A Little of This and A Little of That

  • If I never hear the Jennifer Hudson song, “Where You At?” again, I’ll be happy.  The English major, word nerd and writer in me CRINGES every single time I hear that phrase.  “Where you at?”  Really???????  Would it really have made that significant of a difference to have penned the song with, “Where are you?”  Ugh!!!
  • The price of gas is kicking my tail.  I have no desire to purchase another vehicle, but MrTDJ and I may need to do just that.  I drive about 120 hrs a day and a hybrid vehicle may be in my future.  **kicking rocks at the gas companies**
  • Little TDJ’s favorite television show is the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Overall, a cute show.  However, it has been absorbed into my subconscious and yesterday, upon getting some good news in the office, I responded with “Hot diggidy dog!”.  **blink blink**  Clearly, I need an intervention.
  • Shhhhhhh!!!!!!  Don’t tell my NY family, but we’re coming to town for Easter to surprise my Grandmother.  I’m super excited.  My little family hasn’t been to NY in way too many months.
  • Thanks to a certain group of women I know, my stash of bath and body products has ballooned out of control. **wagging my finger and shaking my head**  Ya’ll know who you are.  Enabling azz enablers!
  • Wow!  I guess more people are trying to get into coupons.  Since Monday’s post, I’ve gotten a dozen emails asking for more tips.  I’m happy to respond.  Look for a post in the next couple of weeks with some tips and strategies.
  • Words with Friends is the best game ever!!!  Sometimes I win big, other times I lose big.  Doesn’t matter – I still love it.  I like the close games the best.  In case we’re not already playing, hit me up.  My username is MrsTDJ.  If we are already playing, please note – I have too many open games.  So, if our game concludes, I need for you to send me a re-match.  I can’t initiate any new games.  #addictedtoWWF
  • Is anyone watching “Breakout Kings” on A&E?  Who knew that Laz Alonso was more than a pretty face?  I initially watched on the strength of Domenick Lombadozzi from “The Wire”.  But, we’ve been pleasantly surprised.  Might be my favorite new show.
  • I have a confession I’m one of those people who is mushy and moved by all the hoopla over the Royal Wedding.  Shocked?  Come on, ya’ll should be able to tell by now that ya girl is the romantic type.   MrTDJ has already been warned – clear some ish off the DVR or your ish will be deleted.  I’ve got HOURS of the Royal Wedding to tape!  I’ll likely fast forward through most of it, but yep, I’m taping it and plan to watch parts of it.  And I’ve even DVR’ed the Lifetime Movie, “William and Kate”.  Hush!

What’s up in ya’lls neck of the woods?


36 thoughts on “A Little of This and A Little of That

  1. Girl you are a mess!! You crack me up!
    As for me, I am just trying to do the daily mom and wife thing. I have so many opportunities going on with my blog so I am just trying to keep up. I’m busy, busy busy!!

  2. Girl, my mother loves that J. Hud song and I can’t stand hearing it lol. I don’t think it’s that great of a song in my opinion. And HEY you coming to my city NY this easter.. FAB GIRL! I hope you have a great time.

  3. Ya know.. ‘Where are you’ just doesn’t have that same ghetto love ballad appeal, lol. #justsayin.

    And, I’m about to send you a WWF request because I friggin LOVE that game!

    You hurting my feelings being caught up in this royal wedding foolery! I am TIRED of hearing about it. *sigh*

    • Does too, does too! *lol* Nah, you’re right. “Where are you” is more Toni Braxton and less Keisha Cole.
      WWF is the bomb. Yep, had to take it back. BTW, when our game ends, please send me a rematch request. I’ve got too many games open, so it won’t let me initiate any new ones, but I can accept.
      *smh* I know! Please don’t quit me over William and Kate!

    • The older woman gave me her version of the side eye and the younger woman busted out laughing, then said, “So where’s your pal O’Toodles?” LOL! Not sure if I can live this one down.

