Insomnia Ramblings

  • I don’t want to talk about Fantasia, Alicia Keys or Monica NO MO!!  I don’t care who they’re screwing, having babies with or being sued by.  Everybody has their own choices to make.  I hope that they each have someone in their corner to love and support them through their difficult times.  Having your mistakes splashed across the tabloids and television must be hard to handle.
  • Man, finally Dexter!  Do ya’ll watch this show?  I love it, but every season it seems to start super slooooooooooooow.  It’s finally heated up and there are only 3 episodes to go.
  • Some people just like to disagree.  Like if you said, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, they’ll say, we’ll technically, it’s not because XYZ blah blah blah.  #GETTHEFUGGOUTTAHERE
  • We’re taking family pics this Sunday and I don’t have outfits picked out for any of us.
  • I just watched the Micheal Jackson video game commercial twice. Love it.  Going to buy it this weekend.
  • Scratch that.  Too many crazies in the stores this weekend.  Heading to amazon.
  • Seriously??  People still call phone chat lines??  Bwahahahaha!!  That’s hilarious and oh so 80’s!  I’ll tell ya’ll a funny story one day about my history with chat lines.
  • Got an email from groupon reminding me to use my groupons.  There are 5 in my box.  2 restaurants, 2 cup cake shops and 1 for a set of jazzercise classes.  Yeah, go ahead.  I’m giving myself the side eye too.
  • What the heck to you wear to a noon wedding?  Help a fashion challenged sista out.  My “fancy black dress” seems a little too….well….fancy for this.
  • 16 and Pregnant is a horrible, train wreck of a show.  There are 4 episodes on my DVR.  Ladies, ladies.  Wait, girls, girls, just STOP!!  This parenthood thing is HARD!  Why are you inviting this into your life at 16??  **smdh**
  • I’m working Wed and Fri in what will surely be a ghost town.  I’m gonna need my blog family to entertain me.
  • Hubby asked me to bake some Pillsbu.ry cookies the other day.  I did.  When he asked why I wasn’t eating any, I had to fess up that I’d eaten three raw dough balls and my tummy hurt.  He laughed.  Evil azz.
  • My favorite part of my ipod touch is Words with Friends.  I’m playing about 20 games right now, including a few with TravelDiva and K.Rock.  Anybody else play?  Hit me up – MrsTDJ
  • Mega blocks rock and I sometimes want to play with them even when LittleTDJ doesn’t.
  • Hope ya’ll are getting your sleep in.  I’m envious.

46 thoughts on “Insomnia Ramblings

  1. I agree, agree, agree. Sick of Talking bout Tasia and the rest of em. Can’t wait to see the family pics…we need to take some too. I gotta have that Michael Jackson video game. You can give away the groupons for Christmas, maybe? Otherwise, yeah I’m giving you the side eye as well. LOL Clearly I haven’t used my ipod Touch enough cause I have no idea what you are talking about. I will have to look for that.

    • Ah, not a bad idea re: Xmas gifts for those unused Groupons. Hmm… (selfish and not wanting to give away my deals) *lol*
      Oh please look for WWF. If you like Scrabble or any word game, it’s even better.
      You can get the free version, but I paid the $2.99 to get it with the annoying pop up ads.

  2. Love this Mrs TDJ. Tired of Tasia; trying not to fall into the Luna Bleu pool with the rest of your guys and glad I have your blog to read

  3. I need to Google the commercial for the MJ game. I haven’t seen it yet.

    A noon wedding? Hell a regular black dress? Shoo, ion’t know.

    I love me some 16 and Preggers (the show not the situation). I’m so ready to see next week’s episode with the DNA test. LOL

    I’m at work today too.

    The commercials for the phone chat lines are hilarious! I do wonder how they are still in business though. I guess someone’s calling. LOL

    • OK, so I deleted the epis I had recorded, but did NOT delete the schedule recording for next weeks epi. Yeah, I’m gonna need to check out the DNA episode. I just don’t remember being that freaking clueless at 15/16. The one the other days said, “All I do is sit in the house and take care of the baby.” Um, yeah, he’s 2 weeks old, WTH did you think you’d be doing?????
      I think we need to do some kind of research or something. Who are these people that are calling and keeping chat lines in business??

