A Little of This and A Little of That

  • Hubby upgraded my tiny, old ipod nano to a shiny, new ipod Touch.  Woo Hoo!  Me likey!  Seriously though, when did I become a gadget and technology girl? I feel like I need a new, everyday bag because of my increased # of electronics.  Between my blackberry, digital camera, Kindle, ipod, portable hard drive and all the chargers that go with each one, I’m carrying waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much ish each day.

  • Since Mr. Insomnia still will not release me from his clutches, I’ve been trying to be productive during those twilight hours.  I’ve been working hard on editing novel #1, and I’ve taken to writing large chunks on novel #4.  There are times when my thoughts don’t flow freely (will NOT call it writer’s block), but late at night, when I’d much rather be sleeping, they seem to run like snagged pantyhose.
  • Looking forward to so much fall television it’s ridiculous!! Seems like a great crop of new shows this year.  We’ll see which ones make it.  If you get a chance, tune in (or DVR it) tonight for “The Event” on NBC.  A girlfriend invited me a pre-screening of the pilot episode this last week and let me tell you – I’m predicting this to be my favorite new show of the year. It’s a mix of “Fringe” and “Lost”, tossed up with a little bit of “24”.  Whew!  And throw in a nice splash of Blair Underwood as the Afro-Cuban President Martinez????  I’m there!  If you watch, let me know what ya’ll think.

  • I need a day away from my office in a big, bad way, but I don’t see one anywhere in the near future.  Normally, I’m a department of one and I report to the Director of my agency.  She has an administrative staff of 4, but since June, one person retired, one moved out to the West coast and one transfered to another agency.  Poof – 4 to 1 within 5 weeks time. We’re in a transition period for a few reasons, and budgets being what they are, we aren’t replacing those that have departed.  So, ya girl, was drafted into service.  Da hell????  Ever the team player, I screamed smiled and have been doing so many “other duties as assigned” that I’ve almost forgotten what my primary role here is.  Woo sah!!  I need a day off!!
  • Three boxes of rat poison later, Operation Ground Hog is STILL in effect.  GTFOH!! This critter has decided that our home really is his home and he’s too freaking smart to eat the poison.  On a related note, I haven’t seen any stray cats in about two weeks, so, um, erra….

  • What the hell??  Both my Giants and Redskins lost yesterday?? And the day started with such promise, as I watched the Cowboys and Ravens lose.  It’s only week 2, so I’m not too mad at them yet.  There’s always next week.  I love, love, love football season!!!
  • The elliptical at 4:45am?? Torturous, evil and I detest it with everything inside me.  If not for my music, I’d never make it through a work out.  When my ipod hits my “Get In Gurl” playlist and randomly plays, Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied”, followed by Secret Weapon’s “Must be the Music”, followed by Doug E. Fresh’s “Keep Rising to the Top” and then Third World’s “Now That We Found Love”, I know that I’ve just gotta keep going to see what the next good song is.  Then, the only thing that propels me out of the bed the next morning is wondering what songs I’m gonna jam to.  What can I say?  I’m a sucka for my music!
  • A girlfriend called me this morning and we were able to catch up during our commute.  We realized that we hadn’t touched base since June or so.  Unacceptable. I vow to do better, with her and with others.

What’s up in ya’lls neck of the woods?


16 thoughts on “A Little of This and A Little of That

  1. I’m gonna put a lot of pressure on ur blog to be my motivator for exercising. In a few weeks, I’ll be back on my financial feet and able to take the dance classes (again) that I love. I have to trick my body into exercising…Because elliptical + 4am do not = any happy places for me.

    I love Football Season too!! Go Donovan!! No new techie stuff to report but I WILL report on my new laptop once it arrives 🙂

    oh, and i don’t watch TV cuz i don’t have cable…but Blair as my president gives me reason to SERIOUSLY reconsider getting cable AND a DVR. #imeanseriously

    I’ve got photp shoots and fashion shows lined up for Oct and Nov so u know what that means: NEW HAIR AND MAKEUP!!! Ordered New Autumn Hair #1 arrives TODAY and #2 was ordered, processed, AND shipped out 45 minutes ago!! I foresee a few tutorials in my future…

    • Come on chica! You can do it! I hate to exercise too, but I understand how important it is. I won’t say that there are days I don’t waiver, then punk out, but they are far outnumbered by the days that I stick with it.

      *lol* Can’t wait to see the new autumn hair!

