Say It With A Love Song

Earlier this week, CreoleInDC wrote about the moment she knew that the man she was dating COULD be the one.  Many others replied with their moments and it’s a fantastic post to read if you get some time.  MrTDJ and I dated in high school, so I’m not really sure that I could define THE moment.  It seems that he’s just been a part of my heart for as long as I can remember.  Hell, I’m getting old and he’s been around for almost 20 years.  *lol* 

Along a way, there have been times when his behavior was so unexpected and shocking that I was rendered speechless.  Yep, me.  Ya girl, MrsTDJ.  Speechless.  I know, I know.  It doesn’t happen often, but yep, he’s had that effect a few times.  

One of those moments occurred very early in our history, 1993 – at our 12th grade prom.  At the time, we were just friends, but I knew that he wanted to date me.  We had spent countless hours on the phone (when I was allowed and only until 9pm, ya dig?) and were really deep into the “getting to know you” phase.  The guy that I had been “dating” showed his azz by cheating on me was no longer in the picture and hadn’t been for months.   By Christmas, the thought of attending the prom alone made me feel like a first class loser made me feel strong and independent.  MrTDJ wasn’t having it.  “Let’s just go as friends.”   Ummm hunh.  Famous last words, huh?

Anyway, we made plans to go “as friends” and we had a fantastic time.  Our prom was onboard the Spirit of Washington cruise ship.  We laughed with our friends and danced the night away to fast music like R. Kelly, “Vibe”, A Tribe Called Quest, “Award Tour”, and Dr. Dre, “Nuthin’ But a G Thang”, and ended the night with slow songs like Whitney Houston, “I Will Always Love You” and H-Town, “Knockin’ Da Boots”.   (Damn, I miss music from the 90’s!!)

At one moment, MrTDJ disappeared.  I was talking and didn’t notice.  It was almost 1am and the prom was drawing to a close, which was evident because we were no longer cruising down the middle of the Potomac, rather drifting slowly toward the docks.  I heard the scratchy song of an old, old record, followed by the notes of a singular horn.  I spun around toward the DJ, while MrTDJ leaned into my ear and whispered, “May I have this dance?”  I smiled at him in a way that I’d never smiled at anyone else.  MrTDJ winked at me and I was too stunned to say anything.  As we made our way to the dance floor, only one other couple was there.  I heard rumblings of, “What’s this old ish they’re playing?” and “I ain’t never heard this song before.”   Ya’ll, I hadn’t ever told MrTDJ that this was my favorite love song of all time. 

I first heard it when I was eight years old.  My parents used to have monthly bid whist parties at our house.  (Anybody in the DMV play bid whist?)  About 20-30 family members and friends would come over.   The adults would play cards, while the kids played board games and Atari.   Then, at 10pm, we were sent to basement to go to sleep and the adults danced for awhile.  One such night, my cousin AT and I snuck out of our sleeping bags and crept up the steps to the family room.  Since we always had to go to bed, we were dying to know what we were missing.  Nothing too exciting!  *lol*  But we did see five or six couples swaying slowly to the sweetest song I’d ever heard.  It stuck with me and I asked my dad about it weeks later. 

In an attempt to make our prom night perfect, MrTDJ had pumped my mother and BFF for all kinds of info on me.  I was 16 at the time, so I sure didn’t know what to call the feelings I had for MrTDJ, but I knew in that moment that we definitely were on the road to somewhere.  When we got married years later, we didn’t need to discuss our first dance song.  It’s kind of a “lost in the crates” oldie, but I’m sure most of you have heard it at least once or twice during a Quiet Storm program.  A la AR Gal, “And now for a musical selection, we have ‘This Must Be Heaven’ by Brainstorm”.

What’s your favorite love song?  And for those of you that are married, what song did you pick for your first dance as husband and wife?


47 thoughts on “Say It With A Love Song

  1. THAT right there is a CLASSIC. Great taste!

    I’m a slow jam/love song fiend (I host a weekly slow jam show via Twitter), so I have too many favorites, but the one that really sticks with me these days is “Real Love” from Skyy. Just hits close to home in trying to be more open to the possibility of an LTR.