  4. Ha! I’m loving the randomness of this! Your Groupon combination is too funny. I guess you can think of it as you were getting your indulgences in and then planning for damage control! 😉 I got an email from them recently myself. I have a slew of unused groupons and couldn’t even tell you what they all are. I’ve actually already let one expire!

    As for the wedding, I say go with a sundress covered with a cardigan or blazer. With an early wedding, I personally think a little less formal is acceptable.

    • Yeah, yeah. See, I like the way you think re: my groupons! *lol* Egads @ you letting one expire. I’m gonna need you to mosey over there and check your expiration dates missy!
      Hmm, I do have a brown and green sundress, and I have brown cardigan/shawl thingie. Cool. That’ll be option #1.

  5. LMAO! I am torn..I want you to get some rest but then I would miss the insomnia blogs! @16 and preggo, I struggle with being a new mom AND I have support SO it pulls my heartstrings seeing these babies try to be a new mom with no support and most of the time with a broken heart when their BOYfriends ditch them

    • Thanks for at least being torn about the issue! Ugh! I just deleted 4 episodes of 16 and Preg. I just can’t do it anymore. I want to shake the sh*t outta 100% of the girls, 100% of the dudes and 99% of the parents. WTH????

  6. I looove Dexter. I am only on Season 3 though (even though I already read about the Big Event at the end of Season 4). Netflix doesn’t offer Season 3 on Instant Queue so it has slowed my roll down.

    Refrigerator ready cookies are the devil! If I’m in the mood for them, I buy the minis so I won’t feel guilty. Then I still end up eating 6 which is the equivalent of 2 regular cookies anyway!

    I hear so much about the Words With Friends thing. Might have to download the app for my ITouch. I’m a Scrabble fiend so I would probably love it.

    • Boo @ you reading the season 4 ending already!! *lol* It’s still amazing the way the whole thing develops though. Yeah, hubs and I had to wait for the discs for Season 3 too and it definitely slows things down. I still find it odd (from time to time) that Dexter and Deb are real life husband and wife.

      Minis??? How come I am unfamiliar with these? Adding them to my shopping list RIGHT NOW.

      Oh yeah, if you love Scrabble, you’ll dig WWF for sure. There is a free version, but I paid the $2.99 to be able to play without annoying ad screens. Hit me up if you start playing.

  7. I caught an episode of 16 & Pregnant yesterday of the Black girl with the white guy with locs. Um…..yeah…….really? It amazes me how careless these girls are. My mama said that telling me not to have sex was pointless because I’d just want to go out and do it even more. That’s what happened to her and she ended up with two kids by the time she was 19.

    I actually LISTENED to my mom (something those girls or boys DON’T do) and heeded her advice. There are so many ways to get FREE birth control that not using any is just plain lazy & dumb.

    I like raw cookie dough as well. Especially if it’s chocolate chip. Yum!!!

    And maybe it’s because I don’t have a Wii but I’ve yet to see this MJ commercial.

    • Yep, that’s one of the epis I watched the other night. **smh** Agreed @ them being careless. What about the ones that ADMIT to NEVER having used protection??? **crickets** Da hell?? You are being raised in a time when HIV/AIDS is rampant! Although pregnancy is a possible, what about a disease that could KILL your silly azz??

      Yep, chocolate chip is the best. I actually don’t care for other raw dough variety. Something about the little crunch that the chips offer.

      Thanks for stopping by!!

  8. Dexter!! I am pretty up to date. I haven’t seen the one from last Sunday though. And like you I am glad it is finally heating up. I didn’t know there wer so few episodes left though. Bummer.

    I really want the MJ game too.

    You can’t let those groupons expire! You paid cash money for those things! You better get your money’s worth.

    Ha! at your raw cookie tummy ache.

