An Attempted Jacking at the Grocery Store

Allow me a moment to discuss one of my favorite stores, a certain wholesale club that I frequent about once a month.  There are several wholesale clubs out there, but personally, I love BJ’s.  I find them all to be pretty similar, however, since BJ’s accepts coupons, they are king in my book.

**insert random shopping/couponing tip** BJ’s will accept multiple coupons for bulk items that are packaged together, but could be sold individually.  Example – 4 pack of Degree deodorant, bundled together with shrink-wrap type packaging for $6.99.  Degree normally produces $1 off one item coupons.  BJ’s will allow you to use 4 coupons on that purchase, thereby lowering your price to $2.99.  Got it?  Ok, good.  Don’t say I never taught ya’ll nothing.  And yes, that was a triple negative, which makes it positive.  Now back to our post.

I love to coupon and I’m all about the deals.  Normally, I love BJ’s for the deals and savings.  Yesterday while shopping, I was approached by a BJ’s “outside sales rep” about an “amazing opportunity” for me to save money.  Hmmmm.  Ok, break it down for me outside sales rep.

Here’s the quick and dirty – BJ’s has a program where you can upgrade your current membership to a Gold Membership for $40.  During the course of that year, you will earn 2% cash back on almost all BJ’s purchases, including gas.  Hmmm.  The “outside rep” claimed that “even if you only spend $50 a month, think of all your savings”.  Folks were nodding their heads, signing on the dotted line and handing over their $40 with enthusiasm.

Me?  Not so much.  A deal is a deal, unless it isn’t?  Ya dig?  So, I did the quick math in my head, realized that it wasn’t a deal, paid for my purchases and rolled out.  Once I got home, I did some more math just to make sure that I hadn’t hastily dismissed a good thing.  I didn’t.  Check it out:

Cost – $40 Return on Investment – 2% cash back on purchases
Average Monthly Trip for MrsTDJ – $125 Potential Cashback – $2.50
12 trips in a calendar year – $1500 Potential Cashback – $30
Claim by rep: Spend $50 a month and save = $600 per year Cashback – $12

Wait, wait! 

Did BJ’s just attempt to jack MrsTDJ for $10?????? 

Why yes, yes they did!!!

The claim that the outside rep made of spending $50 a month and still saving?  Bullcrap and I pity the fools that fell for it.  Clearly spending $50 a month there will give BJ’s an extra $28 a year.  Now, if you spend a penny over $2000, then yes, you’ll start to earn a few pennies back.  If not?  You’re just giving BJ’s some of your hard-earned pennies for no damn reason.    Nope, I’m good.  That deal surely wasn’t for me.

I’ll be sending the corporate folks a little email and link to this blog.  I’m not mad that they offer such a program, but I wish they’re “outside reps” wouldn’t use deceptive tactics or downright lie to people.

Usually if it sounds too good to be true, IT IS!  Have you ever been duped into thinking something was deal when it wasn’t?


24 thoughts on “An Attempted Jacking at the Grocery Store

    • Makes a HUGE difference!! The only caveat is that the items have to be packaged for individual sale. They won’t honor this for items that are in unmarked boxes/packages inside of a big package, i.e Kraft sliced cheese.

      And, since I’m in a giving kinda mood and you’ve got a precious little EXPENSIVE angel on the way, I’ll tell ya this – they stack too. Meaning to never forget to check for their in store coupons (both on their website and at the kiosk by the front door). I already have a $5 Pampers coupons and when I walked in yesterday, they had a $4 coupon on their monthly sheet. $9 off a case. SCORE!! Tip – be sure to scan your coupon first, then the BJ’s coupon.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Nope…can’t say I have been duped into thinking something was a deal when it really wasn’t but that’s because I typically don’t give folks the time of day and even when I do, I decline EVERYTHING. LOL

    • LOL @ declining everything! It seems like everybody is trying to get over! I’ve been known to listen to most proposals, but yeah, I typically walk away without being convinced.

  2. I was; a lonnnng time ago and I think it was from this event I learned my lesson.
    Anyhow, if I remember the line went purchase x amount of vitamins and receive a free computer. All I heard was free computer; I received a year’s supply of vitamins and the computer – turned out to be one of those toylike things you give to children. Couldnt even write a program on it. I learned my lesson and I dont think I’ve ever been duped again.

    I like BJs too over costco for the couponing thing – but there’s not one in my area.

    • Dang @ the kiddie toy! I guess that would definitely be a lesson learned.
      Yes, we are lucky to have all the big clubs in the DC area, but BJ’s is by far my favorite. Sorry!!

  3. didn’t know about coupons i am with Sam’s club i wonder…ponders keep track of those coupons my momma sends me in the mail….CHECK

    • Oh yes, please do check the coupons that are from other parts of the country. Different regions often receive different offers.
      I like Sam’s Club fine, but not taking coupons and not taking Visa kill trips there for me.

    • LOL! You know what woman??? I know you and R use toothpaste and deodorant! But overall, yes, I can agree that club memberships are most beneficial to families or groups of folks that split items.

  4. Good tips! There are no BJ’s here. Ya’ll have all the best stuff!!!

    I’m pretty gullible at times so I have to say NO! to everything to save myself! LOL!

    • Darn! I never realized that BJ’s was regional. They are in NY and here in the DC area, so I just assumed they were national. I just looked at their website and they are only on the east coast. Sorry!
      You gullible? Really? Interesting. I don’t know you IRL, but I “know” you a bit and you don’t “seem” gullible.

      • Gullible in the context of people selling stuff and trying to get me to buy things. I used to fall for the hokey doke ALL the time. I get this tingle when I think I’m getting a deal good or bad.

  5. We only have one option in this area, Sam’s Club. I totally think it sucks that they don’t accept coupons and would switch in a minute if a BJ’s opened up.

    Knowing me, I wouldn’t have even stopped to listen. I always think someone is trying to gyp (sp?) me out of my funds when it comes to stuff like that.

    • Agreed. I don’t get that Sam’s doesn’t accept coupons. Walmart does. Same parent company, so what the dilly?
      LOL @ somebody trying to gyp you! I totally feel you on that!

  6. I am a member of BJ’s too but I haven’t run into this yet. I don’t go that often either. Now I know to keep my eyes open for it. I also say no to pretty much everything. I don’t like salespeople so I stay away from them.

    • Yep, you’ve been warned. They are trying HARD to get folks to join this program. It’s a win for them if the average person doesn’t spend enough to reap the benefits.

  7. You GO!!! I love when people don’t just WILLINGLY believe what they’re told by sales reps. You know many times they say what they have to say to make a dollar or get what ever incentive the company offers. I love when people investigate before making financial decisions, no matter how small they seem they add up in the long run. And I know our family doesn’t have money to just give away, even if it is just a few dollars.

    Good for you for contacting corporate. I would have done the same thing. They need to know that consumers aren’t stupid (well clearly some are…lol) and being deceptive is a good way to lose business.

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