Are You Watching Top Chef Tonight?

Are you a Top Chef fan?

You should be!

Are you watching the current season which was filmed in DC this past spring?

You should be!

If you haven’t watched any other episode, check it out tonight’s episode and you might get a glimpse of me and a few of my gal pals!  We had a most excellent day and I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.

I have a post all written, but I’d hate to wax poetic and get caught on camera with tomato sauce on my face.  *lol*  Conversely,  you might not even see us, then I’d have to lie, say what an awful time we had and pledge to boycott future episodes.  *lmao*   Just playing!!  I can’t finish it until I actually know who get sent home.  I know who should be sent home, but this is tv man – anything is possible!

Seriously though, tonight, Bravo Television, 10pm EST.  Check it out!

The ladies as we waited for taping to begin


17 thoughts on “Are You Watching Top Chef Tonight?

    • Bwahaha! Damn, I forgot that we aren’t facebook friends!! Emailing you now with my gubment name to rectify that. *lol*
      I’m on the far left, with the red shirt.

  1. I cannot wait to see tonight’s show! And the fact that I may get to see you and TD all purty in high-def is just icing on the cake!!!

    (Dear God, please let Tiffany win the whole season! Amen.)

  2. Ok, lady, I’ve never watched before but I’ll watch tonight. I shoulda been watching though, might have seen some of my family. Anyway, yay you! And, um, yeah, you do look like you could be related to me. That is too funny. Hope you guys had fun.

  3. Awww I just read this post. I will have to to watch again (more closely this time) and see if I see you all!! By the way I’m rooting for Tiffany as well.

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