    You got 20 games going?! Wow. Thats a lot of words.

    • Agreed – it took a while for this season to hit a groove. Normally, we cut it at the credits, but I couldn’t find the remote. So we saw the preview for next week and they said only 3 left. =( Didn’t it feel like we waited forever for the season to get here and now it’s almost over?? Boo!
      Nah man, I refuse to let them expire. I will NOT let $$ go to waste.
      Yep, found out yesterday that 20 is the max! *lol*

  9. LMAO @ not wanting to hear anymore about Tasia and ’em….ya sure? Of course you always know where you can go should you require more ‘pionions and ish….LOL

    These last 3 epis of Dex better bring it! This is my least favorite season thus far 😦

    Looking forward to the family pics 🙂 AND the chat line story O_o

    Lemme know if you want me to take some of the groupons off ya hands 😉 I’m the opposite…I’ll see some that I want, but I spend so long contemplating that they’re gone by the time I make up my mind.

    I watch 16 & Pregnant too (what don’t I watch? sigh). Did you hear that the next season of Teen Mom will feature 4 of the girls from this season of 16 & Pregnant? So, we’ll get to see how these girls fare post-delivery a la Farrah, Amber, Caitin & Maci.

    I keep forgetting to download Words with Friends….will do soon and send you an invite – sounds fun!

    • Gurl, that convo was making me NUTS!!
      Agreed – this is definitely the least compelling season so far. I knew it would have to take a different tone after the way season 4 ended.
      LOL @ the chat line story. Um, yeah, I’ll write that up next week.
      I’ve definitely let quite a few good groupons get away while I debated the issue.
      Oh no! Another season of Teen Mom?? I don’t know if I can do it. I just want to slap them all!!
      YAY! Nerd fun with another homie!

  10. Hey TayaJane: I’m so glad that you blessed us with another post. Just between you and me it was my Thanksgiving wish that you would hurry up and post something else…AND IT CAME TRUE! 🙂

    Anyrandomway, I’m kinda concerned that you are watching MJ commercials in anticipation of buying the game. I got my eye on you lady…

    BTW, I love that you buy Groupons and don’t use them…so if you could slide a few to me I would ‘preciate it. Especially the restaurant and jazzercise ones…cuz I’ll need the exercise after I eat! 🙂

    AND…how can you not like 16 and Pregnant? That show is my birth control!

    • Bwahaha! Some days I’m Jane and some days I’m Mae, huh?
      Happy I could make your Thanksgiving wish come true. I’m gonna try to fulfill your unspoken desire and post at least 3 times a week for the next few weeks. Hush and close your mouth! *lol*
      You are RIGHT!! 16 and Pregnant makes sense to US, but not to the village of your idiots that are watching, thinking, “I’m 16 and I’m smarter than her. I’d be a better mother than her”.

  11. I hate celebrity gossip. I will be terrible company for you at work. I decided the first season of Dexter was enough for me. I want Rashan & I to do a Christmas card and we need to have adorable. I used my one groupon for opera and I’m waiting for another to come along that I really want. For a noon wedding, no heavy or dark fabrics. Black is out. It’s almost winter so no super light fabrics or colors, either. Your yellows and pastels are out. I would go for a saturated color– purple, navy (I already broke my dark fabrics rule…). I say navy. I think it’s good and appropriate and can take you from day to night.

  12. I think your black dress will be a little to formal for a noon wedding. Or maybe you can add a color cardigan too it. Well that’s if the dress isn’t really “fancy”.

    I stay up late and I’m always seeing those chat lines commericals. I just smh. I can’t believe they are still in business. I’m just waiting for Cleo to pop back up during the late hours.

    I just blogged about that MJ game.

    I buy the “all ready made” cookie dough. I’m always eating them uncooked. When I was younger my mom told me uncook cookie dough can give you worms. She told me this so I would stop eating it so much. She got me for years! Now, I know better. lol

    • Isn’t the raw dough the best? I think I actually prefer it to actual cookies.
      Spare yourself the time and energy. They are all living their lives and making decisions that the masses want to yack about.
      BWAHAHA! Hee hee! Cha mon!

