Weekend Randoms – The NY Edition

Hey ya’ll!!  I spent the weekend at home.  No, not in the DC metro area.  Nope, I was in NY.  Long Island to be specific.  HOME SWEET HOME!!!  LI, NY will forever and always be HOME to me.  Yeah, yeah, I’ve been in the DC area since ’91 and yes, I’ve learned to love it and we have a great life here, but NY has my heart.  Forever and always.   I was born and raised there, and most of my big, crazy family is still there.  A few random thoughts:

  • I can’t hang like I used to.  *lol*  Hitting NY and departing in under 36 hours wore me the hell out.  I’m still recovering.
  • My family is THE BEST!  Loud, hilarious, obnoxious, compassionate, emotional, grounded, and dysfunctionally close.  *LOL* I wouldn’t trade them in for anything in the world!!
  • WTF re gas prices????  I miss my family like you couldn’t imagine but after dropping almost $200 in gas and tolls, I don’t know when we’ll be making that ride again.
  • Little TDJ’s Easter suit?  E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.  a little dude should be on Easter.  “He’s as clean as the board of health” – direct quote from my great Aunt.
  • Damn!  Why didn’t I take any of my Auntie Mom’s mac and cheese home???  It’s the best ever!

  • Heading from Garden City to Amityville on the Southern State Parkway?  Um, yeah.   I knew where I was going, but I got confused.  East, West, yeah, whatever!  Thanks Grandma for letting me know that I was headed the WRONG way!  Nothing like a little detour through Queens, huh?
  • Thumbs down at not getting to see everyone that I wanted to see.   Please blame it on poor time management.  I still love you guys!!
  • The Xbox Kinect is sooooo much fun!  Big thanks to my birthday twin, 1969, for Dance Central.  Had several hours of side-splitting dance performances from my family.  Everyone got in on the action, from the babies (age 3) to the senior members.  PURE COMEDY, especially “Push It” and “Teach Me How to Jerk”.
  • Only one Pistachio cake Aunt G?  Come on son!  That was gone in SECONDS!
  • Priceless moment – seeing my little cuz EST all grown up, with a family of his own!   I was happy to see him getting his grown man on.  Pleasantly surprised and very happy!
  • Little TDJ’s new game that was perfected on Saturday evening?  Climbing and descending the steps completely unassisted.  Womp womp womp!  But, um, erra . . . . we have a rancher.  *lol*  I feel sorry for MamaTDJ and DaddyTDJ.   Both have LOTS of steps.    Thanks goodness they are “young” and active grandparents.

  • I really wish that White Castle had some locations in the DC metro area.  Wait, wait, wait!  Scratch that!  If they came to this area, I’d get into trouble.   And no, Krystal’s is NOT the same.
  • The more and more I think about a family cruise, I love the idea!  Now I just need to get my family on board with the idea.  Pun intended!!

Hope that everyone had a great Easter holiday!


31 thoughts on “Weekend Randoms – The NY Edition

    • Ergh!! I still haven’t been desperate enough to try the frozen from the sueprmarket. I’ve even had them in the cart a time or two, but something pulls me back. Glad to know I wasn’t wrong.

  1. Ok, I think this is may be where the egg split. I cannot stand White Castle. My stepdad is from New York and I remember when we were in Italy, he couldn’t wait for us to come back so he could get some White Castle…. Girl, I wanted to ban him from ever re~entering Italy again.

    But I am glad you got to see the fam again. Ain’t nothing like’em…

  2. sounds like good times! I love being around my big family too. Yours sounds a lot like mine. We’ll be having a reunion in ATL next summer. I’m already excited about it lol

    and I need pics of this suit or it didn’t happen! lol

  3. I don’t get the fuss about White Castle. I had it for the first time about 4 years ago and I could take it or leave it.

    We drove to San Antonio for Spring Break. About a 9 hour trip. I will not be driving a long distance again until gas goes down. We spent more money on gas than at Sea World!

    • I think my love for White Castle is a combination of childhood memories mixed with taste.
      Dag @ spending more on gas that at Sea World. This ish is about to really kill our budget!

  4. Ugh, you like murder burgers? You have to eat 5 just to feel halfway full, and then an hour later they’re giving you bubble guts. I’m so glad there aren’t any in the metro area…that makes me want to move there even more.

