Pork Chops and Gravy

Repost from June 2008


Hey blogworld! What it be like folks? All is well here and I hope the same is true for all of you. I’ll be in the house all weekend this weekend, so I’m hoping to catch up on all of your blogs. Let me share a brief conversation that my husband and I had with my grandmother this past weekend.

Hubby: Hey Grandma! How are you?
LuLu: Hey baby. I’m just fine. How ya feeling?
Hubby: I’m good. Guess what? We’ve got some news.
LuLu: Something new? What?
Hubby: We’re having a baby!
LuLu: Ya’ll are making gravy?
Hubby: No, Grandma, we’re having a baby.
LuLu: What kind of gravy?
Hubby: No, Grandma, listen. MrsTDJ is pregnant and we’re having a baby.
LuLu: Pork chops and gravy? I don’t make ’em so much no more.

A frustrated MrsTDJ grabs the phone from hubby.

MrsTDJ: LuLu, listen.
LuLu: I’m listening to MrTDJ talk about ya’lls dinner.
MrsTDJ: LuLu, no really, really listen and pay attention.
LuLu: **sighing** Ok, go ‘head.
TDJ: I’m pregnant and we are having a baby.
LuLu: A baby? Oh my word. So why is Mr. TDJ wasting time talking about gravy?

That woman keeps me laughing. She’s never trying to be funny, but I think that’s why I get such a kick out of her comedy. And of course, my husband’s new nickname for our little blessing is “Pork Chop”.

Today, March 14 is her birthday and thinking of her always brings a smile to my face.  Happy birthday Grandma!!   Reach out and call a loved one today blog family!


NOTE: THIS IS A REPOST FROM JUNE 2008. I am NOT having another child.   LittleTDJ is a happy, wonderful only child, just like his mama!


19 thoughts on “Pork Chops and Gravy

    • Thanks for coming out for a moment Maggie!! But, I can’t accept the Congrats. *lol* Sorry for the confusion. This was a repost from June of 2008. My only son is 2 and he is most definitely an only child like his mother!!

  1. I’m glad you clarified because I most certainly gasped with excitement. Now I feel deflated. Thanks be Grandma Lulu and her bad hearing to make me laugh. LOL

    Happy Birthday to her!

  2. Girrrrrl!!! I totally thought CONGRATS were in order! LOLOLOLOL!

    Anywhoo very funny story! I LOVE old people!

    So you aren’t interested in having more bambinos?? No girl perhaps?

    Your grammy is a pisces! I love pisces WHY because I’m a pisces!! and we’re GREAT!! LOL!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!! J/k. I can read. LOLOLOL I love that everyone skipped around and was like baby? Who said baby? I want somebody to be pregnant who’s not me! Awesome! Grandmas are hilarious. Happy Bday to LittleTDJ’s gg! (My great-grands are required to call me GG!!!!)

  4. Aren’t Grannies the best?! Yours actually reminds me of my Papa…RIP 🙂 I am really cracking up at your numerous attempts to clarify that this is a re-post…hahaha

  5. I’m right there with you on the only child tip! Buddha is an only (although I wasn’t one) but hey, I’m happy being the President of The Only Child Club. I’ve got me a t-shirt that says “One & Done” on it! Happy birthday Grandma!

  6. I’m glad you added that little note…my mouth was hanging open for a minute ready to wish you congrats. Lol. Happy B-day to your Grandma. That conversations was priceless!!!! Lol

  7. That’s the cutest and funniest conversation ever! LOL… Did she finally get excited after everything was clarified?

    I’m usually the one missing stuff, but I actually did see that it was a re-post. I’m glad you posted it again!

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