No One Man Should Have All That Power

Damn, never thought I’ve be quoting Kanye.  But, it seemed like the exact sentiment that I had tonight after watching a television show.  Is anyone out there watching, “No Ordinary Family” on ABC?  Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I’ll let you know that MrTDJ was very interested in seeing this show from the moment he saw the first fall preview.  Me?  Not so much. It didn’t look bad, just not great, ya know?  There’s already way too much tv and not enough time to watch most of it.  Another show?  An 8am family show?  Um, yeah, dude, our son is only 2, we don’t need to start watching family shows do we??? Apparently he thought he did.  **deep sigh**  Ok, some things aren’t worth fussing over, so I took the L and set the DVR to tape the show.

I was at least mildly amused by the preview since a few actors that I liked from other shows were reappearing in this one.  I love the show “Weeds” and the character Conrad, played by Romany Malco was one of my favorites.   He’s such a cutie and he can act!  Once he stopped appearing in later seasons of the show, I wasn’t nearly as interested in watching.    Also joining the cast for “No Ordinary Family” was my boyyyyyyyy, Vik Mackie aka leader of the Strike Team aka Micheal Chiklis.  I was never into his first tv show, “The Commish”, but “The Shield”?  That show was ALL THAT and a bag of chips.  It filled the void that MrTDJ and I had after “The Wire” went off the air.   And rounding out the cast was the wife from “Dexter”.  Well geez, they kinda stacked the deck, so I could see why MrTDJ was drawn in.

Anyway, on to the show itself.  It’s damn good!  We’ve been pleasantly surprised.  The basic premise is that a family takes a vacation to the Amazon, they survive a plane crash and return home to realize that they’ve each acquired super powers.  The dad has super human strength and the ability to leap tall buildings, the mom can move faster than the speed of light, and the son has developed genius like intellect.  The powers that the daughter possesses are the most intriguing to me.  She can read minds, plant thoughts into the mind of another, and when she touches you, she can get a mini movie of your past.

Wow.  The power to read minds?  Amazing.  Before she learned how to focus her thoughts, she had to wear headphones 24 hours a day because she was being bombarded with thoughts from every individual that she encountered.  The second power that she realized was her ability to influence and plant specific thoughts into someone else’s mind.  Whoa.  That’s major.  Individually and collectively, both of those abilities are pretty darn powerful.  But the last?  That one tips the scale from amazing to hella scary.  If she touches you, she can see your past.  Specifically, she can see a mini movie run through her mind of the significant events from your past.  For real?  For real. So far, she’s done amazing things like solve a 20 year old cold murder case with the most unlikely of suspects.  But, she’s also seen into her boyfriend’s past to see some things that she didn’t want to see.

Seems like way too much information, responsibility or power for any one person to hold.  Sometimes, there are things that should be left unsaid and thoughts that should remain private.  Once you’re privy to someone’s inner most thoughts and emotions, what are you left to do with that information?  Sounds like reading someone’s diary, feeling compelled to act in some way, but being conflicted as to what that action should be.  Once you discover, learn or see something, there is no way to turn back time to undo it.  As you hear in courtroom drama’s all the time, “You can’t unring the bell.”

I don’t know, but it seems like way too much power for any human to possess.  What do ya’ll think?  Is that the kind of power you’d like to have or does it freak you out just a little?  If you could pick any super power to possess, what would it be?


18 thoughts on “No One Man Should Have All That Power

  1. I tried to watch that show. I couldn’t get into it past the first episode.

    If I could have one super power it would be the ability to mute people. If they are talking nonsense..boop…silence.

  2. My guy says this show looks like a poor man’s Heroes. I had to remind him that Heroes was a poor man’s Heroes.

    I definitely would not want the ability to read people’s thoughts. Last year, I found out a friend of ours didn’t like me and I was seriously crushed. I don’t really want to know what people think of me. Nor do I want to be able to see other people’s past or implant thoughts. That’s hard core.

    • BWAHAHA! We liked Heroes for the first season only. We tried to hang on after that, but it seemed like a show that had NO IDEA where it was going. A good early concept, but no idea how to keep it going or wrap things up.

      Ouch @ finding out about your friend. Not sure that I could really be around that person anymore. Do you still see them?

  3. I love the show. I think it is very good. In addition to all the acting did you know ole sidekick dude was a rapper too? I found out couple of months ago and the funny thing is I remember the song!!

    I used to watch the Commish with my mom, but I never got into the Shield because I didn’t have cable at the time.

    If I could have a power, it would be to be able to fully function well after only 1 hour of sleep. There is not enough time in the day to do what I want/need to do so if 1 hour=8 hours, I would be in business.

    • DEAD @ the youtube video!! I had no idea! And yes, I actually remember the song too but I NEVER would have put 2 and 2 together.

      Hubs said, “I hated Rita on Dexter, but I love her as the wife here.” I have to agree.

      I like your power!!!! **adding that to my list**

  4. I’ve not heard of that show because we don’t do much TV at all. I caught weeds on netflix and it was pretty funny but I only go through part of the first maybe second season. I always thought he looked almost identical to this guy I dated back in the day. If I didn’t know better I’d swear they were related. Lol

    The show sounds interesting. I would LOVE to have the daughters powers. I like the idea of being able to control someones thoughts…my first mission….someone would just hand over millions of dollars to me, no questions asked. I’d be a happy person. Lol. Is that wrong? LMAO!

    • LOL @ someone handing over millions! I guess I failed to address the benefits that the daughter’s power could be used for. I think the negatives would outweigh the positives though.

      Hmm, was your ex boyfriend Trini? Romany is. They could surely be related.

  5. Just caught up on the season last weekend, and now I’m up to date. I LOVE this show.

    I’d love the power to turn back time. I know folks love to say that everything happens for a reason, but truth be told I’d love to do some things over, and some not at all!

    • Once you get the rhythm of it, it definitely pulls you in.
      Hmm, I can definitely understand that power. I don’t know if I’d want to mess with destiny/fate though. You just gave me a blog idea! Thanks chica!

  6. I used to watch this show, but I lost interest. It begun to seem a tad to unrealistic, even though it was already unrealistic. I cant do TV during the week with the young ones.
    Anyhow, I was intrigued by the daughters powers, though I really could appreciate the application of the son’s powers. I wouldnt want a superpower.

    • The setup itself is definitely far fetched, but I think the writing is quirky and kinda smart. I can certainly understand that. Our son is 2, so we have to DVR everything and we try to get in at least one show a night after he goes to sleep. Agreed – JJ’s powers of a super brain are the most appealing of the entire family.
      Thanks for stopping by and saying hey!

    • Yeah, I just told someone else that it took me a few episodes to be sucked in.
      LOL! Girl, teleportation is definitely one that I would be done with. DC to Baltimore in seconds would change my life!

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