Insomnia Ramblings

  • Just watched 2 episodes of Top Chef.  Happy that my girl Tiffany is still in it!  I actually like all 5 of the “finalists”.  Hmm, 5 finalists?  That just seems weird.  I hate veal, but Antonia braised veal shank and risotto looked damned tasty.
  • Ouch!  Little MrTDJ hasn’t quite mastered cleaning up yet, so I stepped on a square, wooden block.  Block – 1,                            Mommy’s foot – 0.   Cutting on the light would have helped but I don’t want to wake anyone else up.
  • The Nanny in syndication?  Wow.  I’ve never known anyone that actually watched that show.  Huh.  I’m from NY and I can’t even stand her voice.  I’m shocked that anyone can make it through an episode.
  • The price of gas makes me want to become a gas hoarder.  Seriously.  We’ve got a huge garage.  I could start stockpiling gas.  Wait, that sounds kinda dangerous.  Maybe not.
  • Not being able to blog at work or read blogs during the day SUCKS.  I’ll be happy when work calms down.
  • Had some friends over this weekend and we laughed until 3am.  The next morning, it hurt to get out of the bed.  Yep, I’m old but I can’t wait to do it again.
  • Whatever happened to Anquette?  I used to LOVE this song.  VH1 Soul just played the video.  Does anyone else even remember them??
  • Ha!  4:18 and I’m getting sleepy.  Guess what time my alarm goes off?  Yep, 4:45pm.  27 minutes of bliss or torture?  The rookie move is to sleep for the 27 minutes because it will seem like the best nap of your lap.  But, I’ve had insomnia long enough to know that getting back up will be brutal.  Let me go put something for dinner into the crock pot.

Have a great day ya’ll!


21 thoughts on “Insomnia Ramblings

  1. Top Chef- I miss Dale. I reall liked him and hated to see him go. I am not as much a san of Tiffany as I was last season. Antonia for the win!

    You are gonna blow up your whole house hoarding gas.

    Staying up all night. You are crazy. I would have gone for those 27 minutes.

  2. I’m so glad there are 5 finalists! If everyone was good and it’s Top Chef All-Stars, why not? I guess you’re getting me back for talking about your movies… I occasionally watch the Nanny. That thing’s been in syndication forever! Good times w/friends = the best ever! You’re right on the nap. Would’ve been the WORST getting up!

  3. Forever……and ever…..I will always be there for you…….
    LOL! I had to think about it a minute, but now I remember this song!

    When it took $48 for my husband to fill up his Pontiac I almost passed out. He drives 98 miles round trip to work. Calculate how many times he fills up a week and you’ll hand me the smelling salts…

    I could never get through the Nanny. I tried, but yeah, that voice….

  4. Last week I watched Top Chef back to back because I missed it from the very beginning. I am all caught up not but not sure if I watched the last week’s episode. I like Tiffany but I really love Carla I must say. Love her style of cooking and crazy outlook lol. You’re very similar to me. Sometimes I can’t get to sleep lol. I hope you got some good sleep that night though,

  5. I can’t believe you can’t sleep like that! WOw, I am one of those people that falls asleep the minute my head hits the pillow. I even have to have a “nookie window” for the old man or else he is outta luck! Okay enough about the fact that I am a good sleeper~~
    I remember Anquette! That was my high school jam!! I’m old too! 😉

  6. It’s been sooooo many years ago but I remember the pain of stepping on Lego blocks like it was yesterday.
    Yes, Top Chef has been good and I’m glad to see my favorite girls still hanging in there.
    I’m usually a very good sleeper but had some vertigo issues the other night and thought I was going to hurt someone yesterday due to my sleep deprivation.
    Gas – oh my…I’m already putting a plan in place to telecommute one or two days per wk when it hits $4/gal.

  7. I swear to Gawd I thought Anquette was Ralph Tresvant from New Edition NO LIE!!!
    I just DIED laughing at that video! I have never heard of her but think I heard the song and it was totally New Edition!

    I was thrilled at Top chef I was really worried during that episodenso glad they did the right thing and have 5 finalists. Did trip out at the cousins??

    I must confess I have watched The Nanny. Sometimes I sleep with my tv on nick@nite
    After you get pass her annoying voice it’s funny. Her and that butler have me cracking up!

    Man! I am with you about wanting to hoard gas we are over $4 here and I am just pissed! I need a road trip outta here! But now I have to wait…

  8. I turned off my lights on Friday and Saturday morning at 5:00 a.m. Husband was on business trip, daughter traveling and I could not sleep on both nights. Had to see daylight than I was out for the next five hours. Insomnia is becoming to frequent for me,.,,

  9. 3am = good times indeed 😉 okay, I’m really starting to get concerned about you and this insomnia. Any vacays planned soon?

  10. Man not sleeping ass to suck like seriously. Sleep is suppose to be enjoyed by all! Poor you girly. *cross country hugs*

  11. Oh my gosh!!! Poor you. I’m NO good when I haven’t gotten at least a good 6 or 7 hours. I should be sleeping now. Lol I hope you managed to get some sleep or make up for it this evening. If not I’m about to get some sleep for you. zzzzzzz!!!!! lol

  12. Oh man insomnia sucks!!! I love The Nanny!!! Her voice is crazy but that show was hysterical!!!! Hope you can get some sleep tonight!!! A friend of mine suggested a lite workout 10 minutes or so and then she said she slept really good afterwards. Crossing my fingers for you.

  13. I do remember Anquette( and I’m much older than you, so it was one of the club slow jams.)
    I did watch the Nanny the first time around. I can’t do reruns. I can’t believe that’s her actualy speaking voice.
    Gas is $3.89 and up where I live. I drive 3 days per week(my days off.) I mentioned on FB that it cost me $40 to fill my tank and it was already 1/4 full.

  14. Insomnia sucks, but this was entertaining. The Nanny has to be the worst television show of all time…I chose to rap random lyrics when it was stuck on the gym television one morning. My voice bouncing while rapping Biggie lyrics on the bike? Better than Fran Drescher ANY day of the week.

  15. There’s nothing I hate more than not being able to fall asleep when I want to. I use to watch the nanny, I loved her little style she reminds me of Stacie off of…”What Not to Wear” I use to watch all kind of fun shows when I had dvr. These days not so much. I’ve been working temp assignments and promised myself no more expenses until I land something permanent. That includes the gym I so badly want to sign up for. *sighs*



  16. It’s not the nanny’s voice I can’t stand but the screaming, cursing kids having tantrums. I just can’t wrap my hand around kids hitting their parents and acting up like that. Hope the insomnia goes away.

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