But You Love Almond Joys!


Happy New Year ya’ll!  I hope that everyone had a lovely weekend.  LittleTDJ and MrTDJ were nursing colds on Friday and Saturday, so we stayed in and kept our germs to ourselves all weekend.  Finally, yesterday they both felt better and MrTDJ made a request – coconut shrimp.  Um, ok.  Since he’d eaten very little since Thursday and only taken a few obligatory bites of the traditional New Year’s Day fare (collard greens, black-eyed peas and cornbread), I figured why not hook him up.

Full disclosureboth MrTDJ and I have a mild shellfish allergy, so we do take one Benad.ryl tablet before consuming any. Hush up!  I love shellfish and couldn’t imagine living without it.  He doesn’t worry often because he doesn’t love shellfish the way that I do.  I guess that he only eats it about 2 to 3 times a year.  I couldn’t recall him ever having tried coconut shrimp in our many years together so his request seemed random, but whatever.  I’m a happy, smiling, dutiful wife on occasion, so I hopped online to find a recipe for coconut shrimp.  Surveyed a few, checked the cabinets for the ingredients and I was off to the races.

While prepping the dish, I asked, “Hey babe, what made you want coconut shrimp?”.  He chuckled a little.  “Don’t laugh, but remember when we took your Dad to Outb.ack for his birthday in March?  Ya’ll ordered it and I tasted like half of one.  They were good.  I’ve been meaning to ask you to make them.”   Since March?  Yep, I laughed.

MrTDJ went and got us both some Benadr.yl, which we popped while waiting for the shrimp to cook.  Fairly easy dish actually.  The trick seemed to be the dredging/battering and then refrigerating the shrimp for at least 30 minutes before frying.

They looked and smelled quite nice when I had finished frying them.  Golden brown, with little shreds of coconut bursting from the center of shrimp bodies.

Yummy!  We sat down to eat our treat and about halfway into the first shrimp, MrTDJ coughed once.   Allow me to replay our conversation:

MrTDJ:  These are great babe.

Me:        Aren’t they?  I’ll definitely be making them again.

**MrTDJ unbuttoned his top button and bites into another shrimp**

MrTDJ:  Do you think I took enough Benadryl?  My mouth is starting to itch a little.

**munching and barely looking up**

Me:        Yeah, one is enough.  That’s all I ever take.

**large red welts appear on MrTDJ’s face and his voice become hoarse**

MrTDJ:  Babe, something is wrong.  Maybe it’s the coconut?

**nervous now as I watch his nose turn deep burgundy**

Me:        Coconut?  You’re allergic to coconut?  But, but, you love Almond Joys!

MrTDJ:  Babe, YOU love Almond Joys.  I only buy them for you!

Me:        Oh.  Um, damn, maybe you’re allergic to coconut.

3 hrs later, we return home from Urgent Care.  It would seem that yes, MrTDJ is allergic to coconut as well.  So, one puny Benad.ryl tablet wasn’t enough to combat 3 jumbo prawns covered in coconut.

I’ve known this man for 20 years and had no clue he was allergic to coconut.  Hell, neither did he.  I carry an epi pen just in case, but things turned kinda scary in a matter or seconds last night and I thought my little pen might not be enough.  Sorry hon.   Wasn’t trying to kill you or anything.

Do you know all your allergies – food and non-food?  What about your partners’ allergies?


51 thoughts on “But You Love Almond Joys!

  1. Wow! Glad to hear he’s ok! I would be so hurt if I found out I was allergic to coconut or shellfish and especially both because I LOVE coconut shrimp! So far in my 25 years I have yet to discover any allergies (food or otherwise) and I’m sincerely hoping it stays that way. I love food too much and I, like you, would be popping pills beforehand and still taking chances on the food anyway! Lol!

    • I had no idea how easy they were to make. I think I’ll be cheffing some up just for me in the near future. *lol* Glad to hear that you have no allergies.

  2. Oh my goodness!! I would freak the hell out! Thankfully nobody in my family has food allergies. I am so glad you got him to Urgent Care on time!