  4. ::sangin:: it’s the mickey mouse CLUBhouse…come inside it’s fun inside!:: — My grandson LOOOOOOOOVES that show ::whispering:: although I do have to admit I often times find myself tuning in even when he’s NOT watchin’ with me. <— Yea…you're not alone on needing an intervention. LOL

    iCan't with the royal wedding. As a matter of fact, I feel the same way about it that you do J. Hud's song. #notinterested…NOPE!

    • Ha ha! I fell you on Mickey Mouse. There are a soooo many other cartoons that are crappy. At least Mickey and the gang are cool, share a little adventure and have catchy tunes. M-I-C-K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E! I’m sad to think that he’ll be over it soon and want to move on to something stupid like Yo Gabba Gabba. Ugh!

  5. I was not surprise to learn that R Kelly wrote “Where You At’.

    Gas is killing me! I don’t drive as much as you o_O but I drive enough! I’m rolling in an Envoy and I’m tired of filling that gas guzzler up! Makes no since that I was filling up at $42 around this same time last year and now a fill up is $60. Well, I stop at $60. I refuse to keep pumping after that.

    My son is a Spongbob watcher. And do you know that show comes on at least 7 times a day. I find myself walking around the house singing the theme music.

    Just sent you a request on WWF. My name is traycee30

    Since you are so Royal Wedding everything, will you be getting the replica of Kate’s ring? lol

    • Dag, am I the last one to know that R wrote it. No wonder it sounds like she’s saying, “Where you a?” no “t” present at all!

      I’ve only ever watched one episode of Sponge Bob and I didn’t like it. Is it horrible that I’m hoping my son doesn’t like it either? *lol* I want him to like the Backyardigans! I love them!

      BTW, when our game ends, please send me a rematch request. I’ve got too many games open, so it won’t let me initiate any new ones, but I can accept.

      BWAHAHAHAHA @ the replica ring! I waited too late to order. You know the man on the commercial said there was only a limited # available.

  6. That ending sentences with prepositions bothers me too (says the woman who writes backward sentences all the time).

    I remember when my kids were little I was taking a final and at some point I started humming the Barney song. What was worse was that instead of laughing at me, the rest of the class joined in and started singing too. LOL

  7. Girl GAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Argh! * picks up rocks and joins you*

    Oh yes! Breakout Kings is my new ish!!

    SAY. IT. AIN”T. SO!!! The Royal Wedding?? LOL!

    But seriously… I am interested in whose coming and what they’re wearing…so I’m going to watch…a bit.

    • Breakout Kings is tight!! I like the way that they are revealing little pieces of each character and not just trying to pile it all on at once.

      I know re: the Royal Wedding! I’m a sucker for romance, etiquette and formalities. *lol*

  8. LOL! Did you do the hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog dance??!

    Yay for happy family surprises!

    You already know how I feel about that dadgum wedding…

    Love WWF! Is it wrong for me to post my username on your site? UN: nerdgirlms. My bad 🙂

    I’ve started trying to convince myself that my next ride will be a Civic or a Fit. Goodbye SUV!

    • Thankfully I was able to get my mind right and NOT break out into the dance. Even though that cute little twist your heel move that Minnie does is kinda hot! *lol*

      Bwaha! Post away and I hope you got some new opponents. BTW, when our game ends, please send me a rematch request. I’ve got too many games open, so it won’t let me initiate any new ones, but I can accept.

      Girl, I think I fell in love with a Ford Fusion hybrid over the weekend. Woo hoo for 70 miles to the gallon!

  9. OK, I’m glad it’s not just me that will be up at 430 am watching the Royal Wedding. I’ve been trying not to be obsessed and say I don’t care, but…..I’m lying.

    What I really need is a small SUV, but with gas prices the way they are, that won’t be happening. But I will look into a hybrid SUV. I wonder if that makes a difference?

    I just got my iphone, and already I have several games of Words With Friends open. I’m adding you Ms. Look for Roses Daughter……

    • Woo hoo! I am in GOOD company for watching the wedding. Now I know that I have someone to chat with about. YAY!
      Hmm, yes, I think if you want an SUV, the hybrid is definitely the way to go. Anything else would simply break your pockets with gas.
      BTW on WWF, when our game ends, please send me a rematch request. I’ve got too many games open, so it won’t let me initiate any new ones, but I can accept.

