A Little of This and A Little of That

  • With the holidays approaching, I miss my extended family more than ever.  I’m planning a trip to NY in January to see them, but that feels like it’s forever away.
  • Four more work days with Bambi.  If you’re not familiar, please read THIS and THIS.  Four more days.  I can make it.  I will make it.  I will NOT lay my hands on this woman’s neck.  I will NOT push her down a flight of steps.  I will NOT take my phone receiver and bash her upside the head.  I WILL host her going away luncheon on Friday with enough grace and decorum to make MamaTDJ and Emily Post proud of me.

  • I saw “For Colored Girls” over the weekend.  Eh, I gave the film a C-.   I was very familiar with the poem itself and have seen it performed on stage.  I’ve responded to a few comments on facebook and on fellow blogger sites.  I could rehash all that I’ve typed around the internet, but blogger Thembi screened the movie and her post eloquently expresses most of what I feel.  Check it out HERE. And, let’s just say that after watching it, the group that I was with decided that we each needed a glass of wine.  At 3pm on a Saturday afternoon.
  • The soundtrack however reads like a dream!  Estelle?? Laura Izibor?? Nice, I might download it on itunes.  Wait, wait!!  My girl Lalah Hathaway???  I’m a STAN for that woman.  She’s kinda like my BFF, in my head.  *lol*  I just ordered it from amazon.

  • I love cheese.  Yep, cheese is good to me.  With the noted exceptions of bleu and brie, I love all other types of cheese.  Favorites include gouda, manchego, Havarti, Gruyère and Asiago.   Every now and then, when I have a few minutes to myself, I head to my favorite little gourmet market and sample cheeses for a few minutes.  Very relaxing.  I don’t dare take any of those delicacies home because I would over indulge.
  • Is it me or is “Survivor” pretty lame this year?  No smart azz responses about it always being lame. *lol*  I’m speaking to anyone who is actually a fan and watching this season.  The characters are all pretty boring, the challenges are all remixes of former challenges and the witty gameplay is dead.  Maybe I just need to be done with it.  Thank goodness the “Amazing Race” still thrills me.  My favorite pair?  Michael and Kevin, the father and son team from Sugar Land, TX.

  • My son’s favorite thing right now?  Our new ipad.  Huh?  What?  Dude, play with your Fisher Price stuff! You’re not even two yet!  Nope, he likes the ipad.  And after a couple of days playing with Daddy, that kid works the ipad better than I do.  He scrolls from screen to screen, knows the youtube icon and selects the episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that he wants to watch.  Oops?  Selected the wrong clip?  No problem.  Hit the round button along the edge to get back to the home screen and repeat the process until you get to the right video.  He watches youtube clips that MrTDJ loaded, plays some game where you find like colored bubbles and he digs some little game where you touch the screen to make splashes in a pond.   Since MrTDJ is an IT guy, this thrills him to no end and he’s mapping out LittleTDJ’s tech future as we speak.
  • I wasn’t at all surprised that “Undercovers” got canceled.  It was lukewarm from day one.  Hubby was watching, but I’d thrown the deuces after episode 2.
  • Sleep is overrated. Seriously.  Or maybe I’m just hatin’ because I’m averaging 3 hours a night.  **deep sigh**

What’s up in ya’lls neck of the woods?


35 thoughts on “A Little of This and A Little of That

  1. Wait, what? Undercovers got cancelled? No more impure thoughts? Oh hell. I guess I don’t care. it’s not like I actually had the volume up when it was on.

    I had a delightful cranberry stilton cheese from trader joe’s yesterday.

    • Yum @ cranberry stilton at TJ’s. Note to self – hit up TJ’s this weekend! Thanks!
      Nah, pretty dudes like Boris don’t do it for me, but I understand that many were moved. *lol* Sorry!

  2. I am very lukewarm on seeing the TP flick. I saw an amazing production staged by Jasmine Guy last summer and I just know I will be disappointed.

    TP does good soundtracks though. I knew I liked his musical tastes when he used my girl Amel Larrieux’s “No One Else” in Why Did I Get Married.