  2. 445? I can’t. Please don’t ever make me.

    My Panthers are now 0-2. ugh.

    blackberry, digital camera, Kindle, ipod, portable hard drive and all the chargers that go with each one??? LOLOL! You need to read a tech blog to tell you how to organize all that stuff! Or start carrying a diaper bag so everything gets its own pocket! LOL. I’m such an Apple stan… but on a budget… which means I get it as a special treat every three years or as a gift.

    I’m so glad not to be in a traditional office right now. The idea of doing the job of 4 is not awesome. Please get a day off soon!

    • It’s hella early, but it’s the only time I can squeeze it in. =( Believe me, I hate it too!
      I do need some help in arranging my ish! And I’m already carrying one diaper bag for the kid. Geez!
      I am craving a non-traditional work setting in a bad, bad way!

  3. I can’t wait to watch the Event tonight. It looks so good, and so does Blair Underwood. :).
    and really, you need to organzie your technology!!! LOL! I thought I was bad! But don’t worry, I’ll be just like you once I get my kindle/nook!

    • How did you like The Event? It’s not a show for everyone, but it like tv that makes you think and you’re ok with a little sci-fi, I think it’s excellent.
      Which one are you leaning toward – Kindle or Nook? I’ve not found anyone who didn’t love whichever one they selected. I think it’s a win-win.

  4. WOW! You have a lot of tech stuff and I want all of it. LOL! Kindle is on my list next.

    You definitely need and deserve a vacation. #fail to them for you having to be a dept. of one!

    The groundhog is like that one possum from Hoarders *sing* and I am tellin you I’m not going!

    OMG that’s too early to workout. I would cry everytime. I couldn’t even stick too 6 or 7am
    hated it

    • GO Kindle! I never thought I would love it as much as I do.
      Bwahahaha @ the possum from Hoarders! Jesus keep me near the cross if that things tries to get in my house!

  5. So excited about your book. Can’t WAIT! I know it’s going to be good and hopefully I’ll be in a position one day to produce works by my favorite authors.

    Provided their adorable kiddie gives me unlimited sweet eyes. LOL!

    You KNOW I’m the gadget QUEEN! I love my iPad more than anything these days and always have it with me. I decided I needed a new everyday bad and yessir…I bought one JUST because of all my “equipment” I carry daily. LOL!

    The elliptical is your friend. That’s what I tell myself but NEVER that early in the morning.

    You should play hooky one day and bring your computer to 13700 and write with me.

    If you’re ever headed to work at 10:05 am or later…you should call me. 🙂

    When’s the last time I told you that I miss you like CA-RA-ZY?????????

    • **shivering in my seat** I can SOOOOO imagine you producing some of my novels. And, there is one character (in #1), that I know would get an immediate, “B*tch What?” from you! LOL!
      I was never an Apple girl, but I can’t lie – this ipod Touch is N.I.C.E!! **note to self** Never touch anyone iPad or you’ll start to want one! See??? I’ll be on the hunt for a new bag in the near future.
      Ahh yes, a day of writing with you at 13700 sounds just lovely. Running off to find an appropriate day for a call in! Miss you more!!!

  6. I smell a mental health day in your future soon! LOL

    That ground hog ain’t dead yet???!!! Sounds like you guys may have found your Marley! LOL

  7. Call me when you are fabulous from 4 am workouts. I’ll be proud of you but I won’t be with you.

    You’re carrying as much stuff in your bag as I do. Makes me feel good to know others can’t leave home without that stuff.

    Missed football this weekend. Went to the Monterey Jazz Festival and got download cards for iPods, iPhones–all things with an i in front. I’ll send you a card for 15 downloadable songs if you like. (I’ll make that announcement in my post tomorrow). You get first dibs 🙂

    Can’t wait to see The Event.

    • Ha ha! Thanks for the support.
      Ooow, how was the jazz festival? I haven’t been to one in years.
      **YAY** 15 songs???? Yes ma’am, I like, I love! Thanks!
      Let me know when you check out The Event. I’m loving it!!

  8. I lub my Touch too. It is my most favoritist thing in the world.

    I watched The Event. When that airpland disappeared at the end, I almost grabbed the remote and threw it at the TV. I’m gonna try to watch but I dunno…

    Groundhog is not gone yet!?

    I love my music too! But ummm…4:45 a.m.? Seems like music couldn’t even get me crunk that time of morning.

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