  10. Umm how you just gonna throw a “certain group of women” under the bus like that..lol That is soo not nice..and by the way..WHERE YOU AT? lol

  11. I love that song by J. Hud. Maybe people should take it in consideration that is was written by R. Kelly. I expect it to be said like that by him.

    Breakout Kings is my show.

    WWF is cool when you have a good game going back and forth, I hate for the other person just to stop playing,. UGH!!

    I am so sick of William and Kate. They make my head hurt with all this wedding mess.

    • I didn’t know until a commenter earlier said that R wrote it. Definitely makes more sense, but I still HATE IT. *lol*

      Isn’t Breakout Kings great? I really wasn’t expecting much, but I’m really feeling it. And the team is starting to really bond. Love it!

      Agreed – WWF. And I hate cheaters!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  12. I had Breakout Kings on the DVR and never got around to watching it, so I deleted it.

    I only drive my car on my days off, and to work on Sunday. I get mad every time I fill it up. Starting at 1/4 of a tank and it takes $40 to fill it up. It may be even more now, because the price has risen in my neck of the woods.

    • Aww man! If you get a chance, see if your cable company has it. I don’t have space on my DVR for any new shows, but it’s available through the A&E On Demand listings.

      LOL @ getting mad at every fill up! I’m so right there with you!

  13. “Where You At” irks me as much as Fanstasia singing about “a man that just don’t treat us good.”

    We started watching Breakout Kings, but the little man inside me doesn’t feel it necessary for us to be awake after 9pm. It’s On Demand, so one day we’ll catch up.

    Yay for NY! We live in Brooklyn.

    Please post on coupons. A small part of me wants to be on Extreme Couponing, but I don’t have the patience.

    • LOL! I had forgotten about Fanny and her oh so fabulous lyrics!! Ugh!
      Let me know when you catch up. Me likey alot!
      I can still FEEL New York. Oh how I miss it some days!
      I’ll definitely try to get that coupon post together. I need to organize my thoughts.

  14. Number one and number three crack me up! I like that song and I think you have now ruined it for me. LOL… The fun is in knowing its incorrect and getting right down deep and dirty: Where you at? Shakin’ your head & hand on your hip kind of talk.

    Hot diggity dog? LOL I think I snorted on that one. I don’t think it’s any worse than me saying, “I have to go potty,” even when I’m only around adults. Intervention? Oh yea. I’ll never pick up a guy saying that! They’ll automatically know I have young kids. ROFL.

    Royal Wedding? Really? It’s not even on my radar.

    I loved this post.

    • Ah, now the mystery of the J Hud song is solved. LOL! Sorry – didn’t mean to ruin it for you.
      LMAO @ you telling folks that you’re going to potty! Hilarious!!! Yeah, I’m gonna need you to rectify that ASAP!
      **sniffles a little at the lack of love William and Kate are getting from my blog family**
      Aww, thank ya ma’am! My little mind goes all over the place!

  15. i loathe that J. Hud song..i like her and i think she looks beautiful in teh vid but whenever it come on, i watch the first 15 seconds just to oggle her beauty and then i turn it. I cant take it!

    WWF- absolute best fun ever! i had to remove it from my phone though because i kept having to “force close’ if i end up getting an iPhone I’ll DL it again.

  16. I hate that damn JHud song too! It works my nerves! like damn chick why are you yelling at me in such broken English!? I’m very confused by it all! I really am.

    Gas prices are trying to break my pockets! i have a small car. 13gallon tank it costs me 54 bucks to fill up with freakin regular gas! I hate it!

    I can’t find words with friends on my phone so I have wordfeud which is the same thing! lol But I love playing. I wish I could play someone who takes less than a day to punch in a word tho. smh oh, and who doesn’t cheat because I know alot of ya’ll are some cheatin ass cheaters!

    Laz is fine and I already knew he could act but I didn’t like break out kings and I watched 2 episodes

    I could care less about a royal wedding at all lol. I wish they would keep it off the news.

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