    Survivor is a bit lukewarm this year but I’m still into it. I’ve been really off on the Amazing Race. Football games mess up the DVR schedule and I find myself not really caring about seeing the rest.

    Lewis loves my IPad touch. He has no clue what he’s doing but somehow manages to Tweet something or start up a program by dumb luck. That or he pretends it (and any other similar gadget) is a phone, puts it up to his ear and starts “talking”.

    • High five lady! Love “No One Else” by Amel Larrieux is a great song. Her voice is so beautiful to me. A little wispy at times, but beautiful.
      OMG, as much as I love football, the delays are killing Sunday night tv on CBS. I finally remembered to fix the DVR this Sunday and half the season is over.
      Ha ha ha @ Lewis tweeting!! I’d follow you just for that if I was on twitter!

  3. There was a NYT article about kids and the ipad/iphone. Wow! I love sleep! You have re-confirmed why I don’t have any babies. I currently prefer sleep. I LOVE CHEESE, TOO!!! GOUDA! The awesomest! That review gave me everything I needed. Did she say promotional tissue packets!?!?!? –__– Please give us more Bambi! Please! My first holidays away from home were the hardest. At least you have your hubs and the little one. That will surely make it better. He’ll love you so much when Daddy hands over his personal ipad! LOL

    • Really @ the NYT article? Heading off to look for that now.
      Believe or not, that little joker is sound asleep at night. My insomnia is just me.
      Just had a BBQ Chicken quesadilla with gouda and provolone. Insanely delicious!
      Your wish is again my command – 5 days of Bambi just posted!

  4. Cheese was oficially declared my favorite food a few years ago. I love the stuff on everything.

    I haven’t even been watching AR this season b/c football throws it off too bad. I watch Desp. House. at 9 and AR does too much overlapping. I catch it when I can though.

    I only saw about 10 minutes of Undercovers and I knew it wouldn’t last. Kodjoe is just a terrible actor to me.

    • Yep, I think cheese could very well be my #1 as well.
      Ugh, Boris is so wooden. And, I don’t even see him as eye candy. So for me, the show was a double fail.

  5. Only four more days of beloved Bambi….*weeps* I just know just going to do something to top last weeks shenanigans….whatever those were. LOL I can’t wait to read about it and her bon voyage party.

    I can deal with bleu cheese but only in very small doses. Too much is just well too much. 🙂

    I caught an episode of Survivor last week when the black chick stole the flour and cooking utensils. If she lasts longer than this coming week, I’ll be surprised. Those old fogies didn’t like that one bit. I’ve only seen one episode of AR this season….ironically last week as well. Those Real Housewhores are taking me away from quality reality TV programs. LOL

    After seeing the first episode, I figured it wouldn’t be long before Undercovers was canceled. As much as it bored me, I really hate it because it was a pretty big deal having two black acting leads in a series like that. It was just too slow though.

    • Ha! You’re in luck. I just gave you a week’s worth of Bambi in a new post.
      Man, Nae, the black chick on Survivor is nuts. Hilarious, but clearly a little off.
      And, I relented a little over the weekend. There was a RHOA marathon on Sunday and I caught 2 eps. I might be hooked. *LOL*
      I do appreciate the fact that two blacks were starring in the show, and that they were a loving, affectionate married couple, but they needed a better plot premise and better writing.

  6. I love cheese – bleu included – but not swiss. For a minute I was eating taleggio on water crackers with fig preserves like it was the best thing ever. Oh wait, it was!

    I never watched Undercovers. I tried. Next!

    I’m going to miss Bambi. Or at least the hilarious blog fodder she provides.

    I’m so excited to be going home for Christmas this year I don’t know what to do. Please believe I’ve already finalized my packing lists 🙂

    • Yum @ taleggio with fig preserves! Adding that to my TJ’s list along with cranberry stilton that Babs recommended.
      So happy that you get to see the fam for Xmas! You’re excitement is contagious!

