My Strange Movie Loves

Last night’s insomnia allowed me to watch one of my favorite movies.  As I was watching, it occurred to me that the film probably isn’t on anyone else’s list, minus the actors themselves and their mama’s.  I started thinking about all the films that are in my person top 20.  A few are cinematic masterpieces (The Shawshank Redemption), a few are the ultimate in emotional tearjerking (Steel Magnolias, Beaches), a few romantic classics (Love Actually, Love and Basketball) but then there are a few that might give folks pause.   Here are 3 of my faves and I’m not ashamed to say that I have all three on DVD:


D.C. Cab – When this movie came out, I of course was not allowed to watch Rated R movies.  However, I had a trusty favorite uncle who was quite skillful in getting my parents to let him and his girlfriend babysit for me.  I always had a great time with them and there was usually a somewhat tame Rated R movie involved.   They rented this VHS tape one night in the mid 8o’s and I loved it from the moment it came on.  I have no idea why.  It’s a cheesy, ensemble comedy that is so damn far-fetched, yet I love it.  Come on – Irene Cara, Mr. T and Gary Busey in the same movie???  What more could you want??


Leaving Las Vegas – This movie is dark and kinda depressing, yet I am drawn to the love story that is at the center of it all.  An alcoholic that is literally trying to drink himself to death.  As in, “I’m never eating again, I’m going to consume nothing but alcohol in the hopes of ending my life.”  Wow.  Then he meets a woman, who is so compassionate and empathetic that she agrees to take care of him and “help” him in his mission.  Just wow.   I’m a mush when it comes to movie romance, so this type of painful, tear jerker romance is my thing.



Space Camp – This movie is about 5 kids and an instructor at Space Camp, who accidentally get thrust into space.  Sooooo cheesy 80’s, but I was oh so into it.  Seriously, ya’ll.  I loved this movie so much that for months, I begged my parents to send to the real NASA Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. During the summer of 1988, I actually went to The Space Academy and I loved it.  This movie holds a special place in my heart and is definitely my favorite cheesy 80′s movie.  My favorite line:

Kevin to Katheryn – “What’s the worst thing that can happen? We’ll all die, right?”


Have you seen any of these 3 movies?  What movies would folks be surprised to know you love?


31 thoughts on “My Strange Movie Loves

  1. I saw Leaving Las Vegas but I didn’t like it because I hate dramatic love stories and I hate Nick Cage . I haven’t seen DC Cab or Space Camp but they both sound awesome. I can’t tell but is the black guy pictured from Space Camp also the gay guy from Revenge of the Nerds?

    There are tons of awful movies that I love. Uh oh. I think you just gave me an idea for a blog post! Hope you don’t mind if I steal your idea.

    • ARGH! Be still my heart! I love Nic Cage. I don’t know what it is about him, but I love him! I could watch, “The Rock”, “Con Air” and “Leaving Las Vegas” a trillion times.

      Yep! That’s is indeed the same fellow from R of the Nerds. And he’s NOT ghey in Space camp. *lol*

      Blog away my dear!

  2. I remember in elementary school I had friends sleeping over and we kept prank calling some other girl. After a while her mom called us back and told us to quit pranking her home. I told her we weren’t and she said, “yes you are. I can hear DC Cab in the background.” Doh! Apparently my tv was too loud.

    I LOVE Space Camp and saw it for the first time in a long time last summer.

    Cheesy movies I love?

    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun with SJP. Love it!

    • My sister and I knew nearly every line from Girls Just Want To Have Fun. Don’t tell anyone but I just might happen to have some of the soundtrack on my IPod LOL.

    • Bwahaha @ ya’ll getting caught because of your TV. Love it!
      OMG! I totally forgot about Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. I haven’t see that in FOREVER.
      **heading over to Netflix to see if it’s in the instant queue**

  3. You should be ashamed of yourself! And I’m tellin your mom about your uncle!!! LOLOL This is the kind of list my mom would have… We have very little overlap and our movie enjoyment. She’ll watch anything…

    • Oooh, yes, I loved Top Gun! I haven’t seen To Sir With Love in years, but I remember liking it. I probably need to watch it again with more mature eyes.
      Hi there!! Nice to “meet” ya. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I’ve never seen any of those! LOL! and this is me looking at you O_O!

    People would be surprised to know I think Glitter was a good movie! Yep I said it! LOL!

