*tches!”

  5. Girl I feel you on the gas situation. It just seems like everyone is greedy but raising prices unnecessarily. Don’t get me started on that, because I will literally go off lol. And the woman surviving was definitely God. Nice post.

    • It’s hard NOT to go off about gas. I wish I could walk or hope a damn bicycle to work. **kicking rocks** And the rescued woman? Isn’t God amazing??????

  6. 1. I loved myself some Leroy. Guess you can tell that never worked out. Had. No. Clue. I was a kid, not like kids today, a real kid who had no clue.

    2. And people make fun of me for keeping trail mix in the car. See, that lady and I will be the only survivors and I’m not sharing. Please, I’ve told my kids if it came down to it, I’d eat them up in a heartbeat ~ motherhood only goes so far.

    • Girl!! Neither did I! And remember he and Janet were “liking” each other??? That thang was clearly a one sided love affair. *lol*

      BWAHAHA @ you eating the offspring!! I love it!!

      • LOL I totally forgot about Janet and Leroy (I swore he and Michael Jackson were waiting on me to grow up). I was soooo wrong on so many counts. LOL

  7. my brother had to “pay someone to cut my grass because it was to high” baawaaaaa
    and YES that’s some serious will to live for sure

    • Man, I wish we had the time or energy to do our own yard, but nope. Hey, hit me via email.
      Is your lawn man good? I think we’re somewhere in the same vicinity.

  8. Soup is good all year round!!

    Did your lawn guy jack you? Oh no what is going on? If you see him in the streets, do what you want to him. I wont tell a soul.

    • You know I want to find him and beat the breaks off of him, right??? Thank goodness that hubby is a little more diplomatic than I. He just wants our money back. *lol* I’m Malcolm and he’s Martin!

  9. Soup really is good year round.

    Your lawn guy sucks ass.

    Don’t get me started on gas prices.

    I love wordfeud. Can’t find word with friends on my cell 😦

  10. I used to adore fame also. We had a visual and performing arts program at my school and I kind of wished I had taken part.

    Why am I so addicted to Word with Friends. I play with my friend all the time and he’s constantly kicking my butt. So much for my scrabble skills. Lol

    That’s some determination for you A@% for real. I don’t think I would have made it in the snow. I probably would have been done in the first day. Me cold and snow are enemies.

    Yep, I see people all day walking around resembling a bag of skittles. Cant figure out why anyone in their right mind would want to look like that. But that’s just me.

    Wow! Lawn guy would get a serious tongue lashing when I caught up with him. That’s just bad business.

    • Woman!!! Send me a game request – MrsTDJ Wait – are we already playing? *lol* I don’t think so, but let me know if we are. Sadly, I can’t initiate any new games because I’m maxed out, but I can accept any that you send though.
      Fame was my show!! Now that I know it come one, I programmed it into the DVR. I can’t watch to catch up with all the kids!
      LOL @ resembling Skittles!! Exactly!

  11. You are hilarious! I don’t get the colorful hair but then again, it’s more than likely, artistic expression.

    Jolly ranchers and a fish oil pill? Maybe that’s the new fad diet???

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