    Mmm, Almond Joy 🙂

  3. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! OMG!! Girl.. I gotta stop reading your Blog at WORK!! you all are too funny… I am so happy MrTDJ is ok .. that was a CLOSE one…My Mother is allergic to shrimp too and she tries to eat it and then take the Benadryl…. SMH… Be safe you two. Happy New Year. 🙂

  4. Is laughter as a first response okay? ‘Cause laugh I did! I’m glad the hubster is well!

    I’ve got strange allergies – some things bother me some times. And I’m not sure what those things are. Like I’ll eat a meal and then be all itchy and break out but never have any clue which part of the meal was the problem. Yeah…

    Hubby is allergic to nada. Lovegirl is like I am. Sometimes she’ll randomly break out after a meal.

    Happy 2011 to the TDJ family!!

    • Well hell, you know I was kinda snickering too, so laughter is fine. He didn’t die. 🙂
      Hmm, interesting about your allergies. Seems almost like you’re just kinda sensitive, but maybe don’t have full blown allergies. Happy happy to ya’ll!

  5. I have the slight shellfish allergy too, but it’s so inconsistent that I hardly ever take a benadryl before hand. I always regret it when I have a flare up.

    As far as I know that’s all (food and medicine related) I’m allergic to….I hope.

  6. Oh lawd!!! I can’t even keep up with all of hubby’s allergies. Case in point: Every morning for the past 3 days I’ve eaten a banana. Every morning I ask hubby if he wants a bite — and every morning he reminds me that he’s allergic, ha!

  7. I used to be allergic to shrimp. You know, throat closing, hives all over, mouth burning, and the like. It then switched places with pineapple & kiwi. Yeah, tell me about it. If I had to pick, I’d rather be without pineapples though cuz shrimp are super versatile and fairly healthy.

    As for Mister, believe it or not, he doesn’t have one single food allergy! Can you believe his nerve???

    • Wow, it just went away one day?? *crossing fingers that it’ll happen to me**
      Agreed – I love pineapples too, but I’ll take shrimp please!
      Lucky Mister!

  8. So…um…how much was the insurance policy that you pulled out on Mr. TDJ worth before you *unknowingly* fed the man not one, but TWO foods that could kill him? LOL!

    You might as well just put those skrimps in the freezer for me until I come for a visit because I’m not allergic to anything except broke men…

  9. Yummy! Those coconut shrimp look so delicious. I may have to make those some time. Send the leftovers my way…hehehe! Sorry your hubby had a horrible allergic reaction to them. Glad he’s better.

    • They are sooooo easy and yep, they were delish. I’m send you the recipe I used. I think I’ll wait a few weeks before making any for myself so as not to torture hubs. =)

    • We are quite foolish together. Two nuts from waaaaaaaay back. I’ll need to start telling ya’ll more stories about the crazy stuff that MrTDJ says and does.

    • Aren’t they yummy??? Now that I know how easy they are, I doubt I’ll ever order them out again. I saved that recipe to my kitchen binder for future use.

  10. I’m so glad he is Okay! I love coconuts shrimp! I’m allergic to almonds, but I still eat things with almonds in them from time to time.

    That being said, OH MY GEEZ!!! BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’m so glad your got him to ER and good looking out on the handy epi shot. WOW!!

  11. What a way to discover another food allergy. Thankfully, I don’t have any food allergies, only environmental. All animals, dust, dustmites, grass, trees, and mold. My wonderful parents just let me suffer throughout my childhood. I finally requested testing at age 19. I have had follow-up testing every few years.

  12. I do not want to laugh at this but it is kinda funny. So glad he’s ok. Reminds me of my husband’s grandma saying I was trying to kill him by frying his food ~ um, what? LOL Girl, my husband swears he’s allergic to “fresh food.” *blank stare* As in he can only eat canned vegetables. Bwahahahaha

  13. even scarier is that he probably developed the allergy…allergies can change every 7 years or so…i am extremely lactose sensitive, can’t have it at all…i am allergic to cats, weeds, fresh grass, a whole bunch of stuff…i don’t know what he is allergic to and i have known him for 11 years…yikes

    • Hmm, never really thought about allergies coming and going every 7 years. Interesting. Oh, poor thing. You’ve got quite a few allergies too. And cats are icky, so yeah, good thing you’re allergic to them! *lol*

  14. Okay, so I cracked up laughing too…especially as you kept eating your delicious shrimp. LOL Glad Mr. TDJ is out of harm’s way and doing well.

