My Response – What Did MrsTDJ Say?

Sorry for the delay folks, as I’ve been working hard for my paycheck lately.

In my previous post here, a coworker made some comments.  Here’s how things went:

Dorothy:    I’ve just gotta say, over the years, I’ve seen some really cute black babies.  But really, this little guy takes the cake.

**silence and hard stare**

Dorothy:    Honestly?  I think that blacks make much cuter babies than blacks.  Even when the parents aren’t that attractive, you guys turn out the best babies.

**”B*tch what???? in my head and the accompanying side eye of death**

Me:  Excuse me?  Did you mean to say that out loud?

**pauses and gives me a confused look**

Dorothy:  Did I say something wrong?  I just wanted to make sure that you knew just how beautiful your son is and . .

Me:  And just how ignorant you are?  Yes, now I know thank you.

Dorothy:  What did I say?  Don’t be so sensitive.  You people are always so sensitive.

**I could actually picture my two hands wrapped around her bony neck.  But since violence in the workplace isn’t the answer and knowing that I have to work with her for the immediate future, I tempered my response.**

Me:  There are so many things that I could say right now, but I think that almost all of them would fly right over your head.  Your comments regarding the beauty of black babies is offensive.  Even if you thought you were paying me the highest compliment,  you weren’t.  And referring to blacks as “you people” and “your people” is enough to make someone with a little less patience than me, slap the living shit outta you.  For your safety, I’m gonna need you to step away from my desk and in the future, please keep your comments to yourself.

She turned red, and started trying to respond but kept stuttering.  “But….b…but…..”

I squinted my eyes and shook my head slightly from side to side.  Nothing else needed to be said.

A Comprehensive Glossary Of Gifs

I could have gone off and in my mind, I cussed her foolish azz out from A-Z.   Then, I slapped the ish outta her while saying, “B*tch what?” over and over again.

But in the office?  Nah, I just couldn’t go out like that.  I work in the Director’s office and I worked hard to earn the respect of my colleagues.  Did I want to?  Hell  yeah.  I had to walk around to my good girlfriend’s office and vent.  And from there I typed up an anonymous note and dropped it in the HR mailbox regarding the need for training for employees in areas of diversity and verbal communication.


20 thoughts on “My Response – What Did MrsTDJ Say?

  1. In the end, my guess to your answer was just a little correct. I new that your reaction would be that she needed to leave your personal space quickly. Her words were such that anger would be the first reaction. I’m glad that you were able to remain calm in this situation(on the outside.)

  2. ::Tiger Woods fist pump::

    ::Black Power fist in the air::

    I love your answer!!!!! And the throwing of the Whitney side-eye and roll? CLASSIC!!!

    You just got 25 extra cool points in my book!


  3. Wow…some people are so dumb. You handled her very well. I would have acted like a fool and probably perpetuated a stereotype but you didn’t. Good for you. That pic of Whitney with an attitude is classic. I likeee…and I can’t stop looking at it. The more I look at it, the funnier it gets. Where is that from? I have to see the entire interview.

  4. I can’t even concentrate on responding to your response bc I’m still laughing at whitney’s neck and eye roll….Lawd, lol!

    Ok, great respone….you handled it well.

  5. Wait! Hold up Stop the presses!
    I haven’t finished reading. I got to the line “You people are always so sensitive”. OH LAWD!!!! OH LAWD!!! She wouldn’t have been able to say a thing else to me. I would have seen red and SNAPPED CLEAN THE HELL OFF!
    Let me go finish reading now.

  6. I applaud you being so candid and direct without choking a bish. Im not sure I could have handled it so gracefully. And LMAO @ the picture of Whitney!

  7. ok I know Im late but…. *ahem* WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?!?!? Is it me or do some people never know what to say out of there mouth… But I love your response.. “did you mean to say that out loud??” AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha!!! I will be *singsong voice* USIIIIIIING THAAAAAT!! 🙂

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