Secret Santa Came To Town!

Oooh, Santa Baby, ya done good!  Last year I watched from the sidelines as a group of bloggers did a Secret Santa exchange.  Seemed like loads of fun, but I wasn’t as active with blogging as I thought I should be, so I abstained.  This year?  Count me in kids!! Pserendipity was cool enough to set things up again.  You can read about it over on her site.  Folks have been posting their gifts since late last week and when I say that collectively, WE ROCK, I seriously mean it.  I’ve seen some really thoughtful gifts.  Bloggers who were unfamiliar with others taking the time to read old entries, and those that were seemingly familiar still going above and beyond the hints that we each left to try to snag a meaningful gift.

Without further preamble, let me announce that MY secret santa is!  *LMAO*  For real!  Lookie lookie what came for me today in the mail:

I am a huge Top Chef fan.  Alright, hell, ya’ll know better.  I’m a STAN.  *lol*  I already loved everything about the show, and after attending a DC taping, I was more in love than ever.  I’ve had this book in my Amazon cart for a year.  Yep, wouldn’t pull the trigger to treat myself.  But, my Secret Santa came to the rescue.  I absolutely love it!!  I can’t wait to put the little dude to bed tonight and during my hours of insomnia, I will be perusing recipes.  Touchdown Secret Santa, hell, you even got the two point conversion!

Hmm, now the hard part.  We’re supposed to guess who we think our Secret Santa is.  Hmmmm.  My wheels are turning.  They gave me a small clue and I have a gut feeling that it’s either Gorgeous Puddin or Mama Sez.   Let’s see if I’m right tomorrow with P reveals the matchups.

And here’s a little Christmas cheer, Washington, D.C. go go style.  “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” by the Pleasure Band.



16 thoughts on “Secret Santa Came To Town!

  1. *deep sigh*
    I’m glad someone got your begging arse something you wanted! I saw that long list you posted on your other entry and was like “how rude!” But fo’ real, fo’ real…I’m glad that you got that book and hope that you invite me over for dinner and dessert!

    P.S. I’m dead serious about the dinner invite. It would be better if your parents were in town so that we all could talk about you while you’re busy in the kitchen…but that’s just a suggestion and not a requirement 🙂

  2. And now I can finally comment!! LOL! This was killing me softly. YOU’RE WELCOME!! Glad you like it!! *BIG GRIN*

    I like Top Chef! But you really are a STAN!!!

    The actual grief over Tiffany got me. I was grieving with you. I’m so glad she got a 2nd chance on TC All-Stars. I hope she has a quickfire or something in this book just for you. * smile* Merry Christmas!

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