  13. Mmmm! cookies! LOL!

    I want the MJ game now too. I hadn’t heard about then I read Southern gal’s blog and the comercial came on right after. I’m sold!

    Oddly noon weddings are considered very formal. I would ask if the invitation didn’t say. I went to one once. I wore a royal purple dress with gold embellishments and a shawl.

    Right now I’m over celebrity gossip too. I don’t care about Eva Longoria either. I want them all to just Shut Up!

    Mmmm cookies! LOL! so good had to say it twice!

    • I just talked to buddy about the game and she said that they make you WORK for your points! I love it and can’t wait for it to arrive.
      Ugh! My head hurts thinking about my outfit for this wedding.
      Yep, add Eva to the list. I’m over ALL OF ‘EM!

  14. i agree i don’t want to hear about it and some of it is just so mean so very very mean to say about these people…
    a noon wedding…a suit…something you wear to a meeting or service at church

    • Ooh, if you get a chance, check Dexter out. There’s a bit of blood, but it’s not horror movie gory at all. Very tastefully shot.
      My fingers are crossed that you’ll get your touch for Xmas.
      **smh** I had really hoped that MTV would do a good job with the series, but I’m so disappointed.

  15. 1. I’ve gotten to the point where I DO NOT watch celebrity gossip anymore. After last year’s coverage of Tiger, I realized that I’d just had it with the nonstop coverage. Celebrity or not, these are people and these are their lives. Good, bad or indifferent, when people resort to suicide to escape the criticism it’s time to back off.

    2. I don’t watch Dexter but the DVDs are some of the more popular ones at the library, so I guess I must be missing something.

    3. Speaking of disagreeable people at the library, I have one of those and she’s just one snappish comment away from a throat punch.

    4. No jeans and white shirts! Or anything else that looks like it may have come from

    5, I’m getting the Michael Jackson game for “the kids” for Christmas. 🙂 It comes with a glove!!!!

    6. I missed the whole chat lines thing ’cause I was living in Italy, but the first time I heard that call waiting beep ~ freaked me the heck out! LOL

    7. Ummmm, groupon?

    8. Noon wedding ~ go all Michelle O classic with a sheath dress and a cardigan. Glam it up with pearls and killer heels. That way, you’re not too overdone for noon and you look appropriate for the wedding.

    9. Girl, I’m 37 and there are times I want to run away from my children. I couldn’t imagine being 16 and trying raise a kid while a camera is filming it all….

    10. Raw cookie dough rawks! I could care less about the whole threat of salmonella.

    11. Hope you had a fab Thanksgiving!

  16. I just just JUST got into Dexter. Seriously. LOL I’ve watched two seasons in like 3 or 4 days. Probably 3 days lol. It’s AWESOME! I’m going to start season 3 soon lol.

    • That’s what hubby and I did!! We were snowed in back in February for a week and we watched the first 2 seasons! We were instantly hooked! We had been looking for something to fill our void from having finished “The Shield”.
      Ooooh, season three with the oh so sexy Jimmy Smits!! Enjoy!!

  17. Teehee.. I have unused Groupons too.. got my friendly reminder. It was such an urgency when the deal was offered and now, it’s like “meh”. I wonder if I can sell them on Ebay or something.

    For noon wedding.. skinny jeans, black blazer and thigh high boots, ala Kim Kardashian. lololol I kid.

    I watch Teen Mom with my daughter and going off during every second.. She’s always like “Mom, I get it”. hahaha

    Cookie dough…so good.

    Chat lines.. still? Really?

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    • Exactly! It reminds me of ebay – the sense of, “Oow! I want it, I want it” and then nothing. Great idea re selling on ebay. ANYTHING can be sold on ebay. *lol*
      BWAHAHA, I’d at least make it into a few of the wedding pics in that get up!
      See? I knew I wasn’t the only person surprised by chat lines.
      Had a great holiday and hope you did as well!

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