  7. you can make it four more days! your posts about bambi cracked me UUP!! also, my friend gave ‘for colored girls’ really high reviews, so i guess now i have to see it for myself. i’ll wait til it’s at redbox 🙂

    and i looooove cheese. although i do not have the self control to keep from buying it. mmm..

    • Ah, happy that they have given you some chuckles. Just posted a new week in summary of her antics.
      Umm, yeah, I think the Redbox would be fine. *lol*
      I truly have to fight not to put more cheese into my cart. It’s a struggle!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I think I’ll be going to see “for colored girls” sometime soon. I can never take anyones word of their reviews of any kind because I’m sure they don’t have the same tastes I do.

    And I like all the names on that soundtrack so I’ll get myself a copy from amazon and upload it to my ipod. I bet I’m the only person who still buys actual cd”s these days lol.

    Jasmine knows how to work everyones cell phone! I got her a toy cell phone from target for her bday and she like it, but she’s too smart, she knows it fake lol. Its even a flip phone that rings and can record voices and blah blah blah. But its not mommies motorola cliq, or Mimi’s( that’s the nickname all the grandkids call my mom instead of granny) . And please don’t try and give her a cell that doesn’t work. She’s not buying that either lol.

    I’m glad my kid doesn’t understand christmas yet. I get another year or so before I have to really christmas shop for her. For now she’ll get some yo gabba gabba toys and dvds and we’ll call it sucessful christmas lol

    • Agreed. I like to hear the opinions of others, but I don’t profess them to be FACT, just opinions. Let me know what you think of the movie.
      HA HA HA! Girl, what? My CD will be here early next week! I need it for the car and yes, I’ll upload it to laptop for my ipod as well.
      Jasmine knows what’s up!! They never want the play phones. Nope, real blackberries and smart phones please.

  9. Mmmmmm cheeeeese *in Homer Simpson voice* Loves it in all it’s ooey, gooey goodness even bleu crumbled on mixed greens with pecans and balsamic vinaigrette and shrimp and crab! Deelish!

    January will be here before you know it! This year is flying by!

    Awww Undercovers *Pours out a 40 for the cancelled homies*

    I was going to see For Colored girls Friday night but the riots in Oakland after the verdict changed the plans. This church did a fundraiser (is it wrong to want my money back? yeah I guess so.) I hopefully will get to see it Tuesday. I believe you about the soundtrack!!

    Girl stop hatin!!! SLEEP is the bestest thing in the whole wide world!

    and little baby genius iPadding and stuff??? Too cute

    • That salad sounds delish minus the bleu. I’d replace it with any other kind of cheese though.
      Girl, I was just reading about the riots! All those arrests and injuries!
      Let me know what you think about the movie.
      Yeah, sleep is beautiful. I miss it! =(

  10. *Good luck on that going away party. I don’t know if I would be able to be professional.
    *For Colored Girls might rate waiting for the DVD for me. It doesn’t seem like good “date night” material for me and the hubby. I STILL haven’t watched Precious. I hate depressing movies that make me need wine at 3pm in the afternoon. I’ve read the book. Maybe that will have to be enough.
    *I LOVE Gouda and Asiago……..yum……hate blue cheese.
    *I haven’t watched Survivor since the 2nd or 3rd season. 😦
    *You have an iPad?? JEALOUS
    *I never even got a chance to watch Undercovers. It’s on the DVR………
    *Sleep, what’s that??? With the time change, Pookah has revereted. Sigh. I just can’t win.

    • Um, nope, definitely not a date night movie. Ya’ll get very few of those I’m sure, so I surely would NOT spend it watch For Colored Girls.
      Yes, a sista that loves and hates the same cheeses!
      Yep, hubs knew a dude, that knew a dude, that uh, erra, procured one and passed along his uh, good fortune to us for a very, very, reasonable price.
      Delete it and make room on that DVR.
      Oh no! Your schedule was tough enough already! I hope that he gets his rhythm back sooner than later.

  11. I LOVE all cheese. Cheese is a wonderful thing.

    Secretly you’re gonna shed a tear when Bambi leaves. I won’t tell anyone. LOL.