    • LOL! Yup, I love ’em! And yup, they are GUARANTEED to give you the bubble guts! It’s a forgone conclusion, but it doesn’t even matter!

  5. So sweet. I love getting together with my extended family too although they don’t seem like extended family (if ya know what I mean). The description on your family sounds exactly like mine. Are you sure we aren’t related? Kidding. I’m glad you had a great time. My family is awesome and I love them but I can only take them in short bursts–it gets too overwhelming if I stay too long—you know, all up in the business asking when hubby and I are going to have kids. LOL. But I love them and I definitely wouldn’t trade them 🙂

    • I know EXACTLY what you mean. There are 2nd, 3rd and 4th cousins, in-laws, steps, halfs, exs, and more in my family but we don’t use those terms. We are all just family. We might just be. Hmm…….. *lol* So, erra…..when are ya’ll gonna have……… JUST KIDDING!! We are family, you know? =)

  6. How on earth would you see everyone in 36 hours?? You’re too old for all that runnin! LOL Never had white castle. Down with bad puns… LOL I’ve never even heard of a pistachio cake. Oh Mr. Gooooogle!!!

    • You know what Jameil???? **lol** One more OLD comment outta you and I’m gonna head down south to pop you!
      Pistachio cake is oh so yummy! Very basic but tasty. Even people who say they don’t like pistachio’s have been seen licking their plates.

  7. You really weren’t there long. But at least you got to see SOME of the folks you wanted to see. After my cruise last year, I would love to do one with my family. I am going to wait until my youngest is 5 and then its on!

    P.S. You need to join Twitter.

    That is all.

    • Man, with Twitter, I just can’t! I have an account and everything. I created it, logged in and instantly felt “un-tech savvy” and silly. I couldn’t figure out what the heck to do. One of my patient buds was supposed to talk me through it, but it hasn’t happened yet. I don’t even know where I’d fit in the extra minutes once I get addicted, because I know I would.

  8. Even though the gas prices are unbelievable, it sounds like you should go to LI more often.
    I don’t do family functions, well not for long anyway. I usually give them 15-20 minutes and them I’m gone. It wouldn’t be different if I lived out of state either. I did the same thing when I lived out of state, or I would avoid them completely.

    I’ve never been to White Castle, but I guess you could say that I feel the same about Chick-fil-A.

    • I really do wish there was a way that we could visit more. Hubs and I discussed it. At least once every 6 months or something. Oh sis, I’m sorry that you don’t enjoy family functions.
      I have grown to love Chik-fil-A. Their spicy chicken sandwich (minus pickles, add provolone) is the business!! *lol*

  9. Glad you enjoyed your trip home. I learned that I definitely cant HANG either and I used to be able to do the all nighters several times a week and still function like normal. Getting older sucks big time. Lol

    I’ve never been to NY and I would love to. Not sure why I haven’t when I used to frequent DC and Maryland. Silly me. I know I’m missing out. It’s funny cause my little girlie is dead set on moving there and going to college in NY when she graduates. We’ll still see if she feels that way in 4 years. Lol

    • Whew, yeah, my days of voluntary all nighters are distant distant memories. *lol*
      Interesting that you never made it up to NY when you were hitting DC/MD. NY has a hold on my heart that DC never will. Hmmm, me thinks babygirl might get you there after all.

  10. Girl I could have told you gas prices are up around here lol. I wish I would have told you sooner but I thought you guys would be flying. I;m glad you had a good trip back home. And why does everyone always say they miss White castle LOL. My sister, who’s in Atlanta, can’t stand Krystals. She always hits up White Castle, then an authentic chinese restaurant, then off the Popeyes LMAO. Glad you enjoyed your time back here 🙂

    • Flying actually would take sooooooo much more time (security, etc). And then someone who have to come out from Nassau County to get us, etc. Eh, driving is just easier. But with these prices, I might start considering it.

      Yes ma’am! You’re sis knows what’s up! Krsytals is so NOT the same. Similar look and concept, but NOT the same.

      We usually hit White Castle, a pizza parlor and a chinese restaurant. If there’s time, I’ll throw in some Jamaican beef patties, but only if there’s time along with all the food that my family will have cooked. I’m almost in a food coma just thinking about it! *lol*

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