    Oh but Shawshank Redemption was BOSS!

    • Ha ha! NNNNNNOOOOOOOO! Not the side eye!
      Pretty please just try at least one of them. I think you would actually get a kick out of the humor in DC Cab. You have a good sense of humor.
      And agreed – Shawshank is just ALL THAT. I’ve seen it a gajillion times.

  5. Glitter was actually very good. I didn’t understand folks hating it. I saw all the movies but do not remember much about Space Camp. My favorite movie is The Temptations. I don’t care what I am doing if it comes on, I stop and watch. I have probably seen it 50 times. I love comedies…

    • My hubby is a diehard Mariah fan, so he forced me to watch Glitter. I really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. She definitely won’t be winning any awards, but it was certainly entertaining enough.

      LOL @ the Temptations. One of the stations (Centric/BET/TV One) played that a few times over the weekend and I watched bits and pieces all weekend.

  6. I love Mariah Carey but Glitter was terrible! Love the soundtrack though!

    I remember liking Space Camp and I would watch it again if it came on. Never seen Leaving Las Vegas but it is something I always meant to watch.

    Cheesy older movies that I would watch anytime are Shag: The Movie, The Last Dragon (but everyone loves that right?!?) and Hairspray (the original non-musical version with Ricki Lake).

    • Yes, please, if you get a chance, check out Leaving Las Vegas. Deep.
      OMG – I’ve never known anyone to know and like Shag other than me! LOL!
      **high five sis**

  7. I’ve seen Leaving Las Vegas a few times. I must say that I have to be in the mood to sit through that movie. It takes energy to watch the emotions that the characters go through.

    • You are soooo right. Leaving Las Vegas is truly an emotional drain and I have to be in the mood. Even as sad and heartbreaking as it is, I still can watch it over and over and over again.

  8. D.C.Cab! I could watch that movie over and over! Hilarious. I feel like having old school movie night!

    Leaving Las Vegas made me cry… don’t tell anyone.

    Another one of my favorite movies…BREAKIN’ 1 and 2…LOL!

    Hugs and Mocha,

    • Leaving Las Vegas makes me cry EVERY SINGLE TIME!
      Ah, an old school movie night would be hot! Hmm, my wheels are turning.
      I haven’t seen the Breakin’ movies in a minute.
      **heading over to Netflix to see if they are in the instant queue**

  9. Shawshank is DEF in my top, but Leaving Las Vegas is also one of my strange loves – in fact, J & I bought the movie poster on sale a few weeks ago 😀

    I’ve never seen the other two. Two other strange loves of mine are The Little Shop of Horrors and A Chorus Line…odd that that they’re both musicals, huh?

    • High five sis! Leaving Las Vegas pulls me in every time! NICE @ having the movie poster. I always have the soundtrack, which I love love love.
      Good musical choices. I like those too. Have you ever seen, “Sing”?

  10. OMG I remember Space Camp! Do you know how many times I’ve watched that movie!!LOL! I thought I was the ONLY one!!!

    I’d have to add Little Shop of Horrors, A Chorus Line, and my all time favorite, The Last Dragon

    • High five sis! Wasn’t it just the best? “Whip me, beat me, take away my charge cards, it’s NASA talking!!!!”
      Yup, seen and love all the ones you’ve listed.

  11. I’ve never heard of any of those movies. Lol

    I think movies I love other people like as well lol. Cheesy one? I’m gonna say “The sweetest thing”. “Dance flick”.

    Worst but I watch it every time its on ” baby boy”

    • None of them???? **be still my heart**
      Ah, The Sweetest Thing with Madonna? Yep, kinda cute. I’ve never seen Dance Flick.
      Ugh. I hated Baby Boy and the way that Taraji said, “Jody!” *lol*

    • Bwahaha! Never????????
      LOL @ you not sure who to be mad at. Might be a combination. DC Cab and Space Camp are definitely “cult” classics (for lack of a better term). But, I can’t believe you’ve never hear of Leaving Las Vegas. Check out at least one of them. Pretty please???

  12. “Like Water for Chocolate” is a secret movie of mine Its a beautiful love story I can watch it over and over…. another movie I love is “Slow Close” about 2 sisters who are assassins ….. then last but not least “Sling Blade” about a menally challenged man who makes the most sense & “Lars and The Real Girl” a MUST SEE about a man who falls in love a real life size anatomically correct doll.

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