A Little of This and A Little of That

  • I was on a self-imposed spending freeze until I saw yesterday’s Living Social deal for amazon.com.  **smh**  I’m so weak.  I think it’s time for me to unsubscribe to groupon, living social and all the rest of those sites.
  • Interesting the way that the moments leading up to life changing news burn themselves into your memory almost as much as the news itself.  Don’t cha wish you could go back to the “before”?
  • Loves that Kindle users now have the ability to share books with friends.  Now I need some folks to share books me.  Do you have a Kindle?  Come on, let’s be friends!  I’ll share my list if you share yours.
  • I got so excited this morning over a coupon auction that I won on ebay that I’m thinking perhaps I have a problem.  Not to the extent of THESE people, but a teeny weeny problem that I might have to address. I get a real charge from scoring great coupons, another one while in the store using them and a another at home later while reviewing my receipt.
  • The battery on my blackberry is going nutty.  Three bars and it just powers itself off.  WTH?  And it’s been doing this for 2 weeks.  Ask me why haven’t I purchased a new battery yet?  Yeah, I’m just waiting for it to fix itself.  *lol*
  • Getting parenting advice from people who haven’t raised their children all that well irritates the ish outta me.  Really, your opinion is useless to me so stop sharing it.  I’d sooner listen to non-parents with good common sense than to you.  #stoptalkingtome
  • Finally mailed our holiday cards, last Friday.  I commit to doing better this year.  Isn’t it  the thought that counts though?
  • I used to love the show “Brothers and Sisters”, but I am totally underwhelmed this season.  They’ve got one more episode to pull me in or it’s getting booted from the DVR.  Too much tv, not enough time.  Gotta cut my losses early.
  • Finally closed the hotmail account that I’ve had for 89 million years.  Next up?  Ridding myself of that pesky yahoo account.  It’s mostly spam anyone.  Gmail is every.single.thing and I’m ready to be exclusive!

What’s up in ya’lls neck of the woods?


18 thoughts on “A Little of This and A Little of That

  1. You’re still hanging on to Yahoo? I finally got Mister to switch over to Gmail. I’m a Google stan so I know the feeling. My bff still has hotmail…..yeah, I know. Lol.

    I wonder if I have the time for coupons. Or will I get them b/c it sounds like a deal and then I’m forced to buy the item before the coupon expires. Hmmmm….I better marinate on that one a bit longer.

    If you want a good show to watch, DVR ‘The Good Wife.’ I love it! The characters, the plot, the realism of it all….it’s just GOOD!

    You can get a new battery for your BB for about $6. I got my mom one. I think I ordered it from Neweg.g or E.bay or Crack.berry….yeah, I’m not that helpful. My bad, lol.

  2. I’m such a groupon stalker. I just bought an annual pass to a local musuem today…it was only $35! Who’s the winner??? ME!

    I still have a yahoo.com account. I use it when stores ask for email, or I sign up for some random site online. I reserve my gmail for only the most important things…he doesn’t mind me seeing yahoo on the side, though. 🙂

    Parenting advice is such a touchy thing. I don’t give mine because I know some people don’t agree with my iron rule. But, I do have a friend that I wouldn’t take parenting advice from if my life depended on it, but my girlfriend without any kids has much common sense, so I’d value her perspective.

  3. I ordered that living social thing too. Couldn’t help a 50% return. I was glad they limited the amount you could buy 🙂

    I actually love all hte groupons, etc. It really saves money as long as you only buy the ones you KNOW you will use.

    @Jurista, I LOVE the Good Wife! Best drama on tv.

  4. If you close your Hotmail and Yahoo accounts, how on earth will you be able to buy MULTIPLES of the Groupons and Living Social deals? #notthatiknowanythingboutthat

    On the real, I subscribe to cities that I am going to visit in the next couple of months. I have a Segway tour for an uncoming trip to New Orleans. Living Social is everything!

  5. I, too, am weak. I want something from Etsy, Borders or Amazon at least 5xs a week. You need some parenting advice? I got you! LOLOL I haven’t seen a great/great-priced Groupon recently in my area. :/ My cable box is evil and I can’t get it to work all the time. SO IRRITATING!! But I’m tired of calling the cable company. Ugh.

  6. How does the Kindle sharing work exactly. I have a Kindle and I’ll share!

    I have a Yahoo account (under my maiden name to boot) and I’ve used it for so long that I have no desire to make my Gmail account my primary.

  7. I’ve tried shopping with coupons and I. Just. Don’t. Get. It. I never see coupons for stuff my family eats. What’s up with that?

    I still have my hotmail account but it’s for sentimental reasons, it’s the name of the book that I read when I was 12 that gave me my oldest daughter’s name. I have a live acct for my blog but that’s cause I was too ??? to set up a gmail acct. But I do have 2of those and have converted my husband (for my convenience).

  8. I have a hotmail account and a gmail account *shakes fist* at you for making hotmail bad. I like it and I’m keeping it. I watched Bro and Sis the first 2 seasons and they lost me. I’m a stan for the Good Wife too. I love a good law type show and I see lawyers LOVE it too! Girl go get the battery LOLOLOL!@waiting for it to fix itself. I do the same thing tho. I’m beginning to HEART Groupon they have the best deals here. Spa treatments? YASS!!

  9. I saw that deal on Living Social and I knew it would be big. I have about $40 in Amazon gift cards now that I don’t know what to do with so this wouldn’t have worked for me.

    I agree with the parenting thing. If I dont like your kids then it’s gonna be really hard for me to listen to you tell me how to raise mine.

    My gmail is my mian account and I use my yahoo ones for stuff I sign up for. I had an old Excite account that I closed a few years ago. Did anybody used Excite but me?

  10. I cut a few shows from my dvr too. Have to make room for yo gabba gabba! Lol. Its sad but I’m so serious. I have to do it until I order her from dvds!

    I don’t give advice unless I’m asked. That was before my princess and now. If u don’t ask I’ll save mu gems! Lol

    My phone has been doing some wacky crap. I shoulda called em but I think I just want a different phone so I won’t waste my time.

  11. i really need to close my hotmail and yahoo accounts. AND my AOL account! I mean really, I never read those emails about joining the Asian Love Connection.

    My obsession right now is shopping online at The Children’s Place. They keep having 50% off and now it’s %70 off. AND I had coupons!!!!!! I’m trying to resist going back on there right now for more clothes for Pookah……

    I wish I had a Kindle, (even though I really want a Nook color). But my sister-in-law thought I should have that damn Pandigital reader instead. Heifer.

    And finally, my blackberry has been going crazy since I got it in April. So crazy that I am on my third one……

  12. I JUST got my Kindle…someone was telling me that you could do that with other readers, I didn’t know you were able to do that with the Kindle. I need to become a little more familiar with the features. 🙂 I only have a few books at this point…I JUST finished reading a book called The Kite Runner…Awesome book!!! Let me know if you want to read it, I’ll figure out how to share it with you.

  13. COUPONS! Love them and may also be a lil obsessed! It truly thrills me to see the total go down as they scan them at the register. The only problem I have had lately with them are the formula coupons the manufactures send out that look like checks BUT clearly instruct the stores to process them as coupons. THEN WHY MAKE THEM LOOK LIKE CHECKS! For the love! Every time I go in to WalHell, the cashier has to call the CSM to process it. Who after attempting 3 times to process it as a check, as I am telling them to read what it says on the front, finally puts it in as a coupon!!!!

    I have books to share, you probably don’t want them though, LOL! Tell me how it works! I can’t wait until I can share my FAVORITE author’s work!

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