Working Day and Night

Hey blogworld!!!   How ya’ll be???

Sorry that I’ve been MIA, unable to blog, visit your blogs or reply to your emails and comments.  I’ve got still got love for each and every one of ya’ll, but they’ve been working ya girl to death.  The MAN has got me Working Day and Night!! (love that song!!)  Whew!!  This past Saturday brought the first break I’ve had in a minute and hopefully by the end of this week, I’ll be able to breathe easy.  Through my stressful days, MrTDJ has been able to keep me laughing and able to meet the next day with renewed enthusiasm.  He reminded me of a few good stories that I haven’t yet shared.  Ya’ll are gonna owe him big for these! Hope everyone is ok and I’ll do my best to tell ya a story on Friday!


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