PSA #103 – Proofread Your Work

I saw this moving truck in traffic last night in Prince George’s County, Maryland.   There are two area codes in PG County – 301 and 240.  If you dial the “310” number above, you’ll be connected with a fax machine in California.  Um, yeah. Not gonna help much with your move. I guess no one did a thorough once over once the trucks were done.

I know there are many people who suffer from dyscalculia.  Click the link if you want to read lots about it, but basically it having dyslexia with numbers.  One symptom is: An inability to read a sequence of numbers, or transposing them when reading or writing, such as turning 56 into 65.   I think I may even suffer from it from time to time which is why I’m extra diligent about double and triple checking my work.

Note to All My Son’s Moving and Storagefix your trucks!

Even if someone assumes you painted the wrong number on all your corporate vehicles, it might help encourage consumer confidence and prove that you know your freaking number.   Happy Friday ya’ll!!



29 thoughts on “PSA #103 – Proofread Your Work

  1. I am always criss crossing my numbers, ugh! I stay dialing wrong because of it, lol. I’ll reach someone and be like ‘ stop playing! I know its you!’ Nope.. wrong number, ha!

  2. I don’t have a problem with screwing up numbers but from time to time I will completely forget numbers…to include my telephone number, other people’s telephone number, ATM pin codes, its crazy and then the next day just like I forgot it I will remember them. Weird.

    But you know the sad thing about you noticing that mistake is that people probably don’t realize knowing that they are in Maryland and the area code is 301.

    • That’s not too weird. Like you just have a blank moment. I do that with website logins and passwords. Especially the ones that have to have capital letters, symbols, etc. Ugh! Those annoy me.

      You’re probably right – the average person’s eye might just gloss over it and recognize that all the numbers are there, even if they’re not in the right order.

  3. That’s sad. Now, it would be one thing if the lettering were new, indicating that not many in the company could have had a chance to review it. But, the dust seems to indicate otherwise… Just sad.

  4. I have that with numbers and it sucks because I work with numbers. I can read a set of number correctly and write them completely wrong.

    I’m mad the number on the truck is a cali fax number lol.

    • Really? Do you have to work extra hard to focus and triple check your work? I’d imagine that it would be hard to work directly with numbers if you suffered from this.

    • No quality control at all! I double check stuff all the time in the office. And if it’s something that is going to be seen by hundreds/thousands of people, I have a co-worker give it the once over, just in case. It’s easy to miss your own mistakes.

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  6. LMAO!!!! @ 310.

    p.s. about my customer service is dead post…surprisingly it was in PG for once. it was in AA county. PLUS the only time PG county sees me is during the mornign and afternoon commutes when I’m passing through. NO love from me anymore. LOL!

    • Hmm, ok, I stand corrected. Can I guess which location? *lol* I go to the one at Russett Green in the morning before work if I have enough time. That’s the only time I can tolerate it.

    • Exactly!! Really man?? A wrong number clear across the country?? *shaking my head*
      Thanks for taking a minute away from your new angel to stop by!

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