PSA – Internet Gangsta’s are Corny

I’m no expert on the subject of “mommy bloggers” and I’m sure that the term is open to interpretation.  I see “mommy bloggers” as those bloggers whose main posting topics are related to their child/children.  Many tend to post pictures of their children, participate in product reviews and giveaway, and are members of different blog rings/forums/circles.  Cool.  Everyone is free to write and run whatever type of blog they want.  I follow several mommy bloggers in my google reader and have a few on my blog roll.

I’m not a “mommy blogger” and I’m ok with that.   Apparently, others have issue with that?  Say what?  Someone recently tried to start an e-beef with me over the issue.  Huh???  For real??  Yep, for real.   I’m talking about multiple emails, comments on my five most recent posts, etc.  They accused me on not respecting “mommy bloggers”.   Huh?

DFWGal214 has an issue with me.  Yeah, I put your name out there – WHAT?

She said that I don’t mention little MrTDJ enough and that meant that I wasn’t being a true “mommy blogger”.  Um, looka here lady, who in the heck said I was a “mommy blogger” anyway?  I sure as heck didn’t.  This is MY little space on the interweb, ok?  I can blog about whatever I want.  I’m a mommy 24/7 and I can choose to talk about my son as little or as much as I want. What exactly is your vested interest in the state of my blog and the topics that I discuss?

I don’t do sponsored product reviews.

Why?  Because I don’t want to. Those that want to, DO!

I don’t write extensive play by plays of little MrTDJ’s life.

Why?  Because I don’t want to. Those that choose to, DO!

So to DFWGal214 (and anybody else itching to start ebeef), don’t bring that ish over here!   Stay outta my damn inbox and comment section.  If you don’t like me or what I post, here’s a fantastic idea – STOP COMING TO MY BLOG.  I’m a laid back kinda lady, but this commenter has been pushing my buttons for a few weeks now.  To everyone else, hope ya’ll are having a fabulous Tuesday!  I’ll be back posting later in the week.


33 thoughts on “PSA – Internet Gangsta’s are Corny

  1. Bwaaahaaahaaa!!!! I don’t know why this tickled me so. Crazy people. They amuse me with their shenannigans. I don’t consider myself a “mommy blogger” either. Hope DFWGal214 don’t come over and start an ebeef with me on that dumb tip…I have a taser.

    • Ha ha! You are one of the first people I thought of when she kept popping up. I was like, “Doesn’t she know I’ve got friends with tasers?” And nope, I don’t consider you a mommy blogger either.

  2. Wow. You have a web bully!!!
    I totally understand you. I don’t want to be considered a mommy blogger either. But for those that do, they are free to. There is speace for everybody to do their thing. I don’t understand how someone could come in your house, tell you they don’t like it , but keep coming over.

    If you don’t like it get the hellz on then!! Don’t come round my way!

    • I know right? I didn’t even deal with bullies when I was in grade school! And nope, I don’t consider you one either. If you hate me and don’t like what I have to say, just stop coming here. Is that not a simple concept?

  3. Even if this was a “mommy blog”, what difference would it make? I didn’t realize there was a set amount of posts a person had to do about their child(ren) if the blog had a mom theme.

    I tell ya, idle minds are the devils workshop.

    With that being said, hoe saddown.

  4. I think I just witnessed an eBeat Down! That’s some craziness right there. People will start drama over anything nowadays. Anyway, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says, I love your blog (you’re funny as heck!) and, really, that’s all that matters. Right? 🙂

  5. LOL!!!! yeah I heard about the mommy bloggers….them and the chicks on Babycenter (the ones that try to go hard on the net) are SO extra! How about maybe you dont want to talk TOO much about the ins and outs of your personals? Whats wrong with that?!?!

    Tidbits here and there are fine for some and all out open book is fine for others…its your blog you write about what YOU want to write about just like other do on theirs.

    • Man, some of these folks trip out like they are affiliated with cults or something. I think many, like to say that they “belong” to something and the “mommy blogger” club is that thing. Dude, I’m fine just being me.

  6. For Real?!? But who is she to decide the quota? If you blogged about little man once a year AND called yourself a mommy blogger. Who is she to judge? WHO IS SHE?????????????????? That’s all!

  7. I am not a blogger but I love to read them. I have a host of favorites, including yours, that I check everyday. There are some that don’t do it for me, so I stop reading them! Apparently that is dang near impossible to do! I will admit sometimes my favorites write something I can’t co-sign, but so what? I encourage you to keep doing what you do! It’s what keeps bringing me back! I also believe in taking care of self! If others don’t like it, deuces!

    • And there you go – “There are some that don’t do it for me, so I stop reading them!” The idea seems sooooooooo simple to both of us, but she obviously has problems with it. I appreciate you visiting me here and becoming a regular!

  8. Woooow! I guess someone has a lot of time on their hands. Maybe they’ve been nominated the blog police and thought you deserved a little wake up call. They should get a life. Funny post though – love it!

  9. I’m not mad at you for telling it like it is. Sometimes you just have to let people know how you feel. I really like the fact that you aren’t afraid to voice your feelings.

    I like your blog and will definitely stop by again. Feel free to check out my blog as well. Thanks.

  10. ir YOUR blog you blog about what YOU want to blog about…I am sure being a mother is a 24/7 thing and a lot of moms i know long to keep their identity outside of their husbands and children…

    do you Mrs.TDJ…geeesh can YOU live

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