    I plan on seeing “For Colored Girls” soon. However I hate emotional, melodramatic movies so who knows why I want to see it.

    I’ve missed quite a few seasons of “Survivor” over the years but this year I’ve been watching. I like it still. The black girl is quite a handful. And she gets a ton of air time because she says some crazy isht sometimes. Ha!

    I will always love “Amazing Race.” The father and son team was definitely one of my faves. I like the doctor-women team and sometimes I like the team of home shopping TV hostesses but sometimes the blond is too much and gets on my nerves. But they seem to be having a good time so mainly I like them.

    “Undercovers” was whack. Totally not surprised it was canceled.

    I totally disagree about sleep. I loves me some sleep!

    • Isn’t it? I think I could totally work at a cheese shop.
      Bwahahaha @ me secretly shedding a tear. IF I do, thanks for not exposing me!
      Nae is cuckoo for cocoa puffs!! So yep, the camera LOVES her.
      Oh no, you said was. I haven’t finished Sunday’s ep yet. Did my guys go home?

  12. I read the review on For Colored Girls and Thembi’s wasn’t the first one that expressed it the way you both have. I’m really not wanting to see it so more than likely, I’ll watch it when it comes out on dvd. I like Tyler Perry for how far he’s come but there are times when I wish he would stop making Black people a big hot mess! Not everyone functions through life like he portrays.

    Uh, don’t they have an Ipad Jr. or something?

    I’m going to see if I can watch the past episodes of Amazing Race. I have missed it.

    • Agreed @ stop making all Black people into a big hot mess!
      Our cable company doesn’t offer the Amazing Race on demand, but a neighbor mentioned that she was going to watch on hulu. I haven’t confirmed that it’s available there, but you should check it out.

  13. I never could get into Survivor but I love the Amazing Race. I want to be a contestant but no one wants to do it. My partner would need to know how to drive a stick shift because I can’t.

    Love love love cheese. I just bought some Muenster cheese this weekend. I haven’t tried it out yet.

    • HELLO!!!! Are we Amazing Race partners or what???? I can drive a stick shift. You’d just have to do anything related to cats. Everything else? I’m good! I can eat gross stuff, not afraid of heights, etc. I’d need to work on my endurance a little and swimming a little, but other than that, I’M READY! Have they ever had a pair of blog buddies on???????

  14. You already know how I feel about For Colored Girls. I will be passing on that.

    We bought some smoked gouda from the deli this weekend and it is almost GONE. Me and Myron are going to BOX over the last few pieces. We eat it with hard salami slices. He also turned me on to horseradish cheddar. It is is the bomb dot diggity!!!

    • Yup, and I don’t blame you one bit. I was soooooo curious about it since I had studied it in college.
      Ah, my heart is beating fast at the thought of smoked gouda and horseradish cheddar. **adding horseradish cheddar to the items that Babs and Nerd Girl recommended**

    • I’ve encountered many who loved it. I’m curious (honestly) as to what you loved about it. I thought the cinematography was excellent, most of the acting superb (but they are collectively great actresses so I expected that), etc. What made you love it?

      Hubby and LittleTDJ love it. I haven’t heard one person regret purchasing an iPad.

  15. LOL @ BabyTDJ and the iPad….I ❤ him! You already know how I feel about cheese…..my word! Fugg a piece of chocolate, I'll take a nice piece of manchego, gouda or whatever other creamy dairy goodness you can find 🙂

    The FGC soundtrack is a must! All of our soulsistas are on it, not to mention a remake of Nina Simone's Four Women (did you see that performance on BGR the other night?).

    Yes Trip, I'm with you on Survivor and you know I just CRINGE whenever I see my "sorta namesake" engaged in more antics on that show….ugh! Although I like Michael and Kevin, my Amazing Race favs are Kat and Nat (the docs).

    Sad about Undercovers, but I am SO digging Luther and happy that it has been renewed!

    • Believe me girl, I’m kinda close to running out of gas. Mix in my commute from Capitol Heights to Baltimore, an almost 2 year old, a hubby and a household and a sistagirl is T.I.R.E.D!

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