    • Ahh, Skyy! High five on your good taste in music as well. Glad to hear that you are opening yourself up the possibility.
      Dag! Yet another reason I should be on Twitter, but I just can’t support anymore online time snatchers. *lol*

  2. This is a really sweet story. Myron picked a song by Ideal for our first dance. He went to high school with the group members and he really loved that particular song. He sung it to me while we danced. I got all was soooooo precious. Imagine this big ole dude singing this cute little song. Thinking about it now makes me smile.

    • I remember that group Ideal. I used to love, “Never Let You Go”. Which song did you guys pick? Aww, he even sung to you??? M2 is the bomb! And look at you over there smiling! *lol* I’m so very, very happy for you guys!

  3. I love tons of 112 songs. One of my favorite songs ever is “In a Sentimental Mood.” I get chills when I hear it. ROTFL @ your fave at your prom & everyone lookin at y’all like FOR REAL???

    • Man, they seriously were looking at us and that other couple like we just stepped out of a time machine. I can fully admit that the song SOUNDS old, but it just speaks to my heart.
      I like 112 and I used to play “Cupid” to death when it came out.

  4. *tear* That is such a sweet story. The things that guys go through to woo us. He asked your momma about you? Man. He went all out. So glad you married that one.

    We didn’t have a first dance so we really dont have “a song”. I will have to find one for us.

    • He did kinda make a power move pretty early in the game, huh? In the midst of one of our biggest disagreements ever, we reached an impasse and silence ensued. He stormed out the room and I was P.I.S.S.E.D. Dude went into the study, turned on the stereo and started playing this song. Walked over and said, “Let’s not fight. Dancing is better.” Nobody is perfect, but MrTDJ truly surprises me from time to time. I try to remember those moments when he does something that makes me want to kill him. *lmao*

    • Isn’t is just THE BEST??? From the horns, to the crackle you can hear in the vinyl, their voices, the words, just everything!
      High five at the Steptoes! Love ya’ll just a little bit more with this information!

  5. It must be nice. And I don’t mean it in a snarky way. It really must be nice to know love like that. Hopefully, it will come my way at some point.

    • Oh, I “know” you enough to you you aren’t being snarky! I feel blessed. I hope that you will have the chance to experience good love in the near future. ((((Hugs))))

  6. Aww how sweet! Well the hubby and I are high school sweethearts. We got married when we were 20 (with NO money) so we had a simple gathering as a wedding. I think one of our friends played Jodeci in the background. We want to have another wedding at maybe our 20th or 25th anniversary. Our theme song is “Aint no Stoppin Us Now” by Whitehead and McFadden because we were forbidden by my parents to get married. Apparently he was a bit too black for their taste. 21 years together and almost 17 years married…How ya like me now? 😉

    • Forbidden?? Wow!! Happy to hear that you guys had the confidence and resolve to go for it, together.
      Yes ma’am, McFadden and Whitehead speak to my dance side. Congrats to you and hubby!! Wishing ya’ll another 20+20+20!

  7. Such an adorable story MrsTDJ and I also loved reading the comments of your followers and their lovely stories. I love all that is mushy and sweet. My hubby and I are college sweethearts–met at 18 years old (freshman year) but only married for 2 years. It’s great! I’m very thankful 🙂

    • Most people think that I’m tough as nails, and I am when I need to be. But, really, I’m a sensitive mush!
      Congrats to you two for making it through the first two years. Wishing you many, many more years of love and happiness!

    • I think that “So Amazing” is my favorite slow song by Luther. Nice.
      Thanks for stopping by!! I’ll be checking out your spot and I hope you’ll come back to chat with us in the future.

  8. Awwwwwwww *tears* That was so sweet. J and I picked So Amazing by Luther. No other love song immediately grabs me the way that song does. Awwwwwwwwwww, you know I’m pregnant and sappy now *goes to corner to cry*

    • Aww, here’s a tissue Mama! I just told another commenter – that’s my favorite slow song by Luther! Don’t you just get misty thinking back to your wedding and all that you’ve been blessed with? We have some framed pics, but I like to pull out the album and it just makes me smile.

