Insomnia Ramblings

  • My office is empty this week. Thank goodness for small things.
  • Um, yeah, that family photo session didn’t happen until Xmas day.
  • So, I just finished ordering “Happy New Year” cards. Hush up peanut gallery.
  • Those “Booty Pop” commercials are HILARIOUS to me. I simply must meet someone who has bought this butt enhancer. Fess up dear readers.
  • Hmm, just when I was oh so excited about the content that the cable channel Centric offered, I just read that it’s owned by BET. If true, hell of a way to rebrand and market since BET’s name is toast. Haven’t had time to check the fact, so somebody tell me if it’s true. Talk to Mr. Google or something. What??? I can’t do research at 2:48am.
  • Forgot how much I disliked “The Jamie Foxx Show” until tonight.
  • Wishes our living room tv was mounted on the wall as I requested a few weeks ago. There have been a few erra shall we say attempts. Um, yeah. Score – Big ass tv – 3, DaddyTDJ and MrTDJ – 0.
  • I’ll be 35 next year. Wow.
  • Thinks personalized Xmas ornaments are the best. Just placed an order for my 2010 gift ornaments. Yeah, I said 2010. Problem?

21 thoughts on “Insomnia Ramblings

  1. You should embarrass those dudes and do it yourself. LOL. I LOVE CHRISTMAS CARDS!!! Don’t care when i et them. 35!?!?! I’ll tell you like I tell Rashan, YOU’RE OLD!! LOLOLOL!!

    • I know right? *lol* I’ve watched with amusement during all 3 attempts. PURE COMEDY!!
      Most people seem to love them whenever, plus I put LittleTDJ’s smiling face on it, so I know no one will refuse it.
      Heffa!! *lol* I ain’t that old.

  2. It would be SO hypocritical of me to tell you just HOW EASY setting up that TV actually is, seeing as though ours has grown tired of jumping up and mounting itself. Easy? Yes. Am I willing to deal with the possibility of something going TERRIBLY wrong? NO.
    (Although, if you did it and succeeded, I might be more inclined to do so!! Have at it!! Just make sure a stud finder is on your list of materials needed!!) Good luck!

    • Ha ha! Nah, I’m not gonna touch that thing. All I can picture is me breaking the big screen. My patience is wearing thin though, so I might pay a professional and take the pressure off those two. Thanks for stopping by sir!

  3. I don’t know anyone who purchased the booty pop. I have a niece that is a mgr at Bed Bath & Beyond, they carry them there. She says that surprisingly, they sell quite often. I bet if you hang out at the store long enough, you’ll see someone purchase one.

  4. My sister is begging for the pajama jeans. I know, right?

    35? As I was sitting in front of my camera taking a picture of myself holding my child~hood doll, it dawned on me that I’m 37 and way too old to be posting pictures of myself on Facebook with a doll. LOL

    • Agreed – definitely less painful, invasive and expensive than injections.
      Isn’t the commercial simply HILARIOUS??? Hubby walks around the house making that “pop” sound. *LOL*

  5. Well hell, I haven’t sent out Christmas cards in well over 10 years. I WIN!! LMAO!!

    I want to see someone wear a pair of booty pop draws with those pajama jeans.

    I wonder if we even have Centric. I’m going to guess and say yes but hell I haven’t gotten through all these daggone channels we have yet. For some reason, I can’t stop watching TV One. LOL

    I’ll be thirty *cough* plus, plus, plus next, no wait plus next year. Da phuck?!?!

    • Yeah man, you win for sure!! Card scrooge! *lol*
      Not the booty pop and pajama jeans together!! If they add those high heel sneaker things, I’d be no more good!!
      Plus, plus, huh?

    • I say go for it!! I’m not knocking the product, but the commercial brings me so much comedy! If they really work, it’s a heck of an investment. Another commenter said that they are sold at Bed, Beth and Beyond. **whispers** We won’t tell a soul if you do. But you have to tell us how they work.

      Thanks for stopping by! Hope you’ll come on back!

  6. I’m watching Cosby Show at 1 30 am on Centric as I write. it’s the anniversary episode where they sing the Ray Charles song.
    I never watched the Jamie Foxx show when it was on. Whenever I see the reruns, I am reminded why.
    I think those Booty pop commercials are hillarious, and i think I know someone who got one. Her butt just……expanded one day.
    I too will be 35 this year. Sigh. Where did time go???????

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