Taboo for Two

One of my blog buddies Jamiel is certain that MrTDJ and I are holding out on a truckload of funny azz stories and conversations.  Um, yeah, she’s right.  Anyone who knows either or both of us in real life, knows that we love to laugh.  When we’re together, hilarity ensues.   Not all the time or course, but pretty often.  Let’s take last Saturday afternoon.  I opened up our mail and was excited to receive a set of 100 new Taboo cards.  For anyone that’s lives under a rock and is not familiar with the game, here’s a cliff note version.  Two teams battle.  One person attempts to describe the word/phrase at the top of the card to their teammate without saying any of the 5 “taboo” words at the bottom of the card.  If you still don’t get it, go over here and they’ll explain it more.

I bought my Taboo game, oh I don’t know, 10 years ago.  Maybe more.   Some of the cards are universal and some are clearly relevant to the 90’s.  A few weeks ago, a blogger I follow (sorry – I would shout out, but I don’t remember which one!) posted a message about 100 new/updated Taboo cards just for “liking” a page on Facebook.  Well, ok, I clicked on over there in a hurry and like it I did.  Forgot all about it until the cards came Saturday.  I busted the package open and got a laugh at some of the cards.  They are very 2009/2010 pop culture relevant.  Notables included iPad, Kate Gosselin, Kanye, Swine Flu, Snuggie and Twitter.  Loved them!  MrTDJ grabs one and starts to deliver the clues on the card, and the next thing you know, we’re deep into a one on one game of Taboo.  Tricky since there’s no one to check your delivery, but we work on the honor system around these parts.  On MrTDJ’s next go, things go like this:

Note – Don’t scroll to the bottom or you’ll see the card.

MrTDJ:    Natural disaster

Me:  Hurricane, tornado, tsunami, earthquake

**The whole time, he’s giving me the rolling hand.  You know, the keep going, give me more, you’re almost there hand?**

Me:   Um, blizzard, landslide, hailstorm

MrTDJ:  No, ok.  Remember this movie?  Joe vs. the what?

Me: Volcano?

MrTDJ:  Ok, keep that.  Now, a really cold place, way up north.

Me:  Alaska, Antarctica

**that damn hand again**

Me:  Uh, North Pole, Iceland.

MrTDJ: The last thing you said. Ok, add something to that.  Another word for p*nis.   Dude’s use it a lot.

Me: Di*k?

MrTDJ: Now put it all together

**I’m clueless and running this random assortment of words and clues through my head again**

MrTDJ:  Come on, you got this.

Me:  Um…….

And then it hit me.  Through my laughter and hollerin’, I could barely get the words out.

Me:  Icelandic Volcano?

MrTDJ:  Yes!!!

Lord knows that I could think of a million other ways to have given this clue, but hell, it worked.  We never would have made it within the time constraints of a real game, but that’s ok.  We got a good laugh that afternoon and I’ll take him as my taboo buddy any day.  Love me some MrTDJ!


32 thoughts on “Taboo for Two

  1. False!! He didn’t say that!! Y’all are such a mess. He could NOT be my partner or possibly even in the same game as me b/c I would be too distracted by the crazy! LOL. But for real, why is that a card addition? NO ONE will be able to get that in 2 years… well except you and your husband. LOLOL

    • Yes that fool did! LMAO! I agree – most of the cards are great, but this one will be dated pretty soon. But I guess with his clues, you don’t have to actually know the event!

  2. BWAAAAAH ! I love it you guys are too much. We love Taboo too. My family plays it at Thanksgiving every year. Men vs. Women & we stay spanking that ass ! I need to get my hands on those new cards too. I bet you two are deadly on the same team LMAO.

  3. LOL, that is what I do everytime I think of you and Taboo. How Demonkey kept buzzing your buzzer and you having an Only child moment and packing up the game…lmao, tjat boy was a fool!

  4. HILARIOUS!!! I had no idea they had updated cards, not to mention I haven’t played this game, as much as I love it, in YEARS. Taboo has got to be one of my favorite games next to scrabble. Love it!

  5. Seriously, you gave me a GOOD Saturday morning laugh!

    And I LOVE Taboo!! *Dashes off to figure out why I didn’t know there were new cards*

    (And thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my blog! I’m honored!)

    • If you do find the cards, let me know. Many others have asked where to purchase them too. Honored? *lol* Stop it woman! I like your vibe. I’m adding you to my blog roll and I hope to see you around often.

  6. I’ve never played Taboo so I don’t quite understand the allure, but people seem to love it (you and Mr. TDJ included), so it sounds like an interesting.

  7. I am over here in tears lmao at this post. Please inform MrTDJ that he WILL NOT be on my team but I have a certain bestie that would make a great partner for him….you know how we do LOL.

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