So So Sunny

Hey ya’ll!  I’m underwater at work so I’ll be back with more posts next week.  However, I just had to share this one pic with you guys.  Not the pics that I alluded to last week; those are still coming.

Every day on my way to work, I pass this row house in Baltimore.  I’ve worked at the same place for over five years, so for a a few years, this home never caught my eye.  Then, about a year ago, I noticed the front yard.  On their teeny weeny piece of land, the owner had planted sunflowers.  Not a few in a flower bed, or a couple at the curb for decoration.  Nope.  They are planted INSTEAD of grass.   Well, maybe that’s a slightly misleading description. Let’s  say that they are woven in with a few blades of grass.

Ummm, ok.  Let that sink in.  Now, imagine that they’ve been growing for YEARS. Now, can you imagine what this looks like?  You can’t? No worries – I’ve got a crappy blackberry camera and I’ve not afraid to use it.  When I drive by, I imagine small animals and toddler getting lost amongst the stalks.

Am I the only one that have never, ever seen sunflowers this big? Or better yet, never ever seen them this large in the front yard of an urban dwelling?  Am I behind the cutting edge of hot landscaping ideas?  Or maybe the homeowners just wanted a little sunshine in the midst of urban decay in an area that is far, far from being gentrified.  Who knows, but damn if doesn’t make me chuckle every day.


19 thoughts on “So So Sunny

  1. Finding their house would never be a problem. LOL Seriously though, I would have to cut that ish down…well I would have never grown them but that’s beside the point. Someone could easily hide in that nut bush city and jump you.

  2. Looks like they trying to hide themselves when they sitting out on the porch. Can you iimagine the bugs and bumblebees and things that come around that big nest of flowers? Yuck! If I was their neighbor, I’d do a drive by chainsawing and cut that shat down.

  3. Oh My damn! My Grandmother, rest her soul, had a sunflower forest in her garden, with mutant stalks JUST.LIKE.THAT! However, she lived in rural NC and her garden was the size of a Baltimore city block, lol. you could see her sunflowers from the road which was about a half mile from the house. *smh* some ppl just take stuff too far.

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