    Mistah says he used to be allergic to peanut butter when he was a young lad but because he continued eating it he reversed the effects and is no longer allergic. As far as I know and can tell I have never had any food allergies. I am, however, allergic to penicillin.

    • Gurl, those shrimp were GOOD! For real, I was irritated when he first interrupted me. *lol*
      OMG @ Mistah pushing through the allergy! LOL! Hmm, maybe I’ll suggest that to the hubs. “Just keep eating them. You’ll reverse the effects!” You gonna testify at my trial????

  15. This was hilarious, as usual 🙂
    My beau has a very sensitive palate & can’t eat anything with too much acid in it like tomatoes & citrus, etc. He also suffers from acid reflux.
    Me on the other hand, have no food allergies, am not a picky eater at all & enjoy just about any kind of food, which equals= greedy ! LOL

    • Ha ha! I understand the greed. Almost makes you wish there were some things you couldn’t eat, huh? Ooh, sorry that the Mixologist has a sensitive palate. A life without grapefruit? Poor baby!

  16. Omigoodness, poor Mr TDJ, ya trying to kill my brother! I am mad you were getting down on the shrimp while he was dying! Tell him to stick to our favorite CHICKEN and he will be all good.

    Remember when I had an allergic reaction to that antibiotic. It was insane and so scary, my nose started itching and it felt like I had inhaled black pepper then my throat closedwith a congested nose. Then J trying to drive me to the hospital and stopping at a red light at 2 am, REALLY J you can’t run the light when I can barely breath..TAKE ME HOME AND CALL 911! As scary as it was, it was the best thing that ever happened to me… the fear of dying from the antibiotic that I was taking for the bronchitis that I got from smoking while having a cold, made me quit cold turkey!

    T is allergic to shellfish and pine nuts, both of them cause severe itching and swelling in his face and throat. He just had a severe reaction a month ago, eating food at a potluck at school, WHAT! Uhmm, you could die, eat what you brought or get something out the vending machine!!!! For the love!

    I hope my babies don’t have any allergies, but I keep Benadryl in the diaper bag just in case especially around my family, who all think babies can eat table food at 4 months!

    • You know I was truly enjoying mine and was kinda sorta not really paying attention to him. Until he was kinda purple. *lol*

      OMG, yes, I totally remember that night! Thanks goodness it scared the ish outta you because you stopping smoking. **praise dancing for the bad antibiotic**

      SMH @ T. Nah man, can’t be eating anything from everybody. Too risky!

  17. Poor Mr. TDJ! No shrimp or coconut? I would just die!

    I am only allergic to bad service and rude people. Mr. 1969 is allergic to bananas (but can eat plantains go figure) and all tree nuts. Whenever he acts up I threaten to make him some nice banana nut bread.

    • Exactly! 2 fabulous food items that he has now sworn off for good!
      LOL @ bad service and rude people! Are there pills to combat those?
      Hmm, interesting about the plantain vs banana.
      LOVE the threats! Guess I need to keep a bag of coconut around for emphasis.

  18. I’m glad he’s okay otherwise I would not feel right about bursting into laughter at ” but you love almond joys!” I HATE anything coconut. Like with a passion.

    I’m allergic to bananas but i still eat them and im allergic to Tide and some scented lotions and body washed. I break out in itchy patches. My sister put some B&BW on my arm on christmas eve and my arm started to burn. Then it started to itch and within seconds i was rashed out on my arms. Pretty sad 😦

    My BF isn’t allergic to anything. He just has sensitive skin like I do.

    • Girl, in that moment, I was truly confused!! Over 20 years and I just knew that man loved Almond Joy’s as much as I did! LMAO!

      Oh, the skin thing must be tough. Tide? Really? Do you use unscented detergents or is it just Tide?

  19. I don’t have any food allergies, but I am definitely have a sensitive stomach and I’m lactose intolerant. Milk just kills me. Luckily I can still eat non-processed cheese without dying. Dr. B doesn’t have any allergies. The man can eat anything he wants.

    My regards to Mr.TDJ!

    • You know, the older I get, the more lactose is starting to bother me. I won’t say I’m intolerant yet, but I definitely need to watch it and ease away from it at times. A life without cheese?? **faints at the thought**

  20. MrsTDJ you and the Mr. never cease to amaze me. Sorry but, that story was hysterical.
    Maybe something is wrong with me. I can’t stop laughing.

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