  9. Your story is beautiful/magical. What a wonderful blessing to be with a love like that and to have love like that. That’s a song I haven’t heard in decades! Good one…

    • **gasps****faints** Never????? I’m gonna need to have a talk with Mama Sez immediately!
      Ah, yes, “Just the Two of Us” is a good one. That’s been on many of my slow jam tapes over the years.

  10. You mean to tell me that Mr.TDJ played a slow-jam-deluxe-get-da-draws song for you at prom? AND your parents knew about it? LAWD! I guess it was good that you had to be home at 10:00 that night or else there would be another story about your parents banging on the door of a hotel room…or is that story for another day, Taya Mae? LOL!

    • Bwahahaha! Only you B, only you! Nah, I got to stay out until 2am that night. We docked at 1am and my parents thought that 2am was more than enough time to high tail it home. No overnight scenario this time! *lol*

  11. Thanks for visiting my site MrsTDJ….our future wedding song is by michelle featherstone called “Man and Wife,: love love the meaning behind the song. i think the title says it all.

  12. Thanks for stopping by!! So you know we didn”t have a “wedding” but if they would’ve allowed music in the courthouse….All I Need by Mary J and Method Man! Yea son!!!

  13. This was the sweetest story! MrTDJ started young. His folks brought him up right. 🙂

    I’ve never heard this song before….like ever.

    Fav love song? I absolutely adore ‘Ribbon in the Sky’ by Stevie Wonder and Intro.


    • Ok, for my second time today – ****gasps****faints**** I’m back. You and NerdGirl have taken my breathe away!
      Ah, yes “Ribbon in the Sky” is a good one! And it’s one of the few remakes that I like almost as much as the original.

  14. What a sweet and lovely story. Awww. So nice to see your young love has endured all these years. That’s a beautiful thing.

    I love Mimi’s suggestion of “All I Need” by Method Man and Mary. Nice!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    • Thanks! I’m often amazed that we’ve survived the years and defied the odds.
      Yep, I love that Meth and Mary joint too!!
      I like your blog and I’ll be back. Thanks for peeking in to see me!

  15. My top 3 favorite love songs are: If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful by Whitney Houston and Jermaine Jackson, Love’s Holiday by EWF, and So Amazing by Luther. I’m sitting here crying thinking of the lyrics to If You Say……BEAUTIFUL!

    I loved your love story, lady!

  16. What a lovely love story and it has a fairy tale element–a happy ending–Ahhhhh!

    I’m a lot older, I mean more mature, than all y’all. I like 2 other readers have never, ever heard this song. But I can see how you were attracted to it.

    Dr./Mr. and I go to the Isley’s “For the Love of You”. Whenever it comes on we head arm-in-arm to the dance floor.

    • Another one to make me gasp! Never????
      LOL @ more mature.
      Oooh, that’s one of my faves too. As soon as it starts, “Drifting on a memory….”, I start feeling good inside.

  17. Hey now! That is definitely one of those “songs”. It brought back memories.

    Although, I haven’t found my one true love yet, I do love anything by Luther Vandross. Another song that I can hear over and over again is, “If Only You Knew” by Patti Labelle. The next time I fall in love, that will NOT be “our” song because it has been “our” song twice and I think it’s now a warning sign. It was good while it lasted though.

    • Isn’t it? That “take you there” kind, huh?
      Um yeah, I’m gonna need you to pick a new one for the new love that will be entering your life.
      ***crossing my fingers*** and blowing love dust your way!

  18. ***sob, sob*** what a beautiful story! I have WAY too many fav love songs to name but I can definitely appreciate your love of the song as it too reminds me of my mom’s bid whist nights where my sisters, cousins and I would do the same 🙂

  19. I’ve never heard that song before and I’m usually the oldies queen knowing songs my friends have never heard from before any of us were born. Lol

    My fav love song. . . Well I don’t have just one.

    House is not a home by luther

    Ribbon in the sky by stevie

    Always and forever by luther

    More recent songs

    So beautiful by musiq

    • **gasping** Yet another person who’s never heard that song. Wow. I’m an old head for sure!
      Yes, Ribbon in the Sky is one of my favs too. I love the job that Intro did with it too.

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