A May December Kinda Thing

Hey ya’ll!!  MrTDJ and I shared a laugh last night (what’s new???) and he suggested that I tell ya’ll a story from high school.  **sidebar – I’d have loved “Remember the Titans” even I hadn’t gone to T.C. Williams, the high school featured in the movie.**

To refresh your memories and for those reading for the first time, MrTDJ and I met in 11th grade.   I’d moved down to VA from NY about a week before my 11th grade  year.  And let there be no doubt – ya girl was miserable!!  I absolutely HATED that my parents had moved us “down south”!  Anyways, I was lucky enough to meet DiamondDivaSqueaky and MrTDJ all during the first week of school.  Diamond Diva and Squeaky were both transplants to the area too, so we three bonded instantly.

MrTDJ and I developed a friendship, but I was wasting my time on a two bit lying azz loser guy who didn’t deserve one ounce of my energy.  Anyway, as time went on, the loser dropped out of the picture.  MrTDJ and I continued our friendship.  He’d flirt and make hints, but I was a little gun-shy after the way things had ended with the loser.   MrTDJ started showing up after my 6th and 7th period classes, in order to walk me to my next class.

One day, after 6th period as I was talking to the substitute teacher, I noticed MrTDJ peeking into the classroom.  I gave him the “one second” finger and finished up my conversation.  By the time I got into the hallway, MrTDJ was frowning kinda hard.  I asked what was wrong, he said nothing, so I let it go.

How about that dude made himself scarce and didn’t talk to me for like 2 days???  Nothing huh?  Guess he was mad about something.  But, being the teenager I was and since he was NOT my boyfriend, I was like, WHATEVER DUDE, guess I’ll see him when I see him.   Finally, on the third day, he met Diamond Diva, Squeaky and I in the hallway after lunch.

MrTDJ:  Hey ya’ll

Chorus of “Hey” from us three.

Me:  You’ve been ghost.  What’s up?

MrTDJ:  **hmph**  I’m fine.  Didn’t think you would notice since you’ve got a new man.

Diamond Diva and Squeaky gave me the “WTH” face. 

Me:  Well, that’s news to me.  What are you talking about?

**MrTDJ was really in his feelings, because he kept talking as if he hadn’t even heard me respond**

MrTDJ:  But for real, dude is old!  I didn’t know you was into old dudes.

The three of us were ten steps past confused.  What the heck was MrTDJ talking about?  We never got the chance to ask because he shook his head in irritation, sadness and surprise before stalking off.  Well damn.  The girls and I didn’t get to really discuss things because it was time to head to our next class.

Again, at the end of my 6th period class, I was chatting and laughing with my sub.  He’d been with us for the last 2 weeks while our regular government teacher was out on medical leave.  I saw MrTDJ shoot me the dirtiest look and then it clicked.  He thinks I’m trying to kick it with the sub.  I laughed a little to myself and headed out to have a little chat with MrTDJ.

I caught up with him near his locker and he refused to make eye contact with me.

Me:  Ay yo.  Are you trippin’ on me talking to the sub?

**he didn’t want to, but his lips curled into a tiny smile.  Back in the day, he found my NY expressions and accent hilarious**

MrTDJ:  It’s cool.  If you like old dudes, what can I do about that?  But maybe you shouldn’t be so obvious.  You smiling in his face hard and he’s just standing there eating it up.   And that dude there?  Girl, he’s old enough to be your father. 

Me:  He is my father


MrTDJ:  Say what?

Me:  The government sub that you’ve seen me talking and laughing with is my dad for real.



Me:  Stop being silly.  You’re the dude I like.  So there!

I leaned in, kissed him on the cheek and sauntered off.

Anyone who knows me IRL or is a FB friend of mine knows good and well that my daddy and I look alike!  I’m a female, cuter version of him!  *lol*   But MrTDJ was so damn focused on what things looked like that he didn’t even focus on what “the old dude” looked like.  The next day he came by to meet my father and couldn’t stop laughing afterwards saying, “I’m so glad I met you first!  You look just like him!”  Da hell???   Anyways, it’s one of those high school moments that makes us chuckle.   Do ya’ll have any humourous cases of mistaken identity?


38 thoughts on “A May December Kinda Thing

  1. OMG! This took me alllllll the way back to high school ———> “MrTDJ started showing up after my 6th and 7th period classes, in order to walk me to my next class.” *sighs dreamily* the good guys in high school were the BEST! I remember when guys used to do that for meeeee! Awwwwwww! and you MARRIED yours! #sojealous!
    I don’t have any humorous cases of mistaken identity but i think it’s HILARIOUS that someone didn’t immediately notice that the Sub/Dad looks JUST LIKE YOU. Dude. MrTDJ had to be DEEP in his feelings with jealousy to miss that. LOL! so cute!

  2. “Ay yo. Are you trippin’ on me talking to the sub?” LMAO! Just so you know, going forward your posts may be read (in my head) with a MC Lyte flair.

    You have THE best stories!!!

    • See, now ya’ll have that fool over here, in my ear, “Tell ’em about the time that ABC happened, and the time that XYZ went down, and what about TYBN situation.” Whew goodness!

  3. iDiiiieeeee! Bwhahahahahahahahahaha! That was so hilarious! I agree with the others, your stories are the most funniest!

    Also, I to will read your posts with a New York accent now! LOLOL

    • Yeah, I should have thunked him upside the head, right? *lol*
      I’ve grown to “appreciate” the South. Not sure about love. How’s that??? =) We good???

    • Dude is silly! I played it slow for the rest of the school year, but then we went to the prom and that’s was our official beginning. Friend to boyfriend to husband. Go figure! Thanks for stopping by!!!

  4. This cracked me up! I read it thru FB the other day but forgot to come over and comment on it. Sometimes I’m glad Smoochy is at work – if he knew I spent a great deal of my time staring at a computer screen and laughing uproariously he might start to wonder…

    • LOL @ Smoochy wondering! I surely understand. When work gets really busy, I’m not made that I’m actually doing my job. I’m just mad that I can’t write or read blogs!! =)

    Secondly….I LOVE THAT STORY!! You all are too cute for your own good! 🙂

  6. GIRL!! I have been meaning to get OVER HERE and comment!!

    This was the best story EVAR!!!! I laughed so hard..I think I read it 3 times on my Reader but kept forgetting to click thru, so now I am here and I am LOL some more!!

  7. so cute!! he was mad at Uncle TD for real hahahaha. these are the moments life is made for 🙂 the ones that you can think back on a smile lol

  8. Omgosh I’m reading this for the first time. That is such a cute story. It seemed like it could’ve came out of a movie. I truly am sorry for your loss and hope with time, things get a little bit easier. 😦

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